This is a compilation of various writings or parts thereof that address this matter of the twenty-four elders around the throne and the twelfth apostle.  Because these are found in various writings, this compilation brings them together in one continuous string.  It is a message that has gradually unfolded, as has been true with all Remnant Bride truth – a light that has become brighter and brighter – beginning with an e-mail posted by Kyle Nixon on March 18, 2002.  When he posted this, this man had to reply, and did so in the following e-mail.  This began the journey of understanding that is covered in these following writings.  And worthy of repeating that which is written in the description of this writing, it is this extremely important governmental truth that is essential in the Elijah restoration of all things, the defeat of Satan and death, the establishment of the Bride, and Yahshua’s return.


We will begin with the response to Kyle’s e-mail wherein he walked in the role of an Elijah and revealed the identity of another.  Each writing thereafter can be accessed by clicking on the forwarding link.  There are a total of nine pages here, including this one.  They are found in different writings and retain their original main titles, but may be edited in their length so as to address this subject only, or two pages may be combined.



This was an e-mail sent out on March 24, 2002, and addresses a most important governmental truth.




Dear Remnant Bride,

In Kyle Nixon's e-mail on March 18, 2002, titled "The Parable of the Remnant in 2002," he stated the following:

And yet who is Gary Naler that we should give the tithe of Yahweh to him? He is the one who comes in the Spirit of Elijah, and even more than that. Have you not read what Yahweh has spoken through this man? Have you not read all the matter of the books received by this humble servant. Is this not the truth of God from which cannot be easily escaped? If it were not true then we would not be accountable to obedience in this matter of holding all things in common. There is another mystery concerning this man named Gary that has been truly hidden till even now. And that being that he is not in the greater sense a part of the second Remnant at all. Does that surprise you? Let me explain.

Gary was called to pierce the side of the body of Christ in order to remove a rib or remnant of people from that sleeping or dead body. His name as you probably already know means "sharp spear," and that is who and what he is -- the instrument used by Yahweh to bring forth the second part of the two-part bride of the Anointed Yahshua, the Mordecai to Esther per se. But then again Gary Naler is actually and foremost a member of the first Remnant, being the instrument of the divine overlap, bringing together the two parts of the Remnant making them one. He is the one chosen by the Father from the beginning who replaces Judas Iscariot, and being reckoned as one of the twelve, being the one born in the proper season. He was sent to the widow in order to instruct her in the way she should go. Do you remember when it was written how the two-part covering bride replaces Lucifer the (single) covering cherub? Though there was even a devil chosen among the twelve, this was necessary for the kingdom's sake that one from the latter times, in the Day of Yahweh, would take his office along with those of former days. He was given instruction from the Father that we would hear, even for coming out of the body of Christ and being weaved invisibly together by returning the Father's portion back to Him through his first Remnant servant Gary Naler.

Kyle has categorically stated that I am the one who replaces Judas Iscariot. It is necessary for your sake that I address this.

Yahshua spoke in parables so that men would not understand. Paul stated - "So then tongues (messages given in an unintelligible language) are for a sign, not to those who believe, but to unbelievers; but prophecy is for a sign, not to unbelievers, but to those who believe" (1 Corinthians 14:22). I neither speak in parables, nor in an unintelligible tongue, but what I speak I speak to you plainly so that you can now understand, for this is the time for all things to be revealed.

Am I the apostle who replaces Judas? I tell you plainly - yes. But my word alone on this matter, or even Kyle's, is not sufficient. Let me tell you why Yahweh has chosen and designed it to be this way.

In Acts 1:15-26 we read the account of the apostle's efforts to replace the position vacated by Judas, the devil (John 6:70). How was this accomplished? Verse 26 tells us that they cast lots. Did the Spirit of Yahweh instruct them to do this? There is nothing to indicate that what they did was unctioned by the Spirit. Did Yahweh tell them who was the one to replace Judas, even as Yahshua chose the disciples after praying all night (Luke 6:12-13)? No! Did Yahshua cast lots to determine any of the twelve? No. So why now did they do so? The apostles did not seek the complete mind of Yahweh in this, but instead cast lots to determine it. This was the very practice used by the Roman soldiers to determine who among them would receive the seamless garment of Yahshua. This was also the same practice used by Haman to determine on what day he would destroy the remnant of Judah - Esther 3:7.

