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Note: It is recommended that the new reader begin with the Bible Contradictions, and/or read the following in this order: The Issue, Two Trees In The Garden, and Death and the Passing of Christianity.


BIBLE CONTRADICTIONS - Did you know that the Bible is full of contradictions? Critics know this, and aptly point them out. But this writer has discovered an exciting truth concerning them - they are riddles, containing rich concealed meaning. Following is a series of writings addressing some of these riddles that the Bible affords, giving meaning to them and validating the Bible, including its seemingly pesky contradictions, as God's written word.

RIDDLES - If it is maintained that the Scriptures are under the authorship of the Holy Spirit, it must be maintained that the contradictions within the Scriptures are equally His authorship, are intentional, and contain hidden riddle meanings. This writing points out several of these contradictions, and considers the vital place these frequent contradictions hold in the works of God.  View PDF

THE KEY TO THEIR UNDERSTANDING - In order to discern a riddle and its meaning, one must understand the focal thrust of God and the intentions of His works, which leads us to take a new look at the church in its fulfillment of the kingdom of God. This writing provides a most important and valuable evaluation and description of the church whole, and lays out the only pattern that allows these contradiction riddles to make any sense. This writing is essential reading for understanding any of the following writings in this series on BIBLE CONTRADICTIONS.  View PDF

THE SANDALS AND THE STAFF - One little known clear contradiction in the Bible involves Yahshua's instructions to His disciples before He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God. In Matthew, He told them specifically not to take either sandals or a staff. In Mark, He told them just the opposite - to take sandals and a staff. Then in Luke, He told them not to take a staff. As you will see in this writing, these contradicting accounts hold valuable meaning! Also included in this writing is a look at Yahshua spitting. You will be amazed at what you discover here.  View PDF

BREAD IN THE BASKETS - The two great miracles of Yahshua in which He took limited supplies of bread and fish and fed the multitudes, and then had specifically-enumerated baskets of bread remaining, are exceptionally revealing in light of what we have already learned in The Key To Their Understanding. And most importantly and curiously, Yahshua later referenced the specific number of baskets in each instance in regard to the leaven of men, or the errors of what men teach. Add to this a most remarkable and grand deletion occurring in Luke, I can assure anyone, from novice to theologian, that you will discover truths from these passages you never knew possible.  View PDF

PASSOVER - You are aware the Israelites went out of Egypt at Passover. But did you know they also entered the promised land equally at Passover, yet only after completing forty years of wanderings in the wilderness of death? The Israelites during these journeys were called "the church in the wilderness," a type of the church, and thus hold for us a most important and revealing pattern! We find that the Feast of Passover marks the next great event in the church, bringing it into its promised land! Due to its length and more complex content, this writing is recommended for the more mature and serious student of the Scriptures (though any hungry soul will surely gain greatly from it).  View PDF

CLEANSING THE TEMPLE - Do you know what the Bible records regarding when Yahshua cleansed the temple? Matthew and Luke say that it was cleansed on the same day Yahshua made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Mark says that it was cleansed on the day after Yahshua entered Jerusalem. And John says that this cleansing occurred as Yahshua's second act, immediately after the wedding feast in Cana. So who is right? The Holy Spirit is right, and He clearly has a message for us in this contradiction riddle. This analysis is one section from the writing listed here titled, ONE THING YOU STILL LACK.

ASCENDING ALIVE - Bible contradictions reveal and confirm not only the wonder of Yahweh, but also His works and His plans. This writing takes the application and benefit of contradictions to a place that is most critical for our time. While the church talks a lot about a "rapture," the questions arise: Who truly will ascend alive, how long will they be in heaven, why is this "rapture" necessary, and how does Christianity fit into all of this? These are only a few of the matters addressed in this more advanced and highly relevant Remnant writing, uniquely enveloped in two, even three, of these pesky yet most revealing Bible contradictions.  View PDF

THE GREAT TRIBULATION - This item extracts two sections out of the writing by this same name – Sections 5 and 7. These address the contradiction riddles related to the abomination of desolation and the great tribulation, as well as what takes place just before Yahshua’s return. The abomination of desolation actually began a mere seven days after Yahshua ascended into heaven, and the great tribulation has taken place ever since. The accounts of Yahshua’s teachings concerning that which takes place on earth while He is in heaven and just before His return are examined, including His accounts about the days of Noah and the days of Lot. As you will see, both the Matthew first Remnant and Mark Christianity have been a part of the abomination of desolation, and neither of them could know the truth that is revealed to His Luke second Remnant. To read instead The Great Tribulation in its entirety, click here.  View PDF

GALILEE OF THE GENTILES vs. JERUSALEM ABOVE - The Remnant Bride is highly unique in many ways, and one of those outstanding ways is its ability to make sense out of the many contradictions that are in the Scriptures. What we find proven over and over is that these contradictions are intentional riddles that bear very important and confirming truth. This writing takes on the contradiction where in Matthew and Mark Yahshua instructs His disciples to go to Galilee following His resurrection, yet in contrast in Luke He tells them to stay in Jerusalem. We find here a most important and timely riddle that gives us hope that the time of the nations is complete, the very thing we hope to see evidenced in 2008.  View PDF

THE TALE OF TWO PILLARS - The primary purpose of the Scriptures is to prophesy, and this is no more clearly demonstrated than in Bible contradictions. And what better place to examine some of these contradictions than Solomon’s temple? Did you know that the bronze pillars —Jachin and Boaz—on either side of the temple entrance have three contradicting heights, depending on what passage you read? As you will see, these differing heights are riddles and wonderfully prophesy. Furthermore, did you know that in Chronicles the porch on which those pillars sat was four times higher than the temple per se—an astounding 120 cubits? What then would this have looked like, and what does it prophesy? And, did you know that the porch was the same floor dimensions of the tabernacle holy place, as well the flying scroll that is a curse? Most definitely, what does this prophesy? The answers to all of these is highly revealing, once again confirming Bride truth.  View PDF

CREATION’S CONTRADICTION RIDDLE - Are you aware that the Creation account in Genesis 1 is completely different from the Creation account in Genesis 2 and 3? Is the Bible then in error, from the beginning not being able to present a consistent and accurate account? Or, do we once again find Yahweh God propounding a contradiction riddle to us, providing essential revealing truth? By knowing God’s ways and His patterns, we can understand what He is telling us. And, here we find His first effectual flip in the Bible. Furthermore, did you know that Adam and Eve did not have relations while in the Garden? Therefore, of course, they had no offspring until they were cast out of it. Why was this? And finally, how does this affect us today in our personal lives and behavior? All of this and more is addressed here.  View PDF

THE KINGDOM OF GOD - The focus of all of the writings on The Remnant Bride, and certainly the focus or purpose of Yahweh, is the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. These writings address specifically this kingdom, the process whereby it is established, and its inadequacy up to now.

THE ISSUE - The sole great issue prevailing over all other issues, demanding not only our primary pursuit but, of necessity, our understanding, is the premier issue of the establishment of the kingdom of God upon this earth. Its establishment, its defilement, the means of its restoration, as well as the destiny of those who possess it, are all matters of great importance and of necessity considered herein.  View PDF

TWO TREES IN THE GARDEN - In the middle of the Garden of Eden were planted two trees - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. As you will see in this writing, Yahweh holds some amazing truths for us in these two central Garden plantings, central not only in their locations in the original Garden, but equally central in the long-term works of Yahweh in mankind. In these two trees, we find represented all that Yahweh will perform in the restoration of His kingdom. And most interesting and revealing, our quest to understand the kingdom of God leads us to an examination of God's laws found in the science of physics, more specifically - hyperspace.  View PDF

DEATH AND THE PASSING OF CHRISTIANITY - "You are sons of the Most High. Nevertheless you will die like men." Why? Why is it that Christians - the sons of God - still die like mere men? Why is it that the enemy, death, which is a part of the curse, still reigns in the kingdom of God which Yahshua established on earth? These are most important and far reaching questions which should be asked, and are, in this provocative writing.  View PDF

THE ISSUE - II - "Pull out the stops" were the intentions when this piece was written. What is the timing of the kingdom? Why hasn't Yahshua come already? What is the real mark of the beast? What is the real meaning of 666? Who is Elijah and what is his purpose? Who is "the great harlot"/"the great city," and who is "the beast"? What could happen in the next few years, in the next 1,000 years, or even in the next 43,000 years? Who now has the rights to the kingdom of God, and what is the legal basis for possessing those rights? These are just a few of the questions addressed here. This is the longest and most comprehensive single writing on this web site, and is not for those just beginning to read here. Other writings should be placed under your belt before taking this one on.  View PDF

