IN 2004




When nothing happened in 2003 as an outward fulfillment of our hope and expectation for the Remnant Bride and its preparation for Yahshua’s return, there were only two specific factors in which I could take hope.  First, that someone had told me in 2003 that the Remnant Bride would die in 2003 and resurrect in 2004.  At the time, I obviously hoped they were wrong.  But now, I hope they are right.  Clearly, we did indeed experience a death in 2003, and we most certainly need resurrection life!


The second factor in which I could take hope was that 2003 marked the completion of the 120 Jubilees, along with the ten year delay (for more information read The Issue - II, page 8), and possibly with its completion, the latter rain could begin in 2004.  Couple these two things with my own personal three-part confidence in Yahweh (the sureness of His word in these matters, His leading me over the years and the promises He has given to me, along with dreams and visions that were not of myself), my hope has been kept alive. 


But that is not all either, for there have been two other things that have kept me going.  One, I am immeasurably grateful to Yahweh for preserving me over the last few months from my own weak flesh and from Satan.  There is no need to go into this now, but I could have been destroyed or eliminated or quit from what I have gone through.  I am entirely grateful to Yahweh for preserving me, and I mean this with all sincerity.  And second, I have kept going because the need for the fulfillment of what I see is so compelling and so great!  America, the church, and all mankind are in desperate need for an “intervention,” something outside of ourselves that can deliver us from the curse of 1920, certainly the curse that goes back to Adam, and frankly other curses as well.  Without an intervention by Yahweh, America, the church, and mankind are moving headlong into moral ruin and destruction.  With the exponential ill effects of television, radio, entertainment, advertising, and the internet, and the curse of 1920 involving the Women’s Rights Movement and ill music, America et al is being and will be woefully corrupted.


Of course America is unique insomuch that it is the kingdom of heaven at the nations level.  And even as it is being corrupted, so the true kingdom of heaven on earth, the church, has been corrupted for 2,000 years, and will continue to be woefully corrupted unless Yahweh intervenes and does something to deliver it as well.  Christianity cannot deliver itself, nor does it even realize the extent of its own plight.  In fulfillment of Balaam, Christianity blindly rides along on its Pentecost donkey, thinking that it is doing the will of God, all the while not knowing that for 2,000 years it has narrowly escaped the sword of His judgment.  It is time for Balaam’s eyes to be opened.


Likewise, the church is the Ethiopian eunuch to whom Philip preached before the Spirit of Yahweh snatched him away (Acts 8:26-40).  Like the Ethiopian eunuch, Christianity is a eunuch – incapable of bringing forth godly offspring in its deceased Brother’s name.  It is equally sitting in a chariot, an implement of war, the same chariot that separated the two-part Remnant Elijah and Elisha, creating the 2,000 year long breach.  And most notably, even as the Ethiopian was from the continent of Africa, so Christianity is identified with Africa, both bearing the image of Satan.  (Read The Signs That Cause Belief, page 4.)


Furthermore, Christianity no more understands what it is reading in the Scriptures, than the Ethiopian eunuch understood what he was reading in Isaiah.  It is most striking that he was reading in Isaiah, for it was Isaiah who had a son by the name of Shearjashub, which means – “a remnant will return”!  This is the son Isaiah was instructed to take with him when Syria and Israel sought to make a “breach” in Jerusalem’s walls, the breach of Christianity. 


The book of Isaiah is possibly the most Remnant-filled book in the Bible, containing some of the most encouraging and revealing statements there are regarding the hope and destiny of the Remnant.  And this was the very book that the African Ethiopian did not comprehend, even as Christianity has absolutely no understanding of what Yahweh is going to do per the Remnant.  Philip preached Jesus to the Ethiopian, and if the church really knew who Jesus was, they would understand their own corporate plight and blindness and the great necessity for Yahweh to deliver them.


In like regard, the Ethiopian was on “a desert road” (vs. 26).  Such has been the state of the church from its beginning.  We have noted before that the flaming sword the angel wielded to keep sinful man out of the garden of God so that he would not eat from the tree of life, was in fact a flaming drought (they are the same Hebrew word – sword and drought).  Such has been the ongoing state of the garden kingdom of God – it has been corrupted, and a drought has been placed on the word so that man could not understand and believe and be able to eat from the tree of life and live forever.  That which took place in the original garden, is being fulfilled in the church.


