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People do not realize how much our lives are a fulfillment of past patterns set forth by Yahweh.  Most significantly, they fail to note that what took place in the original Garden of Eden, is taking place in the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God is the fulfillment of the original Garden.  And, MOST importantly to note, today the kingdom can be witnessed in two manifestations, two fulfillments – the church, as well as the nation of America.  We will examine both of these, beginning with America, which will help us to understand better the church.  And as we have stated here, both of these fulfill the original Garden pattern.


It has been addressed in other writings that America is the kingdom of God on this earth at the nations level.  America is unique in that it is more than just a prophetic picture, though it is that as well.  America is the natural fulfillment of Yahweh’s promise to Abraham that his seed would become a “great nation,” even “a multitude of nations,” and that they would become a blessing to “all the families of the earth” and “possess the gate of their enemies” (Genesis 12:1-3, 13:14-18, 17:1-5, and 22:15-19).  This distinction is very important to realize, and as you will see, is of considerable consequential significance, particularly as it so clearly relates to the heavenly fulfillment.


There is no other nation on this earth that has become a greater blessing to the nations of the earth than America.  It is benevolent, respectful, and has often delivered other nations from oppressive leaders and governments.  No, it is not perfect, and that will be the subject of this writing; but nonetheless, America is the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham to bless other nations.


As has been pointed out in past writings, “America” means “kingdom of heaven.”  “Amer” is Old Gothic for “heaven.”  “Ric” means “kingdom,” as in Germany’s Third Reich.  And the “a” at the end makes it feminine.  Thus by its very name, America is the “heavenly kingdom,” or the kingdom of heaven.  But once again, this is at the nations level.  And insomuch that both America and the church represent the kingdom of heaven, they share similarities.  For example, the true heavenly kingdom, the church, began with a government of thirteen, or Yahshua and His twelve disciples.  Likewise, America began with a government of thirteen, or thirteen colonies.  Let us review some more of these correlations, as this is needed in order to continue.


Yahweh has a pattern for building the kingdom of heaven.  It is the pattern we see in the original creation of this earth – a six day or six period pattern, with a seventh-day period of rest at the end.  This is the pattern both America and the church are on right now.  Since the time Yahshua came and as a Nazirite restored the kingdom of heaven (The Nazirite Vow), the church has completed two out of the six periods of time for its development, or 2,000 years.  The church as we have known it was to receive three periods, or 3,000 years, and at the end to enter into mankind’s first day of the week Sunday “Sabbath” (the day after the Millennial reign, which would be day eight in the history of mankind).  But, because of the corruption of the church, its allotted days must be cut short to two, or 2,000 years, lest no flesh would be saved (Matthew 24:22).  To better understand this, read page/section 11 of The Issue - II.


But, while the church’s days are cut short, this is not the case with the nations level kingdom, America.  It is fulfilling the full six-day pattern, which it is on at this time.  Let us review this.


The establishment of Jamestown in 1607 was the beginning of America as we know it today.  For the next 300 years, from the 1600s through the 1800s, America was in its three development or preparation days.  These would correspond to the first three days of creation.  But when one examines the six days of creation, one notices that they are in fact two sets of three days.  On the first day Yahweh created light, yet there was no sun.  On the third day He created vegetation, including trees.  Then, as if taking creation through another three-part pattern, once again, beginning on the fourth day (or the first day in the next three-day pattern), He created light – the sun and the moon and the stars.  Then on the sixth day He created the beasts and man. 


Prophetically, man is often pictured as a tree, thus we find a distinct correlation of the third and sixth days as well.  As further testimony of this, the man Yahshua healed by spitting on his eyes and touching them, the first time saw men as “trees walking,” and with the second touch of his eyes saw all things clearly (Mark 8:22-25).  In fact, this miracle is a parable of these two creation periods through which mankind will pass – the first a partial or preparatory work, the second the complete fulfilling work.


America follows this same pattern.  From 1600 to the end of the 1800s, America had its first three “days” of creation.  These 300 years were the period of development for this nation.  It had a Pentecost beginning (like the church) in the Revolutionary War.  Next was its Passover, which was experienced per the Civil War.  This war split this nation so as to make it clean, even as a mammal had to have a split hoof in order to be clean.  It is the only time Yahweh placed the beard on men in this nation, other than a partial comeback at this present time, which is hopeful.  Its third and final feast, which prepared it to enter into the second part of its creation, was its Tabernacles, fulfilled in the Spanish American War in 1898.


During the first 300 years, America’s borders were expanded from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  And while there was the great expansion and formation of this nation, America’s attitude was very much one of an isolationist.  But, this attitude changed in 1901 when it entered into its second creation period. 


President McKinley had followed in the protective tariff attitude of the Presidents before him, but he began to change on this; and, even greater changes were about to begin.  McKinley was assassinated and this brought America into its new era (even as the death of the body of Christ ushers the church into the new era of the Millennium).  Teddy Roosevelt opened the doors of this nation and sent the Great White Fleet around the world.  He was the first President to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for resolving the conflict between Russia and Japan.  Later, the war in Europe that began in 1914 was viewed as something that did not involve America, and the nation resolved to follow its past course and stay out of it.  But this was impossible, and America became instrumental in defeating the expansionism of Austria-Hungary and powerful Germany in World War I. 


Then once again Europe entered into conflict and America equally tried to stay out of it, but could not.  For a second time, America delivered Europe of expansionistic turmoil in World War II.  Following 300 years of essential isolation, America became the most influential and dominant power in the world.  The United Nations and the World Trade Center were built in New York as true testimonies of the place America occupies in the world.