THE NAZIRITE VOW - This vow is a mystery of immense importance, yet totally undiscerned until 1994 when it was revealed to Gary. The Nazirite vow is the single most important issue relative to the kingdom of God – wholly impacting 7,000 years of man's history. Apart from understanding this vow and its vital purpose, one cannot understand Yahweh's administration of His kingdom. Because of its great importance and immense timeliness for today, the Nazirite vow is now addressed in a writing specifically dedicated to its subject. Up until 2007, it was addressed as an essential part of three other writings which are provided below as well. However, none of these three afford the preciseness and complete insight of this stand-alone writing on this profound subject. Here you will discover exactly how Yahshua was able to be slain from the foundation of the world, thereby restoring the Garden/kingdom of God and making Jubilee possible for man so he can now eat from the tree of life and not die.  View PDF

THE THIRD HEAVEN - In 2 Corinthians 12:1-5 Paul wrote of a vision he had in which he was taken to the "third heaven," and what he heard he described as “unspoken words, which it is not lawful for a man to speak.” People think that Paul was taken up to some celestial heaven where God is; but you will see here that this was not the case at all. If you want to know where he went and what he saw and heard, you will want to read this writing. You will be surprised that what he saw and heard relates to Moses’ final trip up on Mount Nebo, as well as Paul’s statements found in 1 Corinthians 15:22-23 and 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 regarding what Christians call the “rapture.” Other related matters are covered here, and you will not want to miss reading this amazing revelation wherein “unspoken words” are now being spoken.  View PDF

GIVEN TO THE BEAST - In this writing you will find clear and repeated evidence as to what Christianity truly is, and the hope, necessity, and promise of the Remnant. This writing should leave little doubt as to what has transpired in the last 6,000 years, and must now take place in the church, the kingdom of God. Clearly, today is the breaking of the dawn. For 2,000 years the Passover Lamb roasted in fire has been eaten in darkness with bitter herbs. But now is the time for drinking the cup, passing through the blood on the doorposts and lintel and entering into the light. The morning light is rising in the east, the Lamb has been fully consumed, and the cock has crowed.  View PDF

RESURRECTION AND JUDGMENT - We find from the Scriptures that there are two resurrections from death and three ascensions. The first resurrection is that of the first Remnant, and the latter is the rest of the dead—Christians and the nations alike. This writing addresses these two resurrections, as well as the great white throne judgment and the lake of fire. And as you will see, the purpose of fire is to purify, and is never for punishment. And most importantly, if we do not purify ourselves with the salt of fire, we will be purified by God. This writing also examines the two-step regeneration of every man—first in our lost relationship with God, then most importantly being born from above into a heavenly body. Also addressed are the changes that come during the Millennial Reign. Furthermore, did Yahshua ascend into heaven in His earthly body, and why? As you might expect, this is a most comprehensive writing.  View PDF

THE REBELLION OF KORAH, TODAY - The Scriptures tell us that that which has been, is that which will be. So, when we look at Korah’s rebellion against Moses, what can we learn that will give us essential insight for today? One of the ways we can learn is to consider the meaning of the name, “Korah.” It means, “shaved” or “bald.” So, what might this have to do with a woman covering her head? Also, Korah and two other men, along with their families, were swallowed alive by the earth and went down into Sheol. So, what is Sheol? Also, we have an unexpected mystery here in that, in a Bible contradiction, we are told later in the Scriptures that the sons of Korah did not die! In fact, they even wrote eleven of the Psalms. What does this tell us? With great benefit, all of these mysteries are solved in this writing. Also, it was Gary’s loss of his family that made this truth so painfully real and evident.  View PDF

TRINITIES - In all the ways and patterns of Yahweh God, there is one that is outstanding above all others, and that is the revealing, replicable, effectual, and even diverse pattern of the trinity. Stating it simply, among all the determining ways of Yahweh, the trinity is king! You will see here the amazing wonder of His ways, as well as how He reveals vital truth from such simplicity. Examined are the trinity pattern of God, the Passing Over Principle, the covenant pattern, as well as three days and three nights in the grave. Also, in the closing section is a related examination of Ezekiel’s temple and its amazingly clear and revealing testimony regarding the church. This writing is definitely for the hungry seeker, and not for the casual observer.  View PDF

EZEKIEL’S TEMPLE - There is considerable confusion, wonder, and opinion as to what Ezekiel’s temple might be or represent. Some hold it to be literal, while others regard it to be figurative or spiritual. The fact is, this temple has been on the earth for 2,000 years, and would continue to be here for another 2,000 years if it was successful. As clearly evidenced, you will find that this temple set forth in Ezekiel 40 through 47, is in fact a most revealing type of what the church would be if it was successful in its work. There are many affirming testimonies of this, beginning with the river that comes from the temple and flows east in four increments of 1,000 cubits each with ever-increasing depths. This is actually the closing section of the writing, Trinities, but is listed here because of its unique subject matter.  View PDF

HUNGERING AND THIRSTING FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS - How many people do you know who truly hunger and thirst for righteousness, just as one would do so for food and water? Who do you know who seeks FIRST the kingdom and God’s righteousness? Symptomatic of the tragic moral fate of the church and its false and licentious application of grace and desire for the world, there are VERY few places within it—as though nonexistent—where one can find uncompromised calls to righteousness. Yet, this is to be our first quest. And today, all the more important is the necessity for the Bride to make herself ready, clothed in the fine linen of righteous acts. In a weakness towards sin, we see the effects set in motion wherein Yahweh God made the male and the female, and how this sets forth His governmental pattern that is so entirely being ignored today to our great harm. Even so, it is in fact the testimony of the woman wherein we find our hope and promise.  View PDF

OUR HOPE FOR FALL, 2012, AND BEYOND - Before the births of John the Baptist and Yahshua, angels made visitations to Zechariah, Mary, and even Joseph. Therefore, it would not be surprising if an angel made a visitation before the establishment of the Elijah and coming of Immanuel. In this report, you will see the clear and distinct evidence that this has very well been the case in this day. Gary was recently contacted by two separate women who both had sovereign experiences pointing to a long-needed and much-awaited fulfillment this year—the fall of 2012. One of these ladies was indeed visited by an angel. When you read this account, you will see why such a claim can be justly made. And, both testimonies look to the Elijah work, even the test of Carmel between Elijah and Christianity. You will want to read this amazing account, affording us hope for the remainder of 2012, and beyond.  View PDF

THE MESSENGER - Did you know that Satan is called “the messenger”? Did you know that Judas was sent as a messenger of Yahshua before He was crucified? And did you know that the Elijah is likewise called “the messenger”? What does all of this mean, especially in these closing days of the church that we have known for two thousand years? And, what has been Satan’s ordained role in the world and in regard to the church for this period? In this writing, we take the closest and most exhaustive look yet at Satan, his role, and his authority in this world and even over the church. And, the outcome is a better understanding of the Elijah.  View PDF

HAM-CHRISTIANITY AND THE BRIDE - The founding of Christianity is rooted in Antioch, out from which came Paul, Christianity’s apostle. Antioch speaks to the abomination of desolation by Antiochus Epiphanes, and is the very curse that has been upon the church from its founding. And, there is a second witness to this curse, in that two of the three mentioned church founders were black men—descendants of Ham. Furthermore, what we find is that Ham actually laid with his own mother, uncovering the nakedness of his father, Noah, and thereby evoking Yahweh’s curse. This practice is judged in the church by Paul as well. But, all of this points to a most compelling and hopeful present-day testimony for the Bride—that the curse that has been upon the church for 2,000 years is being removed!  View PDF

TABERNACLES PENTECOST REVISITED - In 2005 we began to understand the necessity of adding a latter rain Pentecost to the fall feast, Tabernacles. But up to now, that Pentecost has not provided us what we must have. Were we wrong in 2005, or are we on a journey that leads us to the true and accurate latter rain Pentecost fulfillment? Now in 2015, we have seen that this vital Pentecost cannot be after Tabernacles, but of necessity must precede it. In this writing you will find out why this is the case, and how this 2015 Tabernacles Pentecost will be on September 23—a date that happens to be of great interest to both Christian and Jew as well.  View PDF


