“Father, as you judge, you will be judged.”  She was right, but there was nothing I could do about it.  For several years after ’94 when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me, I had been teaching that Christianity was corrupt, that it was 2,000 years of swine going to the sea of death, that its “two parts,” or 2,000 years, had been cut off by death (Zechariah 13:7-8).  But this “negative” assessment began to wear on my older daughters, and they saw what I was teaching to be judgmental, thus responding with this warning.  But what was I to do?  It was clear  from Yahweh’s word that this was the accurate assessment of Christianity; and if by stating this fact I was to be judged by it, there was nothing I could do to change that.  If I was to be judged for this, then I would be judged, and I had to entrust myself to Yahweh concerning it.  Truth was truth, and I could not deny what was written and what I had been shown.  And the fact was, they were right about me judging myself, and that which I was saying indeed came upon me.

What I am going to share with you is not intended to give attention to a man, but to point out the ways of Yahweh.  There is a very great price in coming to know the ways of Yahweh.
  Equally, there is a great price in intercession; and, it is only through intercession that one comes to know and understand and benefit from His ways.  This is an encompassing statement that cannot be addressed here, other than for you to see this in action in this account.

My daughter(s) warned me that as I was judging Christianity, so I would be judged.  But, if I had to be judged by truth, and it meant my affliction, so be it; but in the long term, that judgment and affliction would have to work for my good.  The alternative to this process is the thing I would fear the most – for Yahweh to leave me to my own will.  I would much rather walk under His rod, than to do my own will – “Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”  Oh, there is no question – this process is sometimes almost unbearable; but, in the long term it is well worth the pain.  (Oh gulp, when I say this!)

What you are going to see and learn here concerning the ways and works of Yahweh, was only possible to understand through intercession/identification.
  Thus, when I share this truth with you, I will share it within the framework of how I learned it – by personal identification.  It is hoped that by understanding the process by which it was learned, you will not only understand the truth, but also the place and purpose of intercession/identification.

My daughter was precisely right.  As I judged Christianity, so I was judged, and even as I write this, am still in the process of being judged.  I did not understand this until just recently when a woman, whose name is Anna, said something to me that opened the door of understanding.  Anna has the gift of seeing revelation truth in numbers.  Yahweh is complete order, and there is nothing more orderly than numbers.

One day as we talked by phone, Anna told me how numerically Yahweh had a “Six Day War” with me from 1994, when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me, to 2000, when the Remnant Bride was brought forth at Passover of that year.  She pointed out that in 1994, I was forty-six years old, the number of years that it took to build Herod’s temple at the time in which Yahshua said that He would “Destroy this temple” (John 2:19-20).  For the next six years, Yahweh sought to kill me; then, she said, afterwards has followed the three years in which Yahshua said in the same account that in three days He would raise up the destroyed temple.  This is the three year period from Passover, 2000, to Passover 2003.  This is that which we look forward to now – for Yahshua to raise up His temple in these closing days from Passover to Tabernacles, 2003.

When she told me this, the events recorded in Exodus 4:24-26 were most applicable.  Here Yahweh came to Moses on his way to deliver the sons of Israel, and He was equally going to kill him – a “Six Day War” with him as well.  But what happened?  Moses’ wife, Zipporah, took a flint and cut off their son’s foreskin and placed it on Moses’ feet.  Why?  Because Yahweh was prophesying/foreshadowing a pattern, a way of Yahweh.

I can truly say/concur that from 1994 to 2000, Yahweh sought to kill me!  I in fact died many times.  They were very difficult years, so difficult that it essentially wore my family out, and often me as well.  On one occasion Satan attempted to literally kill me, if not more than one.  They were years in which I suffered disappointments and sorrows; and most tragic, no one really understood or believed the two-part Remnant truth.

Finally, at Passover, 2000, Jerusalem above circumcised the young lad and threw his foreskin on my feet, my kingdom rights, to avert Yahweh’s death process.  In a brief time, a dozen or so people suddenly believed; not just one or two, but several – a rib had been taken out of the body of Christ!  This ended the “death” period for not only me, but more importantly for the Remnant Bride truth.  The “Six Day War” on my life and on the Bride truth was complete!  But what was next?

Anna said that at the end of three years, Yahshua would raise up the destroyed temple.  These three years from Passover, 2000, to Passover, 2003, have been years of intercession, learning, and growth for the Remnant Bride.  They have not been a swell of growth; but nonetheless, there has been maturation and vital learning and intercession taking place.  But personally for me, they have been the very thing that Yahweh’s patterns reveal.  They have been three years of purification by fire!  Yahweh has taken me through the fire!  Let us look at these patterns.  Here is where I began to further understand these things via intercession/identification.

As you have read here at The Remnant Bride, you know that Yahweh has specific patterns whereby He performs His works.  These are not merely mechanical, but they are His ways.  Yahweh is very orderly and legal, and He performs everything in patterns so as to tie all things together so that He might save all.  What we will now see is most remarkable and confirming.

The complete creation process of six days, as we see in the six days of creation, is not the only creation pattern.  There is also a creation pattern of nine days.  At Passover, 2002, Yahweh showed this man that the days of creation were the same as the trips that were made up Mount Sinai.  Moses was called up the mountain eight times, while Elijah fulfilled the promise made to Moses in Exodus 33:17-23 and went up Mount Sinai the final ninth time.  If you want to mark in your Bible these eight trips by Moses, recorded in the book of Exodus, here they are:  first – 19:3, second – 19:8, third – 19:20, fourth – 20:21, fifth – 24:9, sixth – 24:12, seventh – 32:31, and eighth – 34:4.  The ninth trip up Sinai by Elijah is recorded in 1 Kings 19.