And finally, when the Remnant does indeed explain to eunuch African Christianity the truth of Yahweh’s word and baptizes them, it too as the Elijah work will be snatched away by the Spirit of Yahweh.


Thus, because of this great need in the church per its own corrupt and blind state, and with no ability to deliver itself, I must press on as Yahweh gives me the strength and the ability, and cannot quit.  The hope and the overwhelming need for Yahweh to perform a work that will deliver the church, this nation, and all mankind is so pressing, that we must press on; and any price that must be paid is unfathomably worth it.  The hope of trusting in anything that for 2,000 years has been failing to deliver the church and mankind, is totally futile!  Yahweh must perform something entirely new in order to deliver us from our certain and ever increasing plight.  He must personally bring forth offspring from Tamar, of the line of Melchizedek, and stop the failure and death that has taken place in the kingdom for 2,000 years, or the first two Canaanite sons of Judah (read The Garden of God Today, page 5).  We MUST look to Yahweh for something entirely new and different to take place!  This is the Remnant Bride, the “new thing” promised in Jeremiah 31:22 and elsewhere.  This great and pressing need is why I cannot give up!  The church and this nation are being and will continue to be destroyed if something new does not begin to take place!


It is this weakness in myself and my present circumstances and the great need that lies immediately before us, that has caused me to turn my heart entirely to Him, to trust wholly in Him, having neither confidence in myself nor in what man can do.  And it was in this resignation that on a recent beautiful and rare sunny day here in Washington state, that I went out into our pasture to present myself to Yahweh, to commune with Him, and to find my rest and trust in Him. 


As I lay on a grassy slope with the warm unhindered sun flooding down upon me, I immediately recalled that it was in this very area two years prior that Yahweh showed me something that was very exciting and amazing and immensely revealing.  Recorded in the writing titled 2002 Passover Report, is the amazing revelation that the eight times Moses went up the mountain, were comparable to mankind’s first 8,000 years.  But more specifically, my thoughts were with regard to the incredible fact that Moses’ eight trips up the mountain, culminated in a promise given to Moses (Exodus 33:17-23) that was not fulfilled until later when Elijah went up on the identical mountain (1 Kings 19:8-14).  Thus, the promise given to Moses relative to his eighth trip up the mountain was not fulfilled through him, but was in fact fulfilled per Elijah on a ninth trip up the identical mountain!  The promise was made relative to the eighth trip, but Yahweh delayed the fulfillment by adding a ninth trip per Elijah.  The first eight trips up the mountain were thus relative to a Moses work, while the added ninth trip up the mountain was relative to a promise-fulfilling Elijah work.  What can this mean and what might it hold for us today?  Let us see.  We will find that there is far more reason for the Remnant Bride to have hope than what has already been expressed here.


We know that the first Remnant was in fact the Moses work.  Like Moses, this first work received the promise, yet had to die and could not enter into the promised land.  In contrast, the second Remnant is the latter work that completes that which the first Remnant began (the completion of the delayed construction of Zerubbabel’s temple, following the breach of time).  This is the Elijah work.  Both of these works are of course evidenced on the mount of transfiguration (the mountain/experience that is to be moved forward 1,000 years by mustard seed faith – Matthew 17:1-20).  The first Remnant, like Moses, had to die and did not receive the promise; while the second Remnant is the fulfillment of that promise and, like Elijah, does not die but ascends alive.  The second Remnant is also the work that, as Elijah, prepares the way for Yahshua’s return.


So we see here in these trips up the mountain the work of the Moses first Remnant, yet the promise being fulfilled by the Elijah second Remnant, all of this relative to a specific number of trips up the mountain.  As I lay there on that sunny green slope, the possible relevance of this to the Remnant today gained new meaning.


While the completion of the 120 Jubilees falls on 1993, there is another year that is outstandingly relevant, and that is 1996.  In the recent writing titled Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996, we find that 1996 was the specific year in which Yahweh determined to have grace or mercy on America.  When Abraham married a cursed Canaanite woman in 2088 from Adam, nine periods of cursed time later (or, 9 x 414 years) brought the curse on America in 1920.  But as we saw, Yahweh added 76 years to the last 414 years that ended in 1920, bringing America into blessed time (a 490 year period) in 1996.  (Read the subject writing to understand this.)  Thus, 1996 is a most important date for America.  But, it has another important relevance as well.