IDENTIFICATION! - For almost three months, Gary was in Kenya, Africa, taking on the identity of an African, and meanwhile teaching 1,200 pastors from churches all the way from Uganda, throughout southwest Kenya, and further south into Tanzania. And not only were they believing with all their hearts and minds, but something incredible was taking place that was not understood until it was time for Gary to leave. What you will read here is the amazing power of identification, whereby, hopefully, the office of Elijah is being transferred from Satan back to a man. What you will see and learn is a like outcome effected by Rebekah, whereby she caused Jacob to be transformed into the identity of Esau and thereupon received the blessing. You will see that it is in fact the fulfillment of this foreshadowing testimony today, that effects the sign that causes belief and the serpent turns back into the rod in the hand of a man—the prophet like Moses. View PDF

SHELAH - In the years I have been writing here at, I have been constantly amazed at what I see the Father doing. But in all these years, and in all I have been privileged to see and write about, what you will read here is the most profound seamless testimony found within the Scriptures that I have ever seen—“a crown jewel of prophecy, evidencing and proving that they are, without a doubt, the amazing word of God”! You will see undeniable evidence from every corner of the Scriptures regarding the former and latter rains, Christianity being cut short, and the Bride ruling and reigning with Yahshua in the Millennial Reign.
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GOD’S TWO PRIESTHOODS, AND WHAT THEY MEAN - We all know of the Levitical priesthood. And we know of the newer priesthood, the Melchizedek Priesthood rooted in Judah instead, which came to us through Yahshua. But, one has to wonder about the mechanics of Romans 11:11-27 when the natural branches of the olive tree and those of the wild olive can be added and removed. And how would this affect these two priesthoods? In this writing you are getting ready to learn some things you have never heard or even considered before. They are very confirming and revealing, and include a vital examination of the Elijah work set forth in Malachi 3:1-4. We find there that through the Bride work, the offering of Christianity is made pleasing to Yahweh. Amen!
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JUDGES, CHRISTIANITY, AND GOING TO THE SWINE - There are two parts to this writing. Part 1 performs a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the Book of Judges, and what we find is that Judges is Christianity. This is most evident in that twice it is stated, “In those days there was no king [King] in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” So it has been for two thousand years. Related to this, Part 2 examines Yahshua’s parable in Luke 15 regarding the prodigal son. Readers have totally missed the true message that lies in that account, which is systematically laid out here. And once again you will find a clear message regarding Christianity.
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THE TWO-PART REMNANT - There is nothing more important to the church and mankind today, than the establishment of the second Remnant. These writings address this, and thoroughly explain the two-part Remnant, why they are so critical, and how they fit into the overall work of Yahweh.

THE SIGNS THAT CAUSE BELIEF - At the burning bush at Mount Horeb, Yahweh performed two signs for Moses that He assured him would cause men to believe. A third sign was spoken to Moses as well. In these two-plus-one signs, we find Yahweh's testimony as to the two signs, and possibly a third, He will perform in mankind at-large in order to cause men to believe. This is the boldest testimony yet published on this site regarding the remarkable evidence of not only what Yahweh has been performing in His kingdom for 2,000 years, but even more importantly what He will perform in these last days, and how it affects man's future. Of all the writings on this site, none is more startling or frank! It equally affords the most revealing account yet concerning Christianity.  View PDF

THE PROMISE - Would you like to read something that verifies again and again and again that Yahweh will perform a two-part work at the beginning and at the end of the church period that has a special purpose in His works? Would you like to know what it is that restrains, that must be removed first, before the "lawless one" can be revealed? Would you like to know who or what is to be Yahshua's bride? Then I suggest you read this writing that, as promised in the opening of this web site, provides information you have never before read or heard or even considered. This writing reveals some truly profound evidences of Yahweh's plans for man.  View PDF

PASSOVER, THE PROMISE FOR THE FIRST-BORN - Passover is a feast that is highly misunderstood. People point to Yahshua's crucifixion and say that His death as the Passover lamb was for the forgiveness of our sins. But the Passover lamb had nothing to do with forgiveness of sins, but to preserve alive the first-born. Until one understands the place and fulfillment of the two-part Remnant in the kingdom of God, they will never understand the truth regarding Passover. This brief writing is one more example of how Yahweh is opening the eyes of the Remnant Bride to see things that have never before been seen or understood.  View PDF

WHOSE COMING IS THROUGH WATER AND BLOOD - What must precede the coming of the Son of God? Some people think His coming is dependent upon the nation today called Israel. Some people think it is initiated by the rise of a man who will fulfill the "beast" of Revelation and Daniel. But there is no need to presume about this, for John 5:6 tells us specifically what must precede His coming - "This is the one coming through water and blood." And as if to clarify or even emphasize this, John then adds, "not by the water only, but by the water and by the blood." What then are these two elements that are essential preludes for Yahshua's return? This writing takes an amazing look at these as evidenced from creation in Genesis to the seven churches in Revelation. In so doing, we also find out who this "beast" really is.  View PDF

THE COVERING BRIDE - If you search the internet, you'll find that there is confusion as to who is Yahshua's bride. Rightfully so, for Paul clearly states that this is a "mystery." In order to determine who is His bride, this bride of the last Adam, requires a recognition as to where the first Adam received his bride - she was taken from the side of his body. Equally to be considered is the bride's purposes and relationship to her husband in the kingdom of God. If you think you have this all figured out, look again. You'll find things here you've never considered.  View PDF

CARMEL - This is a writing that escapes introduction. What does a bridegroom tell His bride within the inner chambers? These are the truths Yahweh is opening to His bride that is being formed in these days just before Yahshua's return.  View PDF

CHRISTMAS AND THE TWO WITNESSES - There is a vast blindness when it comes to the message Yahweh has for us in the book of Revelation. From its opening verse we know that it is the revelation of Yahshua; and we know that for the entire period of His ministry upon this earth, He always taught in parables and riddles. This book revealed to John immediately following His ascension was no exception to this practice, as His message continued to be a parable, a riddle. One of the most often asked questions is: Who are the two witnesses in Revelation 11? This writing seeks to reveal this, and is a good example of the prophetic nature of this book. In it you will see why this seemingly unusual relationship, evidenced in the title, exists between Christmas and these witnesses. You will also find out who is mystery Babylon and why the merchants will lament when she falls. In short, this writing promises many eye-opening surprises.  View PDF

COMMUNION - For almost twenty years this writer has sought a better understanding of communion, knowing all that time that there was something missing in our understanding. One evening I resolutely stated, "I will not take communion again until I understand it"; and in less than twenty-four hours, Yahweh opened the most marvelous understanding of this most important testimony. You will be amazed at what you learn from this highly revealing witness as to what Yahweh is accomplishing and offering in His kingdom.  View PDF

UNTIL SHILOH COMES - Genesis 49:10 says: “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, … until Shiloh comes.” Men have always thought that “Shiloh” is Yahshua, the Messiah. But this writing reveals that Shiloh cannot be Yahshua at all. Numerous scriptures, including this one, clearly evidence what Shiloh truly is, and it relates entirely to a work at the beginning of the third part of the church, the Millennial reign. This writing also addresses the all-important birth-right, and examines how it was passed along to Joseph and Ephraim, and what this means for us today. The truths revealed here have never before been seen by man, and these we examine as Yahweh continues to reveal to us His back, what He has done and what He is now doing.  View PDF

THE COVERING FOR THE BRIDE OF YAHSHUA - This six-part series addresses the covering that must be placed over the Bride of Yahshua in order for her to both speak on Yahweh's behalf and ascend to Him. This covering is revealed in many ways throughout the Scriptures, and is in fact so conclusively evidenced that this study is broken into six separate sequential writings, totaling almost 200 pages of printed material. The first three were published just before and at Tabernacles, 2000, the fourth at Tabernacles, 2002, the fifth immediately following, and the sixth at Passover, 2003.