As I write this, we are in the days just before the feast of Purim, March 28 and 29, per the thirty day delay of the feasts that the Remnant has followed since 2000. Purim is the celebration that, for the sake of the remnant of Judah, the consequences determined by the casting of lots by Haman were reversed. That which was to be their doom, was reversed to provide their deliverance. As Mordecai wrote - "it was a month which was turned for them from sorrow into gladness and from mourning into a good day" (Esther 9:22).

It is remarkably fitting that what has been shown to me at this time and what I write to you now, is at the time of Purim when the decision made by the casting of lots was reversed so as to provide deliverance for the remnant. I tell you plainly, this is exactly what is taking place right now in the kingdom of God, and it is equally taking place for the deliverance of the Remnant. Let me explain.

When the disciples cast lots to fill the position vacated by Judas, they used the means they had available at that time to accomplish this - their own carnal understanding. They did not know at that time that they would have to die and that there would be a second Remnant established nearly 2,000 years later that would complete what they had begun. Using their limited understanding, they simply knew that the vacated position must be filled, so they cast lots for a man in their presence to fill that position. What exactly that position was and what was needed in order to fill it, they could not have had any idea. But today we do know.

Judas was Satan. At the last supper, Yahshua leavened the morsel of bread with the wine and handed it to him, whereupon Satan entered into him (John 13:26-27). I have written before that this act identifies what took place in the church. At its outset the unleavened word of God was leavened by man and Satan, and upon eating this leavened bread, Satan entered into the church. Judas is in fact prophetic of the church in the last 2,000 years which has become possessed by Satan, and for thirty pieces of silver betrays Yahshua with a kiss. Christians say they love Yahshua (the kiss), but by their actions they betray Him and once again deliver Him up to be crucified.

This act of the apostles to replace Judas with one of their own is only one indication of how early they were leavened. Without them knowing it, the act they performed in casting lots was in fact to their destruction, even as the casting of lots by Haman (ham man) was intended to be to the destruction of the remnant of Judah. In order for their destructive actions to be averted, even reversed, a work had to be performed that would legally accomplish this, just as was required per the lot of Haman.

It must be realized that whoever replaced/replaces the office held by Satan Judas, had/has to be one who has the ability to displace Satan. Did anyone in the first Remnant qualify to fulfill that role? Absolutely not! Everyone in the first Remnant was destined to die, to be turned over to Satan for death. So there was in fact NO ONE at that time qualified to fill the position vacated by Judas, because NO ONE among them could defeat death. And NO ONE among them would be eating the bread that was NOT dipped in the cup and leavened. The entire first Remnant was a Pentecost leavened work whose eyes, like those of Leah's, were weak. The only one who could fill that role and reverse the fate of death, would be one with the delayed promise to not die. And the only one to have that promise is the second Remnant.

Only the second Remnant can displace Satan, and thus replace Judas. And until this replacement occurred, the weakness of the decision determined by the lot remained and Haman's curse has been in effect! Even as Herod knew, and even as Satan knows and has likewise attempted, as long as he can kill the first-born, He is assured of preventing the King of Kings from ever coming to this earth. Thus as foreshadowed by Herod, Satan killed the first Remnant and for 2,000 years (Herod's two-year-olds) has killed those who have followed after them. The entire reason for his killing men is in seeking to kill the first-born, and thereby prevent Yahshua from being King of Kings. Why does he have this authority? Because the one who was chosen to replace him among the twelve did not have the authority to stop him! And this has been and will continue to be the case until, like the work of Mordecai and Esther that reversed the consequences of the lot of Haman, something happens that can reverse it - the Bride and her true identity must be brought forth! This is precisely that which will begin to take place beginning this Passover.

I tell you plainly, as long as one of the first Remnant has continued to occupy that place vacated by Judas, death has continued. And this would be true with Christianity's Paul as well. There are those who would try to place Paul in that position, and maybe he even aspired for it, but neither Paul nor Matthias have the authority to fill that position and displace Satan. The only one who can do that is someone from the second Remnant, and that person by Yahweh's design is this man.