In Steve Jones’ book titled Secrets of Time, 1996 edition, he points out that 120 Jubilees from the creation of Adam brings one to the year 1986 AD.  Steve was the one to offer the ten year delay period, and one can see that ten years added to the creation-initiated Jubilee cycle, places one once again at the year of our present focus – 1996.  By marking this cycle from the original creation, it establishes a cycle that precedes the fall of Adam (which was seven years after his creation), and most interestingly places the fiftieth Jubilee, or a Jubilee of Jubilees, on the precise year that the sons of Israel were given the opportunity to enter the promised land, but failed.  (We will not discuss here the comparison of these two Jubilee cycles, but this can be examined in The Issue – II, page 8, along with the great significance of this 120 Jubilee period.)


Thus we see that 1996 has great relevance to not only America and its curse, but also to mankind in general.  Of course this specific year has great personal meaning for me as well, as it was the year in which Yahweh gave me a Jonah experience and showed me that He was going to have mercy on the church.  Keep in mind that America is the kingdom of God at the nations level, whereas the church is the kingdom of God at the heavenly level, the two being related, evidenced here by the testimony Yahweh afforded both in 1996.


So what does all of this have to do with what we have shared thus far, especially regarding the subject of this writing, the hope of the Remnant in 2004?  Let us see.


As I write this, it happens to be the precise time that I was in Georgia eight years ago where I had my Jonah experience (in fact, the day I laid on that grassy slope was very likely the day I arrived at Atlanta), the culmination of that trip being precisely on Valentine’s Day, 1996.  I have often wondered of late what might be the relevance of this eight year period from 1996 through 2003, if any at all.  As I reclined there on that grassy slope in the bright sun, only a short distance from where I had seen the truth of the Moses and Elijah trips up the mountain two years before, it brought back to me this eight-day-plus-a-ninth testimony.  Then the question arose – Could there be some relevance to the eight years since 1996, and now the ninth year that we are entering in 2004?  It certainly seemed possible; that is if Yahweh is in fact ordering it.  But in any regard, it is indeed worth considering, and does in fact give us some hope.  Let us look at this further.


Not only do we see a similarity with the pattern of the eight trips plus the addition of an Elijah ninth, but we see two other remarkable parallels as well.  First, it was in our eighth year from 1996, or in 2003, that we gathered together here for Passover under the “garments of skin” covering of holding all things in common, wherein we came the closest to identifying with the purpose and government of the second Remnant.  Even so, this gathering was not sufficient.  This is precisely when Moses was to experience the promise he received from Yahweh – the eighth trip.  But, even as Moses received his promise per his eighth trip up the mountain but evidently did not experience its fulfillment (it was not recorded), and the promise was delayed and fulfilled in an Elijah ninth trip up the mountain, it is our hope that the promise of our noteworthy eighth year, has been delayed and will indeed find equal fulfillment in our ninth year, or in 2004!


Second, even as the first eight trips up the mountain were the Moses trips that, per the man, had to die, so the eight years of the Remnant Bride since 1996 have equally been a Moses work that has had to die.  (Oh the pain!)  But on the other hand, as it was proclaimed in 2003 concerning the death and resurrection of the Remnant, it is our hope that Yahweh will give resurrection life to the Remnant Bride in 2004 and effect the added ninth period/year that is the Elijah work that ascends alive (not that we expect to ascend alive in 2004).


And let us point out here more specifically as well, the testimony of these trips up the mountain is that the eight were obviously insufficient; and completely unexpectedly, and even concealed, a ninth was of necessity added in order to fulfill the promise.  And this is in fact our hope – that what failed to take place in 2003, though being promised, will begin to be fulfilled by His grace by adding this much needed ninth year, or 2004, a year also completely unexpected by us and thus far equally concealed from our understanding.  If He does not do this, then the promise will go unmet.  Based on what we have seen and thus far experienced, it seems incumbent for Yahweh to add this ninth year, to extend the duration of this work, in order to fulfill His promise.


Based on the unique eight-and-one pattern we see hidden in the trips up the mountain, the pattern through which Yahweh had us to walk and learn during our Passover of 2002, we are given hope that we will experience the beginning of the fulfillment of the Elijah second Remnant work in 2004.  In hope, the nine days we went through in 2002, were an effectual intercession in order to gain the authority to walk this out experientially in the nine years from 1996 through 2004.  And to take this even further, if indeed this is the case, one might anticipate that the specific pattern we experienced regarding each of our nine days of intercession in 2002, which were an accurate representation of the 9,000 years of mankind towards the establishment of the true church, would likewise be represented in each of our nine years from 1996 through 2004.  And quite revealingly and appropriately, an examination of these nine years unveils an amazing correlation.  If patterns are valid, then they are consistent in their representation, and this is the consistency we find evidenced here.  Let us briefly examine these four subject nine-part periods of time:



(To truly understand what took place in the nine days of intercession in 2002, to which we will specifically refer, one most certainly needs to read the 2002 Passover Report.