ONE THING YOU STILL LACK - Many Christians are looking for Yahshua's return, but they fail to see that, as it is written, the bride must make "herself ready." At large, there is little to no attempt to do this; and the reason is Christians do not know what is required. This writing examines a matter that, as you will see, is infinitely important to Yahweh, yet of very little regard and even less the faintest point of knowledge to Christians today. In this writing we examine the extraordinarily important covering that must be placed on Yahshua's bride. This writing thoroughly examines what this required covering is, and how it will dramatically affect those who desire to be the bride and make themselves ready for Yahshua's return.  View PDF

TABERNACLES AND DEVOTED THINGS - Never has this writer seen so much sure and conclusive evidence on one subject as there is with this most important matter of the covering of the bride. The feast of Tabernacles specifically looks to that covering, and the entire feast, along with what took place at/by the capture of Jericho upon entering the promised land, is examined in this most timely and important writing. If you want to know what specifically will usher in the Tabernacles age and Yahshua's return, read this writing.  View PDF

PREPARE THE WAY! - There is one work that will prepare the way for Yahshua's return - Elijah! This writing looks at this work in a revealing way that has never been considered before, drawing keen conclusions from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where He told objecting Pharisees that if these who prepared His way did not cry out, then the stones would cry out. Do you want to know what will prepare the way for Yahshua's return? Read this third short writing.  View PDF

THE LOVE OF MONEY - This is one of the most extensive writings on this site, and covers such issues as how the Remnant Bride is proceeding, what will be its government, what Yahshua meant concerning faith that would move two different mountains and cast the fig-mulberry tree into the sea, what the guilt of Ananias and Sapphira means for the church, why Yahshua was buried in a rich man's tomb, why the ram was caught in a thicket by its horns, even why Jonah had weeds wrapped around his head and Yahshua had a crown of thorns on His head. Furthermore, you will find here who is the "antichrist" and who has the mark of the beast already, and what it means not to be able to buy or sell. And most importantly, you will find out what Yahshua said was required in order to enter into the kingdom of God - what it meant then, and what it means today. If we desire to reign with Yahshua, it is incumbent that we find out what He specifically said about obtaining His kingdom. In short, this is an incredible writing!  View PDF

UPON WHAT FOUNDATION WILL YOU BUILD? - This writing critically evaluates the issue of selling all in order to receive the kingdom. What did Yahshua teach about this? What did He mean when He said that few are those who enter the narrow gate, but many are those who enter the broad gate? What did He mean when He said that He was going to kindle a fire upon this earth? What might then be revealed in the two fires in the Gospels, one where Peter denied Yahshua three times, and one Yahshua kindled Himself where Peter affirmed his love for Him three times? And how could the burning bush at Mount Horeb relate to the two recent President Bushes, separated by Clinton? And incredibly, we will see that the events following 9-11 regarding the anthrax deaths, directly relate to the fire Yahshua said He would kindle! And did you know that the sword the angel used to keep man from the tree of life was a drought? What could this mean? And why was a vital prophecy regarding Noah never fulfilled? These items are only a stone's report as it skips across the vast and deep waters into which you are about to enter when reading this writing. And as you consume it, your life will hopefully never be the same.  View PDF

"BLESSED ARE THE POOR" - Including the section: "Follower of Paul, or Disciple of Yahshua?" When there is a discrepancy between the teachings of Paul and the teachings of Yahshua, which one would you accept? As you will find here, there is a discrepancy; and that discrepancy is a vital difference for today. One of the most vivid testimonies of the church today is the rich young ruler. Like him, Christians seem to want to do what is right and to inherit eternal life. But also like him, there is one thing they still lack - giving up everything! This is the hour for this final test to kingdom men - will you become poor in order to inherit eternal life and the kingdom of God, or will you too walk away?  View PDF

TITHING AND THE REMNANT BRIDE - Tithing is not just giving money; it is a highly relevant act of financial responsibility, effectual opportunity, and determining governmental necessity. Tithing is a fig-leaf substitutionary covering that covers our nakedness until we can come under the more complete garments-of-skin covering that Yahweh Himself provides. Where you give or spend Yahweh God’s tithe, or ten percent of your income, will establish your covering – whether it be the world, Christianity, or the Remnant Bride. Your tithe will determine your destiny, your covering! Yahshua said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Or you could say, “Follow the money-trail.” What then is your covering?  View PDF

THE PARAMOUNT SOCIAL ISSUE - The most prevailing issue in society, in the church, and personally, is the issue of the conflict of male and female. This conflict is not limited to gender, but applies in every aspect of life, government, and society.

THE CONFLICT - There is a conflict that takes place in every man, in every family, in society, in every nation, and even in the church. It is not the conflict of good and evil, but the conflict of law and mercy, seen also as righteousness and peace, as truth and lovingkindness, even as male and female, as Adam and Eve, or as bread and wine. This is a divine conflict that requires the coming together of these two in order to bring forth godly fruit or offspring. But there is a proper time for this, and this writing looks at this entire vital matter. Because this matter of law and mercy is an issue of government, one will see what the government of the Bride must be, in contrast to the body of Christ. For this reason, this writing is clearly for those who are seriously interested in Bride truths and order.  View PDF

JOAB - Do you want to understand Yahweh in His role as Father? Do you want to understand why the church has been corrupted for the last 2,000 years and undergoes Yahweh's correction? Do you want to know more about this conflict between law and mercy? Do you want to understand the relationship of a father with his children and the children with their father? Then you are going to want to read this writing that examines the dramatic and even enigmatic life of the commander of King David's army - Joab, the most puzzling man in the entire Bible! All in all this writing promises to be one of the most worthwhile studies on this web site, providing a unique and revealing testimony regarding Yahweh and that which He is performing corporately as well as individually.  View PDF

THE CURSE OF 1920 - In the fall of 2003, Yahweh began revealing to Gary the truth concerning the Curse of 1920. Gradually this truth unfolded until 2005 when it became an even more complete understanding. Today, this wholly impacting Curse is thoroughly addressed in a book published in 2007 titled The Curse of 1920. To read excerpts from the book, click on the above link and read "Quotable Quotes" and "Select Portions." There is other useful and enlightening information there as well, including how you can order the book.

THE TEMPTATION OF EVE, AND THE DECEPTION OF THE NATIONS - This writing takes a careful and sober look at America, how it fits into Yahweh’s plan, how it is unique to all the nations of the earth, the reason for its importance, and for this cause, why Satan hates it and specifically how he is working to destroy it. It addresses the women’s rights movement and examines the history of this nation in a way that has never before been revealed, and at a time that has never before been more critical. America has been deceived by Satan so as to fatally impact it for the last 100 years. This writing takes a careful and vital look at the root cause of America’s sins, and offers the way for these destructive effects to be overcome. If you love America, if you hate abortion and the wayward sins that are taking place in America, and have grave concerns about homosexuality that is taking control, then you will want to read the entirety of this writing.  View PDF

CURSED TIME AND BLESSED TIME, 1920 AND 1996 - This writing continues to examine the Curse of 1920 that was addressed in the previous writing – The Temptation of Eve, and the Deception of the Nations. Not only do we find here further outstanding evidence confirming the authenticity of that curse, but we also find that the source of the curse dates back almost 4,000 years, and that its beginning even chronicles specifically how the curse was to be manifested! One of the additional benefits of this writing is that it uniquely reveals how Yahweh systematically and legally works in mankind, which is quite amazing! But there is hope, and consistent with Yahweh’s goodness and mercy, you will find that with this curse, there is a concurrent message of wonderful blessing! This truth is critical for the future of America, the nations, and the church.  View PDF

THE GARDEN OF GOD - TODAY - This writing further examines the Curse of 1920, providing a more comprehensive picture of its fulfillment of the Garden of God at the nations level, including the four elements of Adam, Eve, the serpent, and the tree. It takes a close look at the origin of jazz music, as well as the origin of the black man and why he was placed into slavery for 430 years. It examines the government of the home, and the relevance of Yahweh's opening statement to Adam regarding the original curse - "Because you have listened to the voice of your wife." All in all, this writing examines the government of Yahweh, its great relevance, and its application to man.  View PDF

"THE CURSE IS REVERSED" - Yahweh continued to provide intercessoral and revelatory testimony regarding the Curse of 1920, and He used the 2004 Presidential elections and baseball to do so. This is a report on the incredibly revealing 2004 election, as well as the 2004 World Series in which the Red Sox reversed the curse. You will find here that Yahweh has tied together the 1920 election of Warren G. Harding, the 2004 election of George W. Bush, and the World Series in a most revealing intercessoral testimony. According to what we are seeing, Yahweh is indeed reversing the Curse of 1920!  View PDF