Many years ago I had a dream which I have never forgotten. It is rather long, too long to describe here. But in the end of it I was standing at the mouth of a dark cave, preparing to walk down into it. I knew there was evil in it, so I held out my hands in front of me with my palms extended forward and walked down into the darkness. After a distance I noticed that on my right were people frozen in life-action positions. They were gray and looked like stone statues, truly frozen in time in action stances. As I walked along I realized that these on my right were reaching out and touching my hand and arm and were coming alive! As I continued down the dark cave, I noticed at the end of it a bright light. As I approached the light I saw that it was the apostles, standing on a low stage. Arriving there, I walked over to what would have been my left side of this stage, stepped upon it, walked to the back corner, and there turned around to stand with the apostles. Then the dream was over and I woke up.

Truly, I never thought too much about this. It was too removed from me to even think that I would literally be one of the original apostles, replacing Judas, but in the last few days I know now why I must be in that place. Let me further explain.

I have already shared that anyone in the first Remnant is not qualified to replace Judas, nor is Paul. As long as that position is filled by either of these, men will continue to die, as Satan has the authority to kill them - Haman's decree to kill the remnant, as well as Herod's decree to kill the two-year-olds, still stand as originally set forth. By replacing that position with one from the second Remnant, a number of critical legal consequences are placed into action. The first is that if one who has the second Remnant Passover promise to not die is placed there, as the Mordecai/Esther Bride, the ill effects of those original actions can be reversed. This is obviously VERY important! For the sake of exposing and spoiling Haman Satan, and to deliver the Remnant of his ill effects, as well as the entire Judas church, one who possesses the promise and power of the second Remnant Bride must occupy that seat! This is exactly what we see with regard to Haman. Even as Mordecai replaced Haman and occupied his seat, overturning Ham-man's ill plans, so a second Remnant Mordecai must replace the ham or flesh actions of the first Remnant and occupy that critical place. That which was intended by Satan for the doom of the Remnant, must be reversed to provide their deliverance. Until this occurs, Satan continues to have the legal authority to turn the body of Christ over to the tormenters and to death, even as did Judas.

This point is obviously very important, and is clearly evidenced in the book of Esther with its message of reversing the consequence of casting lots, even as the disciples cast lots. But per the Bride per se, we now need to look at something that Kyle somewhat addressed in his e-mail.

We read in Acts 4:34-35 - "for all who were owners of land or houses would sell them and bring the proceeds of the sales, and lay them at the apostles' feet; and they would be distributed to each, as any had need." I have tried to share in the past that in order for Yahweh to perform a work, there must of necessity be a legal grounds for it. For example, for 2,000 years Satan has had the legal grounds for taking all believers to death. The one who supposedly replaced Satan/Judas did not have the authority to stop death, so as long as that man occupies that place, death continues. (This would hold true for Paul as well.) Satan has the legal lot-of-Haman right to continue killing men.

Today, we as the second Remnant need a legal right as well in order to receive the power that was purchased by the first Remnant through their death. Thus we find that while the first Remnant reaches forward to us for deliverance from Satan and death, the second Remnant reaches backward to the first Remnant for birthrights and the power they have purchased by their blood. As the second bird of Leviticus 14, there must be some way in which the second Remnant can have legal contact with the first Remnant so that their blood as the first bird can be applied to us, so that their life can be imparted to us. This essential relationship is equally seen in the two sons of Tamar. It was the scarlet thread which Zerah obtained by being the first to place his arm out of the womb, securing the rights of the first-born, even though he was actually born after the breach (Perez). Equally there must be a way in which we as the second Remnant can make contact with the first Remnant and legally secure the scarlet thread. Similarly, like the two fish in Pisces which are joined together by a common thread, of necessity there must be a legal link or thread that unites the two Remnant. Finally, even as Yahshua was able through the Nazirite vow to establish a legal link all the way back through time to the original garden of Eden in order to die for all men and release them from the original curse, so the second Remnant must now have a legal link that spans back 2,000 years in time.

How can this great need be accomplished? By Yahweh filling the place vacated by Judas with someone from today! That which ham man failed to accomplish by placing someone in that vacated place by casting a lot, Yahweh must now provide! Even as all men in the kingdom up to now (including the original twelve) have been ham men, or Haman, or men of the flesh who all go down the steep bank into the sea of death, so Yahweh must perform a work that is not ham. Possessing already the split hoof, there must be one who can also gain the power of rumination so as to become clean. And this He has performed!