“Days” One and Two


Even as the first two “days” (or, 2,000 years) of mankind were decidedly marked by death (the death of Adam and Eve and the flood), so the first of 1996 and even into 1997 was clearly marked by a death for myself.  In early February, 1996, I went through the highly significant Jonah experience in which I too fully wished to die.  It was through that experience that I realized Yahweh was going to have mercy on the church, but it was also a very real death for me and, what has proven to be, for my family as well. 


“Day” Three


As we see from the 2002 Passover Report, the third “day” of mankind when Abraham was brought forth, and our third day of intercession, were both marked by the addition of new strength, hope, understanding, and purpose.  Such was equally the case in 1998, for this was the year that I began placing these writings on the internet, which is the avenue that has opened these truths to so many people worldwide.  This is the www, or 666, New Gate that Yahweh has provided to quickly spread His word concerning the Remnant Bride.  Thus, the establishment of these truths on the web in 1998 once again correlated with the other nine-part periods.


“Day” Four


Moses’ fourth trip up the mountain was when he did not take Aaron with him as he was instructed.  It too was to be a delayed fulfillment, even as we address in the writing, Intercession, page 2.  “Day” four for mankind was likewise a delayed fulfillment, for it was the time of the establishment of natural Jerusalem, which could not, of course, bring forth the true sons of God.  In 1999, no one responded to the writings at The Remnant Bride as well (then called A New Look At The Word Of God).  But, it was a time of learning and writing, a time that would be a groundwork for the future, even as this period of natural Jerusalem was such a time.


“Days” Five and Six


“Days” five and six for mankind are exceptionally important, insomuch that they have been the period of the establishment of the church, the true kingdom of God among mankind!  For Moses, this was when he was allowed for the first and only time to bring others up the mountain with him in the presence of Yahweh, even as the church has been the first time men have been allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven, the mountain of God.  Yahweh’s command concerning taking Aaron up the mountain was belatedly fulfilled, and with even greater fulfillment than originally planned.  Moses took not only Aaron, but also Nadab and Abihu and the seventy elders (seventy being the number of the body of Christ).  Then on the sixth trip he took Joshua.


What happened in the years 2000 and 2001 per the Remnant Bride?  A most remarkable correlation!  Even as the church began in the fifth “day,” so the Remnant Bride began in the fifth year from 1996, or 2000!  In 2001 we held our first Passover together.  This is a most striking parallel!


And MOST significantly, it is important to note that it was at the completion of Moses’ sixth trip up the mountain that he returned and judged the people for their sins.  Even so, we now anticipate Yahshua’s return at the end of these thus completed 6,000 years, and with the same purpose – to likewise effect His judgment of His equally rebellious and sinful people, the church.  When Moses returned, he slew 3,000 people, the very number of those brought into the church on the day it began, affording clear testimony to what we have just said.  Now at the completion of 6,000 years, Yahshua is soon returning to judge His people, the church, not the world.  “For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God,” and “it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved” (1 Peter 4:17-18).


“Day” Seven


This brings us to the seventh “day,” and it is here that the prophetic picture gets more difficult.  Why?  Because pictures and patterns can intermix insomuch that there are events wherein Yahweh has several patterns going on at the same time, some revealing what He would have done, some revealing what He will in fact perform, and some providing added long-term information.  This is the case here because it is in the seventh “day” that Yahshua has to cut the days short and come early, stacking the eighth day of His planned coming on the seventh.  I hope this does not confuse you.  (The truth of this stacking of time and the opportunity for equal confusion, is prophetically evidenced in the case where David is both the stated eighth son of Jesse [1 Samuel 16:10-11], as well as the stated seventh son [1 Chronicles 2:15].  So which is he, the seventh or the eighth?  Both are true.  As we see here in the stacking of the eighth day on the seventh, as a prophetic testimony, David is both in one!  David is a living prophecy of that which the Son of David will accomplish by coming a “day” early.)