HURRICANE KATRINA AND THE CURSE OF 1920 - Including “Hurricane Ophelia – The Helper” and “Hurricane Rita – The Pearl.” Yahweh once again spoke from a whirlwind, even as He did the year before in 2004. What did He say? If you read here, you will know. He is going to judge Christianity; but He will have mercy on a Remnant. He will establish His Bride on the earth, and will do an entirely new thing, including fulfilling a feast that no man has ever seen or celebrated before. He is even changing times (Daniel 2:21). And most promising, He is converging prophetic testimonies and fulfillments, as you will witness here.  View PDF

TRUMPETS, 2005 - On October 16-17, 2005, the Remnant Bride met for the first ever feast per the new Millennial calendar – Trumpets. Our greatest dreams and aspirations were fulfilled, not only by Yahweh establishing the last-days twelve apostles, but by doing so in such a way as to legally reverse the Curse of 1920, as well as the curse that has been on the church since the eleven set up the seven, the mark of the beast. Furthermore, in the two weeks that followed, He carried out the identical testimony for the last-days twelfth apostle, as transpired with the critical first Remnant twelfth apostle. If you want to know what is truly happening in the church, that which will change the course of mankind from the Millennium on, read here. Included is the incredible and vital testimony regarding adding the redeeming eighth, even the latter rain, and the legal rights to ascend alive. Yahweh is having mercy!  View PDF

MARRIAGE, MUSIC, AND THE CURSE OF 1920 - This writing takes a closer look at two elements involving the Curse of 1920 – marriage and music. And it does so by examining both of these in light of the trinity of God. It is in the government of the trinity that we can accurately examine and compare the governmental structure of music, as well as the governmental structure of the home. We take an in-depth look at what the Scriptures say about men and women; and it may surprise you that women receive over twice the instruction as men. And finally, we examine the like relationship that the earth has to heaven, which is comparable to the woman and the man.  View PDF

LET THE WOMEN KEEP SILENT - “The women are to keep silent in the churches; for they are not permitted to speak.” There is probably no other scripture, other than on head-covering, that is so marginalized, distorted, and ignored. Why? Because the church is worldly; so in order to say that they believe the Bible, they have to do something to nullify this statement concerning women. This short writing takes an open and thorough look at the basis for Paul's instruction here, considering how it relates to the rest of the Scriptures, going all the way back to Genesis. “All the churches” followed this practice. Paul even said that it was “the Lord’s commandment.” So why do some think we can do otherwise today?  View PDF

DIVORCE, WOMEN, AND THE CURSE OF 1920 - Is divorce sin? And if it is, if one goes ahead and divorces, doesn’t Yahshua forgive them? This writing answers these questions. It also examines the government of the home, including the headship of the man, and what it means for a wife to usurp or reject her husband. And in light of Yahweh's government whereby when two marry they become one flesh under the man’s headship, we consider the women’s rights movement and its affects on the government of the United States and the wellbeing of this nation. Should women vote and occupy places historically reserved for men? Yahweh is governmental, and the answers regarding all of these timely matters lies in His government.  View PDF

ARRESTING OUR FATE UNDER FEMINISM - Feminism, the most destructive and greatest enemy to mankind on the face of the earth, is destroying this nation. To see this, all one has to do is look at the order of society at our founding as a nation and observe its fruit, then compare it with the societal order we have today and its fruit, and the evidence as to what is right is starkly obvious! This writing examines two specific areas relative to these destructive effects of feminism – education and the work place. We have abandoned the principles, practices, and beliefs upon which this nation was founded; and the only solution is to forthrightly and fearfully return to them.  View PDF

MALE AND FEMALE: THE PATTERN OF GOD AND HIS CREATION - When it comes to the bigger picture of Yahweh God, the matter of male and female and its consequences is not just one of, but undoubtedly the most important and wholly impacting truth there is. It is evident that, as set forth at the outset of mankind in Genesis 1, the male/female aspect is as big a picture as one can get relative to the nature and government of God, His works, and the impact upon creation. This writing addresses this male/female relationship on three levels: individual, the nations, and heaven. By understanding this, you will see both the failure that is inherent in this relationship, as well as the vital fulfillment.  View PDF

THE CURSE ON THE WOMAN - In Genesis 3:16 we read the curse that Yahweh placed upon the woman for eating from the forbidden tree: “your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” How can the woman’s desire for her husband be a curse? And how can him ruling over her be a curse as well? This writing addresses both of these. Also, what example did Yahshua set forth that affords us a glimpse into overcoming this curse, and how might this relate to 1 Timothy 1:9 where we read: “[The] law is not made for a righteous person”? This writing is eye-opening and most revealing, and is exceedingly relevant for today! It is a must-read for every man and woman.  View PDF

DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE - There are some very conservative Christian groups such as Anabaptists (Mennonite and Amish and spinoffs from them) who believe that once you are married to someone, that marriage is not annulled if either spouse commits adultery, or divorces and marries someone else (which is still adultery). But the question is: Are they herein being biblical, or in fact extra-biblical? Are they being lawful, or lawless? The answer to this is found in examining what marriage really is: a blood covenant that is effected in consummation, whereupon two become one flesh. Thus, when we examine how God indeed effects a covenant, we can understand why Yahshua clearly and forthrightly stated: “whoever divorces his wife, except for fornication, and marries another woman commits adultery.”  View PDF

PHALAROPED! - Today, the home, society, and government are all phalaroped! What is phalaroped? To answer this is to go to God’s creation and see what a phalarope is. As you will see in this writing, it is a most unusual bird. So what does this bird have to do with the home, etc.? It is unlike any bird you have ever seen—nature is reversed and the female is larger and more stunning in appearance than the male. But, it is the characteristics that accompany this bird that make it so meaningful here. In addition to examining the phalarope, we examine what three women wrote before the Curse of 1920 regarding why women should not receive the right to vote. And today, those warnings have proven to be sadly accurate. If you are a lover of nature and history, you will enjoy this writing.  View PDF

SPOTTED HYENAS: WHEN MATRIARCHS BEAR THE ROD! - Yahweh God repeatedly directs men to look at nature in order to understand His ways and His warnings. And in this regard, there is one animal on this entire earth that most distinctly stands out among all the others in both its uniqueness and its testimony: the spotted hyena of Africa! If you were asked, “What is the most bizarre thing, even things, you could imagine in the spotted hyena that speaks of the disruptive and destructive effects of feminism,” what would you answer? Most certainly, you would not even come close to anticipating what you are about to read and learn about them. This is one of the most interesting, revealing, and amazing testimonies you will ever find.  View PDF

“GRACE” THAT LEADS TO SIN AND DEATH - Today, people have a very dangerous concept concerning “grace.” And compounding this all the more is the worldliness of the church! Here, Gary examines what the Scriptures say regarding grace, including going back into the Old Testament to see what provision was made for sins. Were the sacrifices for intentional or unintentional sins? This is a critical question! Also, he goes into the book of Romans, and other related passages, carefully examining this matter in relation to the Jews, Christians, and the Bride. You will find this most helpful and challenging—which we certainly need today!  View PDF

GOVERNMENTAL PRINCIPLES - This unique section addresses some outstanding truths regarding the ways of Yahweh, which affect, determine, and reveal His actions.

COVERINGS "revised original version" - There are few subjects more important to understanding the ways and plans of Yahweh than the law of coverings. Yahweh chooses the foolish things to shame the wise (1 Cor. 1:26-31), and the law of coverings is no exception. This law, and its seemingly foolish application by today's standards, is the single most important guiding factor in discerning and understanding what Yahweh has done and what He will do in the future. Included here is the examination of beards, headcoverings, modest dress, the Nazirite vow, and the Bride hidden in the body of Christ. View PDF

THE PASSING OVER PRINCIPLE - Throughout the Bible, we find a highly consistent and exceptionally determining way of Yahweh - He passes over the first, He passes over the second, and He takes the third. This is the Passing Over Principle, and there is not a single event in the history of man that has not been affected by it. Most revealing is its application to the church. We find that the pre-church period and the church period are identical in duration, even to the exact month, thus revealing precisely when the church period will end. All of this reveals that the period of the "Jews," and even the first coming of Yahshua, were both "before the time"/early, affording evidence when Yahshua's second coming would take place.  View PDF