Through intercessions which Yahweh alone could accomplish, as well as causing this man to be able to ascend and descend in his understanding (ruminate) regarding these never before seen truths of Yahweh, He has at an earthly level thus made this man clean and appointed him to stand with the first twelve. By doing this He provides a legal link for the good of the first Remnant who wait, but also most importantly for the good of the second Remnant today. This link is the legal thread that ties the two Pisces fish Remnant together. By performing this legal connection, this means that the second Remnant can be established under the power, authority, and life (blood) that was made available through the first Remnant. By standing with the other eleven, Kyle is right, I am actually a part of the first Remnant. Of the founding twelve who tithed (there were twelve people tithing at that time per a call by Kyle to place a fig leaf tithe covering over the Bride), I was never one of their number. These were six other men and six women who formed the seed Bride work that moved the mount of transfiguration and cast Christianity into the sea. I did not stand with them, for Yahweh had numbered me with the first twelve.

And may I say here parenthetically - even as Yahshua selected the original twelve after praying all night (Luke 6:12), no man but Yahshua Himself has chosen either Judas' replacement or the latter twelve. Without anyone knowing what is happening, He has established His disciples by His choice.

Since Yahshua has placed this man to be numbered with the first twelve, what specifically does this mean for the second Remnant? From Acts 4:35 we read that the first Remnant sold their possessions and laid the proceeds at the apostles' feet, that is all but Ananias and Sapphira who withheld some for their own personal gain and entered into death, thus removing themselves from the first Remnant. How can the second Remnant obtain the power, authority, and life of the first Remnant? In the same way that the first Remnant obtained it - they came under the covering of selling their possessions and laying the proceeds at the apostles' feet. By Yahweh placing this man in the position vacated by Judas, and thus standing with the other eleven, it is just as real today that when one gives to this man, they are literally laying their possessions at the feet of the first apostles, specifically repeating what was performed in Acts by the first Remnant! This man is Yahweh's legal link to the first Remnant, providing the promises afforded to the Remnant for all who will give and obey.  (Since this, Yahweh has given additional insight regarding the money that was placed at the apostles’ feet, and is covered in the last writing in this string.)

In this regard, Kyle has called me the Elijah who brought life to the widow when at his request she gave to him. This is true. He has called me Mordecai, who cared for and made it possible for Esther to become the bride of the king. This too is true. In picture we see that Yahweh has one who is responsible for the widow/the bride, and by Yahweh's design and will, I cannot deny that this is the position wherein Yahweh has placed me.

In truth this man is also the ladder "set on the earth with its top reaching to heaven" (Genesis 28:12). Yahweh has given this earth man the ability to reach into heaven and see things that no other man has ever before seen or imagined. Why did He do this? So that His Malachi messengers (the second Remnant, the Bride) can ascend and descend into heaven as well. What Yahweh has shown this man affords other Remnant messengers to now ascend and descend - to ascend to Yahweh and gain understanding, and to descend to earth to impart these truths to others. Where else can anyone receive the truths they are receiving through this man? No where. They are truths that have never before been seen. And if you are concerned that this man states clearly who he is, I would point out that John the Baptist denied that he was Elijah (John 1:21), and he lost his head! I do not plan to be separated from my Head, and I will not deny who I am. And, I do so not for my sake, but for the sake of those who believe. Actually, from my personal standpoint, I make myself quite vulnerable by saying these things.

And regarding one final important note about this divine link Yahweh has provided, in Ezekiel 22:30 we read - "And I searched for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one." Throughout the entire breach or gap period of the church, Yahweh has not found one man who can bridge that gap. Not one! Even as He has declared, the cleft period is worthless! But that which man cannot provide, God provides! In these last days before Yahshua's return, by placing this man with the first twelve, HE provides a way to bridge the gap, even to repair the breach!