The Millennial reign of Yahshua on the seventh day, the Sabbath day rest, corresponds to the Remnant Bride’s year of 2002.  This was the year in which the effectual nine day intercession was carried out during Passover, revealing the truth we are examining here.  To say the least, it was a particularly revealing and impacting year!


“Day” Eight


The year 2003 would of course be the eighth year, and it corresponds to when Yahshua would actually be scheduled to come – the first day of the week (or, the sequential eighth day) when He came out from the dead, the first day of the week of creation when supernatural light was brought forth.  This day corresponds to Moses’ eighth trip up the mountain when he had the promise to see Yahweh’s glory, the fulfillment thereof being delayed to Elijah’s culminating ninth trip up the same mountain.


As has already been noted, 2003 was the year in which the Remnant Bride came under the “garments of skin” covering from Passover through Pentecost, wherein we were looking to Yahweh for what pointed to be for many reasons the year of fulfillment of His promises.  (Read All’s Well That Ends Well for the account of that gathering.)  But instead, it was our eighth-“day” year of promise that did not produce the fulfillment.


Most strikingly, in our eighth day of Passover in 2002, we too experienced a most unusual testimony of promise.  What one natural phenomenon is there that is an unmistakable testimony of a promise?  It is the rainbow.  And on this eighth day of Passover, the Remnant Bride literally drove through, not one but, two sequential double rainbows, both being so low to the ground that we literally drove through them with the colors and light glistening and sparkling all around us.  It was an unforgettable experience!  (Again, the 2002 Passover Report covers this more completely.)  Thus we see that not only is our eighth year of the Remnant Bride a hope-filled promise, but our intercessoral eighth day of Passover in 2002 was marked by two rainbows of promise.


“Day” Nine


Of course the ninth trip up Mount Sinai by Elijah was the delayed fulfillment of the promise given to Moses, and this corresponds to the Remnant Bride’s ninth year in 2004.  What happened during our ninth day of intercession?  We added a ninth day and waited in the hope of seeing Yahshua; and when it was over that evening, everyone knew the work was complete and they unexpectedly suddenly went home. 


Frankly, this “day” is as much a mystery to me as what might happen in 2004 is yet a mystery.  But I do hope that suddenly we too will be sent out with the Elijah message of the soon return of Yahshua.  Our ninth day of intercession did not have the commanding hope of something phenomenal, but I do know that it was the extra day we added to our Passover gathering and waited with enduring hope; and that is what we do even now in 2004.  We see that the eight years leading up to this time have each been fulfilled per their individual testimonies within the specific nine “day” pattern that corresponds to the 9,000 years of mankind, the nine trips up Mount Sinai, and our intercessoral nine days of Passover in 2002.  Now in this ninth year, once again, with hope, we will watch and learn and wait and obey.  What Yahweh will specifically perform is His work, even as it has been His work up to this day and hour.


Just as the fulfillment of a woman’s nine months of pregnancy are not only an end but a beginning of new life as well, so Elijah’s ninth-trip fulfillment was not only an end but a beginning.  From this ninth-trip experience, at Yahweh’s instruction Elijah then went down the mountain and anointed Elisha, the one who in time received the double portion of his spirit and in fact fulfilled all that Elijah, while on the mountain, was told to perform.  In like regard, I would expect 2004 to be not only a fulfilling end, but also a most important beginning.


Equally, the completion of 9,000 years for mankind will finally bring the glorification of the church whole, once again a promise actually made for the eighth “day.”  Christians will finally enter into immortality, and even as the Remnant are sent out 3,000 years prior, so the entire church (Remnant and Christians) will be sent out to bring redemption to the world (The Issue – II, page 11).


Having examined these remarkably correlating events, let us now add another testimony Yahweh has effected in my own life that confirms this identical nine “day” pattern.  This testimony gives me hope, insomuch that this subject intercession is not the first time Yahweh has taken me through this very pattern.  He clearly did so in the first nine years of my walk with Him. 


When I came to Yahshua in the latter part of 1971, He called me into the ministry.  This I turned down in order to obtain security in a degree.  Seven years later in a dream, Yahweh showed me that I had missed Him by telling Him “no.”  As the eighth year began, we had the hope of a new beginning.  In that very year, Yahweh called me into the “pastorate,” speaking to me three words – “Move to Dallas.”  Immediately I placed our house on the market, and the first person to look at it was a widow woman who wanted it at our asking price.  But, the elders in the church where I served did not agree, and I submitted to them as unto Yahweh and took our home off the market. 