INTERCESSION - Identification is an integral part of true intercession, and it is costly. Yet most importantly, identification with Yahweh and His works gains one the right to understand His ways and works, as well as the hope of entering into them. This you will see in this writing, and therein discover some most incredible truths regarding that which Yahweh has done, is presently performing, and will yet perform over the next 3,000 years. You will find a most incredible and revealing riddle Yahweh has propounded regarding Aaron, which is answered here. We also take a close look at the red heifer and what this offering means for today. And most revealing, if one wants to know how the priesthood that Yahshua brought to the church through the line of Judah will unfold, then take a close look at Judah's offspring, which we indeed do so here. All in all, this is a very timely and most revealing writing.  View PDF

THE ROD - This writing has two descriptive subtitles: “(The Rod’s) Representation and the Right to Bear It,” and “Including a Prophetic Look at Whale Rider.” When Jacob made rods from three specific kinds of trees, striped them with white stripes, and placed them in the troughs before the flocks in order to bring forth white striped, speckled, and spotted offspring, a prophetic act took place that spoke volumes regarding the church. We consider that message, along with what it means specifically for us today. It also considers the like serpent on the pole, and examines what is Yahweh’s ultimate fulfillment of circumcision, a most timely message. And of course as the subtitles reveal, it looks at who has the right, and the responsibility, to bear the rod; and, what will be to your surprise, Yahweh uses, of all things, a movie, Whale Rider, to bring all of this out in a most revealing and relevant way.  View PDF

A LESSON FROM INTERCESSION - As with the writing, Carmel, there is no way to truly explain this writing; it is one you have to experience. In it, Gary is made naked before us. It is a follow-up to the writing, The Rod, taking its message to a place where it is exceptionally and wonderfully revealing. It examines the governmental structure necessary in order for the former and the latter rains to occur. It looks at how Yahweh has blinded kingdom men so they cannot see, and why – for mercy’s sake! It examines things that have never before been revealed. And all of this is made possible through the incomparable power of intercession. Without any question, there has never been another writing that so reveals the intimacies of Yahweh.  View PDF

SHELAH AND CLAY OF SPITTLE - Many speak of the Millennial Reign, and long for its coming; but would you be surprised that we have already entered into that Sabbath period? Indeed we have, and this writing explains why this is true and what it means for the church. It also takes an eye-opening look at the sons of Israel and their journey through the wilderness and into the promised land, a clear and precise and very revealing picture of the church. And did you know that the Scriptures tell us plainly that Yahshua would seal truth while He was away? And do you know where it is that Satan gets his authority to corrupt the church? Yahshua said that He chose the twelve, and one of them was the devil. All this and more is addressed here.  View PDF

HE WAS JEALOUS WITH MY JEALOUSY - No one up to now has known what Christianity really is. No one up to now has known upon what foundation Christianity is really built. No one up to now has known what it will take to turn around all the corruption and death that has taken place in the kingdom for 2,000 years. But now you can know. Christianity is hell, at least according to its own translations. Christianity is built upon a foundation of rebellion and disregard for the apostles, and it will not and cannot continue as is. And unbeknownst to them, Christianity is in utter desperate need for a Phinehas to come and deliver them from the curse of death and corruption. Today, Yahweh must restore the government that Yahshua laid down 2,000 years ago, but passed away. This writing is in every way a careful examination of Yahweh’s government.  View PDF

THE WIND AND THE SEA OBEY HIM - When four hurricanes and one tropical storm hit Florida within a period of forty-five days, people began to ask – Why? This writing answers that question. When Job’s days of affliction and loss had come to an end, we find that Yahweh spoke out of a whirlwind. This is what these hurricanes did. They were not some holocaust judgment, but Yahweh was telling us a great deal as to where we are in His timing, what He has done, and what He will do. To the contrary, Yahweh is going to have mercy on us, and here we find the governmental reason why. Florida is a rod, and this writing is just one more ongoing testimony of His message concerning the rod. We also examine the 2004 elections per this testimony as well. Bush won in 2000 by the rod, and it speaks to the 2004 elections as well. You will also learn precisely what the rod is. This is a very timely and highly revealing writing.  View PDF

RESPONSE TO AUTHORITY - What do you do when there is a conflict between two authorities in your life? There are several authorities in our lives – the family, the kingdom of God, civil government, even clubs and work. This writing examines how one can and should respond to authority when there is a conflict between them. The answer is found by considering the trinity of submission. Even as there are many trinities in life – God, ourselves, faith, the word of God – so submission is a trinity as well. This writing also considers the benefits of properly responding to authority. Several personal examples are considered here – from the Scriptures, from Gary’s own life, as well as from someone he had recently met – so as to make this more than just dry words. If you have ever wondered how to handle these conflicts, this is a good place to start in order to get some clear answers and direction.  View PDF

SENDING OUT THE TWELVE - Some prophetic testimonies, though violent, can actually speak of something quite good. Such is the case with the testimony from Judges 19 and 20 where the Levite’s concubine was raped and abused all night, returned to die at the door of the house, and the Levite took her home, cut her into twelve pieces, and sent the parts out to all Israel. While there is immense violence seen here, in the end it speaks of a very redeeming work, even as the battle against those supporting the violation of the concubine effected a needed cleansing. In this writing you will see why Yahweh views Christianity as committing spiritual homosexuality, as well as the promise and the outcome of sending out twelve apostles in this day. This is a very timely message.  View PDF

RETURN OF THE RAVEN - The best way to introduce this writing is to simply list some of the amazing things that it covers. And the remarkable thing about it is that they all tie together as one marvelous string of truth. Here are only some of the items addressed here: the twelve areas of the soul, the uniqueness of the twelfth apostle, the prophetic testimony of Pirates of the Caribbean and other movies, the clear evidence that Satan used to be Yahshua's bride, the wonderful testimony we each possess revealing the twenty-four elders around the throne, the great need that the old man cease being put to death, the division of the kingdom of heaven – 2,000 years and 3,000 years, the true identity of Leviathan, and the remarkable significance of windows in the Scriptures, even Windows whereby you are possibly reading this site.  View PDF

THE SOUL - It is understood that man is spirit, soul, and body, in that order; but Paul indicates that we are a mirror image of God. That being the case, what does this do to our image? As you will see, it makes a profound impact on man, both negative and positive. As you will find here, this matter of the soul also relates to the sun-clothed woman in Revelation 12, as well as the throne in heaven that is encompassed by the twenty-four elders. In relation to this, we take a thorough look at the profoundly critical office of the twelfth apostle. Furthermore, there is an extremely revealing examination of the trinity of faith that is both practical and effectual. And woven into all of this is an examination of the prophetic testimonies of three movies – The Village, The Thirteenth Warrior, and quite extensively, The Matrix. Obviously, this is a most unusual and highly revealing writing.  View PDF

THE TWENTY-FOUR ELDERS - The truth and testimony regarding the twenty-four elders and the twelfth apostle is something that has gradually unfolded since 2002, and thus finds its place as parts of various writings since then. In order to provide a more continuous and complete message per this governmental truth, relevant portions from nine separate writings have been compiled here into one chronological string. The twenty-four elders and twelfth apostle are extremely important governmental works, essential in the Elijah restoration of all things, the defeat of Satan and death, the establishment of the Bride, and Yahshua’s return. It is valuable to note that victory in Yahweh is secured governmentally.  View PDF

HURRICANE KATRINA AND THE CURSE OF 1920 - Including “Hurricane Ophelia – The Helper” and “Hurricane Rita – The Pearl.” Yahweh once again spoke from a whirlwind, even as He did the year before in 2004. What did He say? If you read here, you will know. He is going to judge Christianity; but He will have mercy on a Remnant. He will establish His Bride on the earth, and will do an entirely new thing, including fulfilling a feast that no man has ever seen or celebrated before. He is even changing times (Daniel 2:21). And most promising, He is converging prophetic testimonies and fulfillments, as you will witness here.  View PDF 

THE GOLDEN IMAGE - What do you think Yahweh might be saying when the king of kings makes a golden image, even as He made man in His own image in the beginning? This writing considers the important and very timely message found when Nebuchadnezzar made a golden image that resulted in three Jews being thrown into a fiery furnace with the Son of God in its midst. How might this relate to the third part of the church that equally passes through the fire in the Millennial reign? This is a short writing, but reveals a most timely truth!  View PDF