Thus, according to the creation pattern for America, it has passed through its 300 years of preparation from 1600 to 1900, and has now passed through the first 100 years (or the 1900s) of its second period of being a blessing to all the nations of the world, and has now entered its second “day,” or the 2000s.  But, America is in great trouble, and the seed of this trouble was sown at the very beginning of this “blessings to the nations” second period.  America needs deliverance if it is going to fulfill its established purpose.  It needs to have its moral moorings restored!


The problem America and all mankind face is that the church as it has existed for 2,000 years cannot deliver America.  In fact, the church is even a part of the problem, and even initiated the original cause of the problem.  The church has become so worldly that if war was declared against sin and corruption and worldliness, the enemy would be as much in the church as it is in the nation.  Thus, the church as it is can be of no help at all to this nation in its demise, for the two are equally afflicted.  It is thus as Yahshua said – the blind are leading the blind. 


Let us now mention some of the sins that are taking place today in America, which gives it over to ineffectiveness and would lead to its destruction.  To begin with, one of the greatest sins of this nation, and even a war which this nation has once again not entered, but in fact has allowed and even supported the enemy so as to prevail, is the grave war and sin against the unborn.  Abortion is a war that is far more tragic than either world wars, because it is an attack against the innocent and has killed staggering more numbers.  This is a great blight and hypocrisy for a nation that is supposed to be a blessing to other nations and to defend the oppressed.  But as we will see, abortion is one of the clearest signs pointing back to the root cause of the demoralization of this nation. 


Another sin afflicting this nation is the breakdown of the family.  With our affluence, the driving force and influence of advertising and entertainment and now the internet, and the departure from the traditional government and structure of the home, the attack on the family is incredible and the family is fractured, disoriented, and on the skids.


Related to that, immorality, immodesty, vulgarity, confusion of the sexes, and pornography are at a record high, even in the history of man.  While America used to be more disciplined and regarded as more conservative and moral, and European nations were the more risqué, to the shame of this nation, I would suspect that America now leads the world in pornography and morally corrupt movies.  What a shameful blight and destructive reversal this is.


With the destruction of the home that opens the way for the rapid increase of immorality, immodesty, vulgarity, confusion of the sexes, and pornography, alcohol and drug addiction is a destructive and sapping menace.  In addition, the state of sexual promiscuity is shocking, wherein premarital sex is now the norm, as well as infidelity.  American television is decadent, and has become a vast moral cesspool that numbs the people to moral virtue and values.  Add to that the aggressive nemesis of internet pornography, and America is engulfed with filth.  Television is the great dragon that is about to kill and devour this nation, and no one is even raising or even can raise a hand against it.  No one is big enough or powerful enough to halt this beast.  Some have tried, but have woefully failed.


Because of its testimony, the most disturbing and fearful sin we are seeing is that which is warned in Romans 1:18-27, where God turns a people over to the lust of their hearts to impurity, resulting in “women (exchanging) the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men (abandoning) the natural function of the woman and (burning) in their desire towards one another.”  Homosexuality is so openly accepted and practiced now, that it is truly alarming and even frightening.  Television actually applauds it, and if one is against homosexuality, they are branded as being intolerant and vicious, a religious bigot.  What will happen to America if homosexuals prevail and their venomous prejudices are ever turned on the American people?  (But on the other hand, quite obviously they already are!)  And what is most fearful, is that their rise is a sign of the already utter moral failure of this nation and its departure from Yahweh – “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness (even more so a concern relative to the church), ….  Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity.”  There must be a people, even a work, who can halt the onslaught of the homosexual, even as was done in Sodom just before Lot’s family was taken out.


And MOST distressing, the church does not have the moral compass or even reputation to do anything about this corruption.  How can the church solve a problem regarding immorality, when it is now paying millions of dollars in legal settlements for molestation?  How can it speak out against corruption, when its opulence is exceeded only by its hypocrisy, when its pastors and elders are equally falling into sin, including the not-so-long-ago high profile fall of Baker and Swaggart, and when its TV mega works are a spiritual travesty, shame, and even embarrassment?  How can the church take a united stand against homosexuality, when pastors, priests, and bishops are openly homosexual?  How can the church deliver the nations from immorality and immodesty and promiscuity and profanity, when they themselves are nothing less than a full blown part of the problem?  How can the church deliver America from the feminist movement, when its own pastors, priests, and teachers are now women? 


The fact is, despite the faint and frail efforts of a few who are each in their own way a mix of good and evil, the church as it is cannot in any regard whatsoever deliver America out of its moral decadence and corruption.  They are as incapable of this today as was the church in Nazi Germany to stop Hitler, which either openly supported Hitler and even the extermination of the Jews (after all, extermination of the Jew was German-born Martin Luther’s position as well), or remained shrouded in silence.  The sad fact is, the heavenly fulfillment of the kingdom of heaven (the church), has not the moral aptness to deliver the kingdom of heaven at the nations level (America).  While America has slid into the abyss where it is today, the church has done little more than to have followed after it, and even helped it on its way.


Why am I so critical of the church?  Because it is equally guilty of the cause of the demoralization of America, even the world.  It is so involved in the sins of the world, it cannot even see the root problem, and in fact even supports the root problem, and in fact began it!


It is important to realize that if you want to solve a problem, you have to get to the root cause.  This is precisely what Yahshua did.  Man had originally sinned in the Garden, and it was there that the problem began.  Thus, in order to fix the problem, He had to go all the way back to the Garden and fix it at its source.  How did He do that?  He did it through the vow of the Nazirite, by legally and intercessorally returning to the Garden and offering Himself as a propitiation for their sins, and thus the sins of all who followed.  It was only through this vow that Yahshua was able to effect the forgiveness of sins rooted all the way back to the original Garden of Eden, and to be “slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:8).  Similarly, if we are to ever solve America’s problem with sin, particularly its great propensity in the last 100 years, then we have to find the root cause.  Let us now examine this.



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