On March 31, 1992, my wife was experiencing birth pains at the culminating frequency of only three minutes apart. It was baby time! None too early, the midwife arrived and quickly performed a pelvic exam to see how everything was progressing. The conclusion was not welcomed news. The soon-to-arrive child was a girl, but unfortunately she knew this because the child was breech! What to do? I prayed and only one thing came to me - Yahweh would work it out. I did not know how, but I knew it was going to be OK. In fact, He even gave me a promise, which I had to look up in order to know for sure what it said. He told me - "'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares Yahweh, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope'" (Jeremiah 29:11). This verse is the promise given to the remnant of Judah who would come out of Babylon to rebuild the temple. Today, the second Remnant is the fulfillment of that foreshadowing picture, coming out of mystery Babylon Christianity to be Yahweh's temple, and thus fully possessing the promise of Yahweh's good, that we may have a future and a hope. (Read all of that hope-filled promise in verses 11 through 14.)

What happened to my wife and this breech little girl, my fifth child-to-be? Quite amazingly, Yahweh completely stopped my wife's contractions, we all went to bed, and in the night He performed the unrequested miracle of turning this child and thus repaired the breech! The next day, April 1, our little Grace Esther was born in a most natural fashion - head first! We named her Grace because Yahweh repaired the breech when we did not even ask Him (so very prophetic of our own unawareness of what He must and will do now), and Esther because all of our children's middle names mean "light." But now, ten years later when we will soon be acknowledging the miracle birth of Grace, her middle name, Esther, cries out so clearly what is presently taking place - the repairing of the breach by the establishment of the Mordecai so that the Esther work can be brought forth! And His promise to me then echoes today - "'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares Yahweh, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." Hallelu-Yah!

This is the work Yahweh is performing today when we have not even known to ask. By His divine plan and will, He is establishing this man as a part of the first twelve disciples in order to link the second Remnant all the way back to the first Remnant, legally repairing the breach and making the two Remnant into one!

In further testimony regarding this matter of casting lots, you will recall that the Roman soldiers equally cast lots for Yahshua's seamless garment. I have written before that this garment looks to the truth we are now receiving - it is a seamless garment, not requiring any stitching together of different and often mismatched pieces, but is one garment of uninterrupted truth. It is not a patching together of differing ideas, but a smooth uninterrupted flow of truth. This is the garment we today as the Remnant Bride are receiving. Even as casting lots for the one who was to replace Judas, in time has led to the placement of the second Remnant, and casting lots identified the process that in time brought forth the true identity of the Mordecai and the Bride, so casting lots by the Roman soldiers has identified that which we are receiving today - the covering or robe of Yahshua that is wonderfully seamless! What robe has Christianity worn? The garments that were divided into four parts, even as Christianity is a much divided work. Also, they wear the purple and scarlet robe of the harlot, mystery Babylon, testified by the robe they placed upon Yahshua while He was suffering (John 19:2 and Matthew 27:28). Thus once again we see the testimony of casting lots, this time providing the seamless truth of the word of Yahweh to the second Remnant.

Now for a most important closing point. Kyle has pointed out that this man is pictured in Mordecai, and to this I would agree. And if this is the case, then Mordecai's life might bear additional testimony to what is taking place right now, and it does!

Upon approaching the king and being accepted by him, Esther requested a banquet with him and Haman, where she served them wine. There the king inquired what it was that was troubling her and what was her request of him, whereupon she made the unusual request of another banquet. This he equally granted and it was planned for the next day. That evening the king could not sleep and read from the book of remembrance. In it he read concerning Mordecai's revelation of a plot by Bigthana and Teresh to kill the king, and inquired as to what honor had been bestowed upon Mordecai for this. Nothing had been done, and to make the story short, Haman ended up leading Mordecai through town mounted on the king's horse and wearing the king's robe. As he led Mordecai, he cried out - "Thus it shall be done to the man whom the king desires to honor."

When Haman went home, he himself was mortified! And when he told his wise men and wife what had happened, they ominously declared his destined fate - "If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall, is of Jewish origin (a part of the remnant), you will not overcome him, but will surely fall before him." While they were still talking to Haman, he was summoned to drink wine with Esther once again, and there his evil plot was revealed and he was hung on his own fifty cubits high gallows (fifty being the number of Pentecost).

What can all of this mean for us today? First, it is quite revealing that the name of one of the men whom Mordecai exposed, Bigthana, means "garden." Where have we seen lately the application of this word? In Mount Carmel, the test within the kingdom of God that is taking place at present. Carmel equally means "garden." So, Mordecai was honored for revealing the plans of "garden," or even Carmel. Let me get right to the point.