TRUMPETS, 2005 - On October 16-17, 2005, the Remnant Bride met for the first ever feast per the new Millennial calendar – Trumpets. Our greatest dreams and aspirations were fulfilled, not only by Yahweh establishing the last-days twelve apostles, but by doing so in such a way as to legally reverse the Curse of 1920, as well as the curse that has been on the church since the eleven set up the seven, the mark of the beast. Furthermore, in the two weeks that followed, He carried out the identical testimony for the last-days twelfth apostle, as transpired with the critical first Remnant twelfth apostle. If you want to know what is truly happening in the church, that which will change the course of mankind from the Millennium on, read here. Included is the incredible and vital testimony regarding adding the redeeming eighth, even the latter rain, and the legal rights to ascend alive. Yahweh is having mercy!  View PDF

TABERNACLES PENTECOST, 2005 - On December 25-26, 2005, the first ever Tabernacles Pentecost was held. This is a report on that gathering, including the seven days leading up to it. On every occasion in which the Remnant Bride gathers, it always leads to vital understanding and intercession. Such was the case once again, including a vital understanding of the strong angel in Revelation 10 which had one foot on the sea and one foot on the land; the fulfillment of the cloud as small as a man's palm that came up out of the sea, signaling the beginning of the heavy rain; Ezekiel's Millennial temple where the water flowed under the eastern gate and healed the sea; and finally, the vital necessity of adding the fulfilling ninth. All of these have to do with the latter rain, which is afforded by Tabernacles Pentecost.  View PDF

PURIM, ADDING THE NINTH - On March 29-30, 2006, the Bride met in Gary's home for Purim with the purpose of adding the ninth holy convocation to the already observed eighth holy convocation of Tabernacles Pentecost. This is a report on that gathering, as well as a recounting of what has taken place in the Bride and the hope that lies before us. This is by far the shortest writing ever.  View PDF

THE REVELATION OF THE MILLENNIUM - When Moses was told and shown at the burning bush that he would perform two signs that would cause belief, why did he later in Egypt perform the first sign but not the critical second sign? When Yahweh sought to kill Moses as he was on his way to Egypt, how could the circumcision of his son cause Yahweh to let him alone? When Peter declared on the day of Pentecost that Yahweh would raise up a prophet like Moses who would restore all things, who was he speaking of? Was John the Baptist an Elijah or a Moses? Why did Yahweh reverse Tabernacles and Passover, thereby reversing the order of time? When Yahweh begins a new work, forming the new heavens and new earth, the higher realm, what does this do to time, and how does it affect His feasts? These questions and many more are answered here, fulfilling the promise of the title – revealing the Millennium.  View PDF

THE NEW MILLENNIAL CALENDAR – October 25, 2007, marks the start of a new beginning in Yahweh’s calendar. From the time of Moses to this date, Yahweh’s feasts have been flipped, where Passover has been the first of the year. But this is not the way it is supposed to be, for creation evidences that Trumpets and Tabernacles must be first. As you will see here, this return is essential for the establishment of the new heavens and new earth. In this writing we address the New Millennial Calendar, considering what is the true beginning of a day, a month, and the year. Also, we see that Wednesday is the true sabbath. We also consider many issues related to the true dates of Yahshua’s crucifixion, resurrection, and His ascension at the end of forty days. This writing is very comprehensive, addressing a sundry of matters, including when Christians will receive their immortal bodies. You will see that October 25, 2007, is Trumpets, the inaugural feast in the restored calendar.  View PDF

THE GREAT TRIBULATION - There is no subject that has so captured the imagination of people than the abomination of desolation and the great tribulation. Visions of a great charismatic leader, the antichrist, bringing cataclysmic wrath are boundless. But the problem is, these notions are all based on fanciful errors. The temple they look for will never be built. The abomination of desolation actually began a mere seven days after Yahshua ascended into heaven, and the great tribulation has taken place ever since. As Paul clearly stated, already the man of lawlessness has taken his place in the temple of God, and now he is being exposed. Today is the time for those days of desolation to be cut short, and the one who effects this is the Elijah, the one who fulfills that foreshadowed by Judas Maccabeus who halted the desolation of the temple.  View PDF

GALILEE OF THE GENTILES vs. JERUSALEM ABOVE - The Remnant Bride is highly unique in many ways, and one of those outstanding ways is its ability to make sense out of the many contradictions that are in the Scriptures. What we find proven over and over is that these contradictions are intentional riddles that bear very important and confirming truth. This writing takes on the contradiction where in Matthew and Mark Yahshua instructs His disciples to go to Galilee following His resurrection, yet in contrast in Luke He tells them to stay in Jerusalem. We find here a most important and timely riddle that gives us hope that the time of the nations is complete, the very thing we hope to see evidenced in 2008.  View PDF

THE WALTZ OF LIFE - If you want to know what Yahweh God has been doing and will do in the first 15,000 years of mankind, read this writing. This truth was given to Gary in the closing hours of the great eighth day of Tabernacles, 2008, when Yahshua proclaimed that out of our innermost being would flow rivers of living water. He awoke him in the hours before dawn and showed him these marvelous, soundly supported truths. You will see that Yahweh uses a 1–2–3 waltz to effect His works, with an emphasis on the first beat. In order for Yahweh’s temple, encompassed about by a wall, to be established on this earth, requires Yahshua coming four separate times, and a fifth to establish the court. Of course all of this is relative to living stones–people. If you want to know the ways and works of Yahweh, read The Waltz of Life.  View PDF

KISSING, LIPS, AND ATTESTING GLORY - There is only one thing harder than the writing of this article, and that is writing its description. If you think that the three temples prophesy, wait till you see how your temple, your body, prophesies. First you will learn that women have three pairs of lips and men have two; and from there the wealth of truth and information is staggering! Here is something you will not understand until you read this: Mary birthed Yahshua as a virgin, and men will birth Immanuel, equally as a virgin. Also, Yahshua first came in a female role, speaking volumes for women. And did you know that when you speak, your words are a covenant equal to when Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham? And, do you know what the lips prophetically represent, and what is prophesied when a man and a woman kiss? And, what do other intimate acts prophesy? In one word, WOW explains the content and revelation contained in this writing.  View PDF

MAKING CAIN CLEAN - Did you know that the descendants of Cain made it on the other side of Noah’s flood? And not only that, his descendants, called Kenites in the Bible, were all redemptive in nature? So how could a man who committed the first act of murder by killing his brother evidence these amazing things? And, how did Cain’s judgment of becoming a wanderer impact both himself and his descendants? And, what might this have to do with the shepherds to whom the angel appeared on the night of Yahshua’s birth? And, what might all of this have to do with Ephraim and Manasseh; Shem, Ham, and Japheth; and Abraham, Nahor, and Haran? Read here and you will discover the answers.  View PDF

WHEN ELIJAH COMES - This is by far the most comprehensive exposition yet on the Elijah, examining the testimony and place of John the Baptist, the prophet like Moses spoken of in Acts 3, and considers Joshua as a type of Elijah. What is his work? What will he effect? Will his work be small or will it be great, subdued or life-changing? Where does he get his authority? What can we learn about Elijah when examining the apostles who untied the donkey for Yahshua? How many will there be in the second Remnant Bride? What relationship is there between the Body of Christ and Elijah? This and much, much more is addressed here.  View PDF

HOW TO UNTIE A DONKEY - Since 1994, Gary and Bride members have unceasingly sought to receive the profoundly needed latter rain that is foreshadowed in the Scriptures as the donkey. The object of this writing was to carefully examine not only what has been done and even learned through this quest, but also what might yet be necessary in order to achieve it. One important key to achieving this pursuit was Yahshua’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, for which He sent two unnamed disciples to go and untie and bring to Him. The identity of those two are herein revealed. And never before considered is the prospect of how England may very well be key to this latter rain, while America may be passed over. Here you will also learn about the three baptisms that the sons of Israel, we as individuals, and the church experience in order to be made complete. This is the most thorough examination ever on the latter rain.  View PDF

THE BEST IS BEFORE US – THE LATTER RAIN - There is nothing more important today on this earth than receiving the latter rain. When Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost, his reference to the prophecy of Joel opens the door to some very important insight as we anticipate this rain. Likewise, Yahshua’s statements in John 14-16 in reference to the Father giving the Helper, the Spirit of truth, hold immense meaning, specifically regarding the latter rain as well. As you will see, both the former rain and the latter rain are revealed in those chapters. This is an incredibly revealing examination, providing truth that has never before been considered, and answers such questions as: What are the two ages of the church that the Scriptures repeatedly refer to? Additionally, we examine one more testimony as to who unties the donkey.  View PDF

MALE AND FEMALE: THE PATTERN OF GOD AND HIS CREATION - When it comes to the bigger picture of Yahweh God, the matter of male and female and its consequences is not just one of, but undoubtedly the most important and wholly impacting truth there is. It is evident that, as set forth at the outset of mankind in Genesis 1, the male/female aspect is as big a picture as one can get relative to the nature and government of God, His works, and the impact upon creation. This writing addresses this male/female relationship on three levels: individual, the nations, and heaven. By understanding this, you will see both the failure that is inherent in this relationship, as well as the vital fulfillment.  View PDF

MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS - By no means should this general category minimize the value or significance of these writings. They are simply not listed with the others which fall within given categories.