One year later I made a trip to Dallas and returned to appeal to the elders that it was now time for me to leave.  This time they agreed to the move.  When I placed our home on the market this second time, once again the first person to look at it was a widow woman, and she wanted the home and was willing to pay our asking price – an exact repeat of the year before.  This remarkable testimony as we entered into this ninth year, is a clear prophetic witness of the widow of Zarephath, who evidenced the establishment of the Elijah second Remnant (1 Kings 17:8-16).  We sold the home and moved to Dallas to begin the work He had called us to begin – Come Alive Fellowship!


Thus we see here the identical pattern:  there were seven years of waiting, followed by the promise in the eighth year, but the equal delay until the ninth year when the promise was fulfilled.  In both this testimony and in the trips up the mountain, the promises were received in the eighth period, but the fulfillments were divinely delayed until the ninth period.  This is hopefully what Yahweh will do in 2004 – fulfill for us that which was promised in 2003!  While 2003 was the promise that had to die, hopefully 2004 is the fulfillment – a ninth-day fulfillment/addition for an eighth-day promise.  And what would be the outcome?  Just as it was at its completion when Yahweh first took me through this pattern – a fellowship possessing the Passover Lazarus promise that we will come alive, our Come Alive Fellowship!


In the writing, 2002 Passover Report, several testimonies were provided as to the significance of the number nine.  We have already noted the nine months of gestation, and here are two testimonies that were occasioned through Peter Douglas.


Peter reminded me of the truth presented in The Issue - II where we see that Yahweh obtains His fully completed two-part temple of the Remnant holy of holies and Christianity holy place following nine "days" or nine-thousand years - four "days" leading up to the beginning of the church, and then five "days" cut short from six by a divine overlap for Christianity. Thus the four "days" plus the cut short five would total the same divine pattern of nine "days."


The second item he pointed out was the law of the Sabbath. Yahweh promised that if man would keep the Sabbath in the seventh year, He would bless him with such a blessing in the sixth year that he would eat from it for three years (Leviticus 25:18-21). (This of course is in keeping with the pattern and time fulfillment of events just cited.) Thus we see that six plus three once again affords the divine pattern of nine years.


Pertaining to this latter point, we read in verse 22 – “When you are sowing the eighth year, you can still eat old things from the crop, eating the old until the ninth year when its crop comes in.”  Thus we see the like testimony of sowing specifically in the eighth year, which is death and burial for the seed, and eating from the resulting crop that comes in specifically in the ninth year.  This is a most revealing and confirming verse.


The number “9” is the number representative of completion, insomuch that the next number is the first in the next sequence, a combination of “1” and “0,” or “10.”  Also, second-Remnant-representing George W. Bush is the ninth President in the continuation of the sequence of the seven Presidents who died in office every twenty years.  Reagan, the eighth, was the first to overcome death.  This ninth President marks both an end and a new beginning for America. 


This outstanding phenomenon of seven U.S. Presidents dying in office every twenty years is unmistakably divine and significant, and affords the identical correlation of the seven years of loss I experienced, followed by the two years of promise.  Furthermore, we can thus equally expect with certainty that it will likewise bring forth the prevailing eight-and-one testimony as well.  As we come to 2004 (an election year), if what we are expecting in the kingdom is correct, this would mean that this outstanding testimony is a divine signpost of that which is about to occur in the true kingdom of heaven, a divine convergence of both heavenly kingdom and nations kingdom – the birth of the second Remnant, even the Son of God!


There are testimonies concerning eights that are interesting as well.  As we have noted, David was the eighth son of Jesse when he was anointed at Bethlehem (1 Samuel 16:4-13), the place where Yahshua was born.  Every male who was eight days old was to be circumcised (Genesis 17:12).  Yahshua was called by His name when eight days were completed per His circumcision (Luke 2:21).  Following Yahshua’s resurrection, He returned “after eight days” (John 20:26).  And a man named Aeneas “had been bedridden eight years, for he was paralyzed,” when Peter called him out of his bed (Acts 9:33-34).  It certainly seems that the Remnant Bride has been bedridden for eight years, and I hope we too are called out of our bed.


And let me add one final testimony that, if Yahweh chooses to establish His second Remnant in 2004, will be most noteworthy.  But once again, this all depends on what He is performing.