What is most remarkable about these nine trips/days is that they are divided according to the pattern we have seen so many times before – two-thirds and one-third.  Zechariah 13:7-9 clearly attests to this pattern, whereby we see that “two parts” are “cut off and die,” while the “third part” is burned with fire.  But of course this two-thirds/one-third pattern shows up everywhere, as we will see once again.  (Read The Passing Over Principle.)  Let us look at this pattern in it’s application to mankind.

Since man was created, how many thousands of years has he equally been cut off by death?  The answer – for 6,000 years!  Thus we see that Yahweh has had His own “Six Day War” with mankind where for 6,000 years He has killed man.
  This is the two-thirds or “two parts” portion of this creation pattern where mankind has died.  So what follows next?  There must be the “third part” three 1,000 year periods of fire, or burning, before mankind can have his own Passover entrance into the promised land - his nine “month” gestation birth into immortality!

In The Issue – II, page 11, we find precisely what we are seeing and saying here concerning this “third part” burning of mankind, referred to in that writing as the period of the Millennial reign and the white throne judgment.  Let us look further at how each of these three 1,000 year periods are foreshadowed. 

The Millennial reign of Yahshua is in fact its own “third part” period of Christianity that must be burned following the “two parts,” or 2,000 years, of death.  This period of burning will be for all the Christians who remain here on this earth in mortal bodies, who do not hear, believe, and obey the Remnant Bride truth and were not a part of the Bride.  But we equally find that the next 2,000 years are the Elijah period, or the lake of fire, in which those Christians who died in the first 2,000 year period of the church are brought back into their mortal bodies and likewise pass through the fire.  (Read Ascending Alive, page 13.)  Thus we find that the Millennial reign and the 2,000 years of the lake of fire, are in fact 3,000 years of fire, or burning.

So we see that the pattern this man was put through where I had six years of death and three years of fire, is precisely that through which mankind passes – 6,000 years of death and 3,000 years of fire.
  But let us look at this some more.

At the end of my six years of death, Jerusalem above cast the foreskin of hope and promise on my feet/kingdom rights and the Remnant Bride began.  This is precisely that which must take place in mankind as well.  While this entire nine-part creation pattern cannot be fulfilled until the full 9,000 years are complete, we find that at the end of 6,000 years, Jerusalem above must cast the foreskin of deliverance on the feet/kingdom rights of mankind; and this is exactly what she is doing right now.  The establishment of the second Remnant is in fact the circumcision of the young son, and his foreskin is thrown on the “feet” of mankind; this being done in order to stop the death that has been taking place in mankind for 6,000 years.  The establishment of the second Remnant is the little covering work that ceases Yahweh’s wrath against mankind!

Let us look at this entire pattern in graphic representation.

9,000 Years of Mankind

1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000
      Remnant established as foreskin placed
on mankind’s feet to stop death

The church out of mankind
is birthed into immortality

Nine Years of My Life From 1994 to Passover, 2003

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
      Remnant established Passover, 2000, as
foreskin placed on my feet to stop death

Thus we see that the pattern Yahweh has taken this man through for nine years, is the same pattern He takes mankind through for 9,000 years.  And, it was only through intercession/identification that I was able to see this.  And, it will only be through intercession/identification that you will be able to participate in Yahshua’s provision in these days in which the young lad’s foreskin is being cut away to be cast on the feet of mankind.

A vast amount of evidence has already been provided here at The Remnant Bride web site, clearly stating why you must sell everything, place it into Yahshua’s purse, and hold all things in common.  (Read the writings under “The Covering of the Bride of Yahshua.”)  If you are not willing to identify with Yahshua in His own act of becoming poor and His clear instruction for you to do likewise, then you cannot be His disciple.  If you refuse to identify with Him in His humility and obedience, you will never identify with Him in His glorification.

Thus we see once again the remarkable seamless garment of truth regarding the ways of Yahweh and how they apply to not only the church, but to all mankind.  The first two parts of each must be cut off and die, and the third part must pass through the fire.  This has happened to me in my nine years from 1994 to 2003.  It has happened to Christianity in its 3,000 years, in which for 2,000 years kingdom man has died, the 2,000 swine have all gone into the sea, and will be followed by the Millennial reign in which they will remain in earthly bodies and pass through the refining fire.  And, it has happened and will continue to happen to mankind in its 9,000 years in which for the last 6,000 years man has died, and for the next 3,000 years will pass through the fires of purification.  These are the ways of Yahweh that He is now opening the eyes of His Remnant Bride to see – His back, after He has passed by.

And before closing, might we add here in this continuing and almost endless seamless garment of truth, that Elizabeth carried John for six months, whereupon Mary came to visit her and John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb.  Then, three months later John was born.  Likewise, the John work was conceived in 1994, and six years later at Passover, 2000, with the establishment of the Remnant Bride, John leapt in the womb.  Most noteworthy, the year 2000 was a leap year!  What now?  The birth of John three years later at Passover, 2003!

Thus we see that as I judged, so indeed I was judged.  But the judgment of Yahweh is good.  In this case it has not only given me spiritual authority as an intercessor, but also much needed spiritual insight and great hope.  Intercession earns the right to receive from Yahweh.  Our hope and expectation is that with the coming of Passover, 2003, and the completion of these nine years, the Remnant Bride will be birthed.  This birthing period will culminate with the Bride ascending alive into heaven at Trumpets, 2003.  This is indeed our hope, evidenced in every regard by all that we are seeing.

Now let us look at some more affirming truth that relates to these 9,000 years of mankind.

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