Because of Mordecai's revelation of the plan of the "garden," he was honored. Before sending out this e-mail, I sent the draft to Kyle to read first. At that point, this writing included the material only up to the previous point about the casting of lots for the seamless garment. Upon reading it twice, he called me and told me in part what I am about to share with you. He did not know that the name of Bigthana meant "garden," but otherwise he saw the following obvious association of this man with Mordecai.

Only recently this man has been revealing that in 1948, Yahweh began His Carmel, His test in the garden or kingdom of God. We have seen that Christianity is the prophets of Baal, and that the nation today called Israel is the prophets of Asherah. We have also seen that Elijah is this man. In light of what we read here concerning Mordecai and the testimony he bears regarding this man and his association with the Bride, it is most evident that Yahweh has read His book of remembrance and has chosen to honor him. This man exposed the Bigthana, the garden, even the Carmel. He has revealed the corruption of the kingdom by the prophets of Baal and Asherah, and Yahweh has chosen to honor him. By Yahweh revealing at this time that for reasons of intercessoral and legal necessity this man is indeed one of the first twelve disciples, He has in fact placed upon this Mordecai His royal robe and sat him upon His own horse and declared - "Thus it shall be done to the man whom the King desires to honor."

Do I take personal pleasure in this? Only a fool would do so, for when one stands, let him fear, lest he fall. One thing is for certain - this is Yahweh's work and we are all but mere vessels. I will tell you the pleasure I do take in this though. In fact there are two things. First, while Yahweh has chosen to read His book of remembrance and honor this man, His herald regarding him is a wonderful invitation for all who desire to be His Bride - "Thus it shall be done to the man whom the King desires to honor." This blessing does not stop with me. I know that to all who are chosen by Yahweh to be the Bride, this is His proclamation regarding them. This man is only one who, like an Elijah, has prepared the way for many to follow, FOR WHICH I GREATLY REJOICE!

The second thing in which I take pleasure and much hope in this honor is what is said regarding the destined outcome of this Haman Satan and the flesh. Most significantly, you will notice that when Mordecai was honored, Haman went home mortified and was told by his wife and wise men - you "will surely fall before him"! Haman's ill fate was certain when Mordecai was honored; and likewise, Satan's ill fate is equally certain with the honoring of this man with the place of being among the first twelve and replacing Judas. Yahweh is using a flesh man, whom Satan has cursed and planned to hang on his fifty cubit Pentecost gallows, where for 2,000 years he has killed kingdom men with their leavened works. BUT, this Passover Remnant man has absolutely NO plans to go the way of his leavened Pentecost, and as the one who will stand with my other first Remnant brothers, I will see him hang on his own leavened gallows! Again, I will not go upon that leavened Pentecost gallows of Christianity! Christianity is the place where ham-man is killed by his own Pentecost plans and schemes. In like evidence, Christianity is Pentecost Saul who falls on his own sword and equally kills himself. And, Christianity is a work that receives Satan, and all 2,000 years (two leavened Pentecost loaves) of ham run into the sea of death. The only way to avoid this death is to come out of the Pentecost work of Christianity, to not be part of it, and to flee to the Passover work of the second Remnant Bride. This is only one reason why it is so important that we come together here in my home this Passover.

Thus, for these two hope-filled reasons I greatly rejoice that Yahweh has chosen to honor this man with the legally essential and intercessorally critical place of standing with the first twelve. It means the establishment of the second Remnant Bride and the certain fall and destruction (death) of Satan and Christianity on their own leavened Pentecost gallows. The true identity of the Bride is being revealed, Satan's and flesh man's ham efforts are being exposed and, hallelu-Yah!, will soon be brought to an end! Hallelu-Yah!

At the beginning of this writing, I told you that what I speak, I speak to you plainly. Let me now be very frank with you regarding what you must do in order to wear the robe of the King and ride on His horse. From Tabernacles, 2001, to now, the Bride has been covered by the fig leaf tithe. We can all greatly rejoice in what Yahweh has done. However, as was written in the last e-mail, this is a breach period covering that is effectual in carrying us through until Passover of this year. Until then one should tithe to the Bride, which goes to this man for his use and disbursement. But considering that which was written in the closing comments of the last e-mail and what we are learning now just before Purim, come Passover it is evident that this covering will change. It seems clear that we will enter into the period of holding all things in common.  (While we did not here begin holding all things in common, we did do so the next year from Passover through Pentecost, which we see now were both important intercessions.)