A FRESH LOOK AT END TIMES - Subtitled "Excuse me, but ...," this piece was conceived one morning while on my knees, and the multiplicity of holocaust teachings of the day were crowding my thoughts. Wrath, anger, destruction, annihilation, upheaval, oppression, conflict - all of this and much more is to shortly take place according to current varied teachings. Finally, I declared, "Excuse me, but have you considered ...?" This is a most needed and much worthy reading for today.  View PDF

SEEDTIME AND HARVEST - When Yahweh smelled the soothing aroma from Noah's burnt offering after leaving the ark, He promised that man would always have uninterrupted seasons of seedtime and harvest. While these continuing cycles have insured life upon this earth, we find in this natural cycle a greater plan for Yahweh to harvest mankind into the higher place of His new heavens and new earth. This is an exciting and very revealing harvest principle, and examination of it brings forth other truths regarding Yahweh's work in restoring all creation to Himself.  View PDF

THE RAVEN - Whether it be the raven released from the ark by Noah, or the ravens which fed Elijah, or even the ravens that will pick out the eye of the one who despises their father or mother, this black bird has a unique and alluring testimony in the Scriptures. What's more, when Gary was a young man, he had a pet raven to fly miles away and mysteriously land outside his girlfriend's bedroom window and call to her. With all these unique testimonies, one wonders what Yahweh is telling us through this most unusual creature. You will find the answer to this in this equally unique writing. Also, enveloped in like mystery, there are some matters considered here concerning sexuality that make this writing only appropriate for the mature reader, as parts of it are somewhat sexually explicit.  View PDF

"Gary, you have a beautiful face" - These were the last coherent words spoken to Gary by his Alzheimer's father, words that were far beyond his father's mental capacities at the time. Here we will consider the prophetic significance of the face, including what it meant for Yahweh to talk to Moses "face to face." But most importantly, we consider what it will take to defeat Satan. For 2,000 years, Satan has been unrestrained in corrupting the kingdom of God and taking kingdom men to the grave. What will it take to finally stop him? As you will see here, Satan is the best of lawyers, and the only way he can be defeated is on his own turf - legally! We consider here the only possible legal remedy for his utter defeat.  View PDF

HISTORY OF THE REMNANT BRIDE - These reports address events particularly since 2002, but include accounts that go back to 1994 when the truth of the two-part Remnant was first revealed. As you will see, the Remnant Bride is a process of revelation, intercession, and understanding.

DEAR READER - “False prophet!” This is often a catchall term for anyone who has sought to understand the ways of Yahweh and seemingly or actually come up short. The writings here seek truth, and for this reason we have not altered those writings which expressed the hope of things that did not take place in the way we expected. But before you make a judgment on these matters, read this brief letter first. The fact is, as you will see here, if a critic held the same standard of judgment for the Scriptures, they would quit reading them as well. Our hope is to learn the ways of Yahweh, and in this day we need to be open to things we have not seen before. Thus, we invite you to be less quick to judgment. Keep reading all the writings and you will see why this is necessary.  View PDF

HIS-STORY OF THE REMNANT - When the Spirit of Yahweh came upon Gary in 1994, he began to understand the wrath that Yahweh planned for the church for their corruption of His kingdom. But in '96, he had an experience that changed that understanding and caused him to see that "mercy triumphs over judgment." This is an account of that transitional period and the pain that was required to learn this important truth. We also find here unique insight into the works and ways of Yahweh and a new look at His order and purpose in recent historical events. Finally, included is an important correlation of these happenings to Passover, 2002.  View PDF

THE LATTER RAIN AND 2002! - This is a series of sixteen writings that were posted as a special ongoing report from January through May of 2002, specifically leading up to Passover. This includes a very important analysis of events that have taken place beginning in 1948 when the nation of Israel was established and the Latter Rain Movement began. We find that in this time Yahweh is fulfilling what can best be called - the test of Carmel!

ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL - Shakespeare used this phrase as a title as well, but it certainly applies to many situations, including, I trust, the Remnant Bride. This writing takes a look at our Passover and Pentecost gathering of 2003, reporting on what took place and hopefully why. Included in this examination, we look at the testimony of Jonah and Peter, who both went to Joppa and from there learned the identical truth concerning Yahweh. We also take a look at Samson and what it meant for him to break "two new ropes" and take a "fresh jawbone of a donkey" and slay 1,000 Philistines, thus propounding the riddle - "heap two heaps." Also, what could David's "five smooth stones" and Elisha's smooth head have in common? Why did the young lads mock Elisha concerning ascending, just after his predecessor had ascended? And why did two female bears kill specifically 42 of the lads, the number associated with the beast? And finally, what is Yahweh telling us when we see that a dead man came alive when thrown onto Elisha's bones? All of this we consider here.  View PDF 

2003 YEAR-END REPORT - Examines the test of Carmel, the 2003 World Series, and the hope and promise of the Remnant.  View PDF

THE HOPE OF THE REMNANT IN 2004 - When Moses was given a promise from Yahweh that was to be fulfilled on his eighth and final trip up the mountain, but was not fulfilled, and was in fact later fulfilled in a ninth trip by Elijah, Yahweh was providing living prophecy that has specific meaning for us today. It is no coincidence that during our Passover gathering of 2002, Yahweh took us on a nine-day intercessoral journey relevant to these nine trips up the mountain. Now in 2004, we find it most promising that since 1996, the Remnant Bride has been on this same nine-part journey, only this time on a year basis, and 2004 is in fact the year of the culminating ninth-day Elijah fulfillment. This is His work, and only now are our eyes being opened to see these marvelous things! You will be amazed how so many events, from our 2002 Passover to 9,000 years of mankind’s history, and even the Presidents of the United States, all tell the same story and give the same hope for 2004.  View PDF

OUR DESPERATE NEED FOR YAHSHUA'S RETURN, NOW - This writing is a follow-up to The Hope of the Remnant in 2004. It takes an important further step in examining the subject eight-and-one pattern covered in that writing, and considers its identification as an equally significant seven-and-two pattern. We find the application of this pattern not only to mankind, but also its amazing and remarkably revealing application to the kingdom of God. And most importantly, we find within it a soberingly grave warning to the church today – that unless we repent, Yahweh will not send His Son into our midst! We look at what the sons of Israel did to cause Yahweh to decide not to go into the promised land with them, and most importantly what they and Moses did to cause Yahweh to repent of His planned actions. Also, even more importantly, we examine what we must do today for our own much needed like repentance. This is a very timely writing.  View PDF

2004 YEAR-END REPORT - The year 2004 was to be the ninth year fulfillment of the promise that was given for 2003. Did we receive the promise? This writing takes a critical look at the year, including the writings that came out and some of the amazing events that occurred, and concludes with the Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunamis that killed over 200,000 people. Related to this, it examines how Yahweh uses evil to accomplish good. And finally, we make a gospel comparison of Yahshua’s words regarding that which will precede His return as found in Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21. The year 2004 should have been a pivotal year, and you will see that indeed it was!  View PDF

TABERNACLES PENTECOST, 2008 - The former rain was poured out on Pentecost following the Passover wherein Yahshua was crucified. The Scriptures clearly promise there will be a latter rain as well. But a very important question must be asked: Would it also fall on a Passover Pentecost? As addressed here, this cannot be the case, but would come on a Pentecost following a Tabernacles. Other important questions addressed here are: Will this rain be sudden, like the former rain, or gradual, like the water that came out from under the eastern gate in Ezekiel 47? As we approach the December 26, 2008, Tabernacles Pentecost, what might be expected? Without question, the latter rain is the most important and culminating event in the history of man, thereby necessitating our devoted, diligent consideration and pursuit. In fact, it clothes our nakedness that came at the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden. This writing is exceptionally important.  View PDF