In Leviticus 19:23-25, we read the law regarding planting a tree in the promised land.  The law states that in its first three years, the fruit of the tree was forbidden and could not be eaten.  The fourth year, the fruit was holy, an offering of praise to Yahweh.  Then finally in the fifth year, the fruit could be eaten.


It is my hope that when Yahweh began the establishment of the second Remnant in May, 2000, He/we was/were planting a tree in the promised land.  That being the case, 2000, 2001, and 2002 would all be the three years in which the fruit of that tree would have been forbidden and we could not have eaten from it.  Then in the year 2003, the fruit would have been holy to Yahweh, an offering of praise.  It is my hope that as we gathered here in 2003 from Passover through Pentecost under the “garments of skin” covering of holding all things in common, we were in fact an offering of praise to Him, though frail and unworthy as we were.  Now in 2004, the fifth year, it is my hope that we can eat the fruit from the tree and begin to personally benefit from the work from which we have not been able to eat for the last four years.  Again, this will be the true pattern IF this is indeed that which takes place.  We will have to wait and see what Yahweh will do; but nonetheless, this is certainly worth noting.


Thus, you might ask– What if you are wrong?  Well, if I am wrong, then I will be wrong.  But for all the reasons that were expressed in the opening of this writing, I have no other alternative but to try and to hope and to trust in Him.  I believe we did indeed receive from Yahweh a promise for 2003, and it is my hope that that promise will be fulfilled in 2004.  I have waited one year once before for the fulfillment of His promise and calling to “Come Alive,” and I do not mind waiting for the fulfillment of that hope-filled promise now.  But whatever the outcome, the price or even the risk of not trying at all, is too great to remain cautious or reticent.  I would much rather try and fail, than to not try at all.  And once again, I am eternally grateful to Yahweh for preserving me through the last few difficult and threatening months; and with the strength that I yet have, may it be used to defeat Satan and effect the much needed return of the King of kings.  We have come too far to quit.


Different people have different quests in life.  Some want to uncover the mysteries of science, whether they be the new and controversial science of genetic engineering or the science of outer space.  Some want to understand the laws and mysteries of physics, and some pursue the order and structure of music.  Some desire to push the horizons of communication and the internet, and some to gain wealth.  But me?  I want one thing – to try, as difficult as it is, to understand the ways and even the plans of Yahweh.  This is to reach for the very thing for which Moses requested – to see His glory!  “Let me know Your ways, that I may know You, so that I may find favor in Your sight” (Exodus 33:13).


But Yahweh hides Himself, even as He has done so for 6,000 years.  In Ecclesiastes 3:11 (alternate NAS translation and Young’s Literal Translation), we read that Yahweh has “placed eternity” in our heart, “without which” we “will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.”  My heart is to know Yahweh and to find out what He has done from the beginning to the end.  Therefore, I press Him in order to understand the work which He is doing, and to understand how to “number our days, that we might apply our hearts unto wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).  Like Samson’s bride who unceasingly pressed him in order to know the answer to his riddle and to thus be delivered from death, I pursue an understanding of Yahweh with the same desperation, in order to likewise be delivered from death.  I cannot help what I do, for I have already seen too much to quit.  And though I may look foolish, as long as He gives me strength, I will pursue Him with all that is within me.


I cannot be content with the works of Christianity, even the word of Yahweh digested by human flesh that they then offer to others.  I cannot be content with the inadequacy and falseness of their beliefs and teachings.  Like a blind beggar Bartimaeus, I cry out to Yahshua, becoming even a despised spectacle if I must, with the desperate hope that He will heal my eyes and give me that much needed sight that men do not have today and so desperately need.  I want truth, even if it costs me everything I have; and at this point, that has very much so been the price I have had to pay!  Win or fail, I want to press Yahweh and see His glory!  Even so, we will have to wait and see what now happens.  Quest does not guarantee success, but quitting guarantees failure.


We look to Yahweh for what might take place in 2004.  Valentines Day, for this man, marked the completion of the eighth year and the beginning of the important ninth.  We will look to Yahweh for what He might now perform, especially relative to His upcoming feasts:  Purim, Passover, a delayed Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.



I would have despaired
unless I had believed
that I would see the goodness of Yahweh
in the land of the living.
Psalm 27:13



For more revealing truth regarding this highly important nine-and-one pattern, read the subsequent writing – Our Desperate Need For Yahshua’s Return, Now.


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