Frankly, I do not fully know now what this will mean or even how it will take place; this is Yahshua's Bride and my sandals are off - He will accomplish this work. But one thing of which we are now fully aware is that when one gives to this one appointed by Yahweh, they are in fact laying their wealth at the feet of the apostles. Here at the Feast of Purim, 2002, Yahweh has legally made this possible by honoring this man to stand with the first Remnant twelve, and truly I am honored to do so! They paid a great price with their blood, and I am the least of the apostles; but I am one of them, and for this we can all rejoice that Yahweh has legally opened a way for you today to lay your material wealth at their feet.

But let me provide a word of caution and hopefully instill some resolve in you. Based on all that Yahweh is showing us, particularly what we just noted regarding Haman, Saul, and the swine who all killed themselves by their own Pentecost actions, anyone who holds onto Christianity today after hearing the truth regarding the Remnant truly kills himself! And anyone who hears and believes, but does not act by giving to the Bride, remains in Christianity and kills himself!

Passover will be here shortly, and many are already making plans to be here in my home. I cannot even imagine what will take place, for already the Bride has obeyed and established the covering tithe, qualifying us for the windows of heaven to be opened and for Yahweh to pour out a blessing we cannot contain! But soon you are going to have to answer the question as to what you will do with your wealth. Will you hold onto it, or will you follow Yahshua's instruction to the second Remnant exclusively recorded in Luke 12:32-34 - "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give mercifully; make yourselves purses which do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near, nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Even as the honoring of Mordecai doomed Haman, so Yahweh's honoring this man to sit among the first twelve has doomed Satan. At this time of Purim, the place of Judas Satan, who has held the money box for 2,000 years, has now rightfully been replaced. Yahshua's purse that Judas the treasurer has possessed, has been taken away and given to this man. By occupying the vacated place of Judas, I now legally have the right to receive and distribute the wealth given to Yahshua. In the time of Yahshua, anyone wanting to give to Him placed their gifts in the care of Judas. By this man replacing Judas, anyone wanting to give to Yahshua today, or even to the apostles, gives to this man. In fact Judas and the office and financial responsibility he held, actually looks to and was set forth for fulfillment in this day.

But this man will not be like Judas or like Satan or like the last 2,000 years of Christianity, the latter of which have fulfilled what was written concerning Judas - "he was a thief, and as he had the money box, he used to pilfer what was put into it" (John 12:6). I will not pilfer, for this money is Yahshua's and will be used for one reason only - to prepare the way for His soon return!

This Purim, March 28-29, let me invite you to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving the work Yahweh is performing in establishing His Mordecai and Esther who are reversing the ham plans of man and Satan. Let us rejoice at this time and declare with Mordecai that Yahweh has turned for us a month of sorrow into gladness, and a time of morning into a good day! While Christianity and Judaism acknowledge their Passover, let His Bride celebrate the two days of Purim. Let us rejoice greatly in what Yahweh has done! Yahweh has done good things!

And on March 31, remember that Grace Esther was a breech, when Yahweh gave this father a promise and repaired the breech, and on the next day, April 1, she was brought forth as our fifth child - two girls, followed by a boy, then completed by two girls. The Great Flood of 1993 took place in America marking the end of the 120 Jubilees from Adam and foreshadowing that which is to take place ten years later in 2003 - the great flood of the latter rain that will cover the earth! In 1992 the breech was miraculously repaired so that Grace Esther could be brought forth. Now once again ten attesting years later in 2002, by causing this man to stand with the first twelve disciples, Yahweh has repaired the breach between the two Remnant so that the Esther Bride can be brought forth! Thus we see - "that which has been done (ten years before) is that which will be done (today). So, there is nothing new under the sun."  (Again, these were clearly intercessions, and we not only learned a great deal from them, but undoubtedly gained authority that we will benefit from in the days ahead.  You can read an analysis of what took place in 2002 and 2003 by reading the 2003 Year-End Report and The Hope of the Remnant in 2004.)

During this entire Purim season, let us all rejoice in what Yahweh is performing! He is doing great things! I hope to see you here at Passover.

Blessings to all who obey,





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