Spotted Hyenas:  When

Matriarchs Bear the Rod!




Throughout God’s creation of the “creeping things” and the animals, He who knows the end from the beginning has provided numerous testimonies concerning His ways and His works, including those of man’s inherent failures.  To the sluggard, He calls him to “go to the ant,” who “prepares her food in the summer and gathers her provision in the harvest,” and to “observe her ways and be wise” (Proverbs 6:6-8).  He also warns:  “The leach has two daughters, ‘Give, Give’ “ (Proverbs 30:15).  Of course the serpent has the ill distinction of being identified specifically with Satan (Genesis 3:1-4, 13, 14). 


The donkey has its identification with Pentecost (How To Untie a Donkey, page 3).  Pigs, which are unclean animals because they do not chew the cud, are a type of the 2,000 years of Christianity—the 2,000 swine who run down the steep slope into the sea of death (Mark 5:13).  Sheep are generally prophetic of Christians as well, oxen of the Remnant, and goats are prophetic of the nations.  The dove has the distinction of representing the Holy Spirit (Luke 3:22).  The lion has the unique distinction of attesting to both Yahshua (Revelation 5:5-7) and Satan (1 Peter 5:8).  Thus, it moreso speaks of authority and power.  The horse speaks of power as well (Isaiah 31:1).  Fish in general speak of men (Matthew 4:19, 13:47f).  The raven, like the lion, is most unusual, having an identity with Satan (Proverbs 30:17, Genesis 8:7), but also with Elijah (1 Kings 17:4-6, but also Genesis 8:7).  And as we know, there is an association of these two anyway.  And there are of course other animals with accompanying testimonies, some addressed within the Scriptures and many not.


So, it is not a surprise that when we have looked at the black widow spider and the phalarope, we have seen Yahweh God’s clear and distinct message regarding when the woman seeks to take the place and glory of the man.  But we ask, are there any other clearly outstanding testimonies in creation where He speaks to this same act and its ill outcome?  Is there any other anomaly in nature that speaks to this clear departure of the woman from her divinely established place under the headship of the man, and the ill and destructive consequences thereof?  The answer is most definitely YES!  In fact, as you will see, this testimony is unmistakable, extraordinarily graphic, disturbingly revealing, and highly profound!


We have seen that Yahweh God has placed anomalies in nature that speak, and there is one anomaly that, without question, stands out from everything else in creation, and in multiple ways.  That anomaly is the spotted hyena.



First, for general information, hyenas are not dogs, the Canidae, as one might think.  Instead, they have their own family, the Hyaenidae, which is actually closer to the cats, the Felidae.  There are four species within the Hyaenids:  the spotted, brown, and striped, as well as the aardwolf.  The range of the spotted hyenas is strictly within Africa.  They have one main foe, and that is the lions, which are responsible for up to 70% of their adult deaths.  Lions will actually hunt and kill hyenas; and if hyenas find a lone female lion and significantly outnumber her, they will kill her.  Interestingly though, hyenas will eat lions, but lions will not eat hyenas.  Uniquely, they just kill them.


Another important general fact to know about the spotted hyena is their social structure.  More will be noted about this; but, they live in groups known as clans.  Normally, the clans are thirty to forty members, but can be as large as eighty or ninety.


Now, having noted this, let us begin examining some of these things that make the spotted hyena so dramatically anomalous from all creation.  Prepare yourself, you are getting ready to discover some of the most bizarre things you have ever heard about an animal.


First, let us identify the prevailing issue that causes us to address the spotted hyena in context with the ill fate of the woman taking the place of the man.  Remember, we are looking at Yahweh God’s creation testimony concerning this.  One might then suspect that the spotted hyenas are a matriarchal society where the female rules, . . . and this is exactly what we find.  In fact, spotted hyenas are matriarchy on steroids!  Not only does the dominant female rule over the males, but the females are ordered according to what could be called a caste system, where each one of them occupies a specific social, hierarchical status that is strictly enforced.  Every aspect of their daily lives are ruled by their individual ranking within that caste.  And like any caste system, the female cubs born to any one of those mothers, are locked into that inherent status.  Thus, a female offspring of the head matriarch will replace her mother upon her death. 


And, this caste system has further highly determining consequences as well.  How much food each member eats is dictated by their place in the caste.  Those at the bottom eat least and last.  Therefore, the lower in the caste, the less healthy they are, and the less likely their cubs are to survive.  Again, welcome to God’s testimony of matriarchy on steroids! 


So, in this severe matriarchal system, how do the males fare?  There are many feminists who would love the outcome of the male spotted hyena.  In fact, I’m surprised they do not use the spotted hyena for their mascot.  Evidencing this, the following image adopted in the 1980s by feminists, could just as well have been their true and most fitting mascot, attested by Yahweh Himself. Click on this image to see its true fulfillment in feminism.  (Click on it again to repeat it.) 



Let’s put it this way:  the only thing lower in the female caste system, . . . is being a male.  While the chief matriarch is the zenith in the clan, any male is the nadir, the lowest place there is, and the one who suffers the most extreme adversity.  Any male is dominated by all the females.  It does not help the male either that, as with the black widow spiders and the phalaropes, the females are distinctly larger, and far more aggressive.  In the photo to the left, you can see this obvious size difference in the mounting male.  And, the males that are more likely to be allowed to mate with the females are passive and younger.  In fact, it eventually comes down to which male is willing to put up with the abuse of the females.  We see the same in society:  dominant females tend to marry passive men whom they can control (when they do marry). 


Newborn females remain in the clan in their rank, but males usually leave at maturity between the ages of two or three.  If the male makes a kill, it must be done silently or else gorged down very quickly; for if the females show up, he must abandon it.  And when females make a kill, the males skirt the edges and grab any dropped scraps they can get.  Males even have to endure the most obnoxious juvenile, or suffer violent punishment from the females.  Nothing like having father around to give that sound correction.  Right?  Oh the life of the male in matriarchy, even in all applications of matriarchy.  In man it is truly an Eveonian abomination, incited by the serpent.  It is the same as when the created rejects the Creator, or when men follow in the ways of the spotted hyena.


Just as it is written, “Go to the ant, O sluggard,” so today we can say, “Go to the spotted hyena, O feminized society, you who have ‘listened to the voice of the woman’ ” (Genesis 3:17).  Men, you have abandoned your God-given place and unlawfully given women the right to vote and to govern; and thereupon they have abandoned the home and forsaken and even murdered their children.  You are not spotted hyenas, men, and you need to take your God-given place as head and provider.  And ladies, you need to come under that headship and forsake hyenaism.  If you are not yet convinced regarding this, let us look some more, O feminized society, at this testimony of matriarchy that the Creator has set before us through the spotted hyena—the matriarch queen of Africa.  “Observe her ways and be wise.”


In the writing, Hungering and Thirsting For Righteousness, page 4, we find that the Scriptures speak of the baby that is born between the feet/legs of the woman, and the rod that is between the feet/legs of the one who decrees and rules.  And, evidenced and affirmed also in creation, it is the man alone whom God has given the rod between his feet/legs, and who alone has the right to rule—in the home, in society, in civil governance, and most certainly in the church.  The woman does not bear the rod between her feet/legs, but instead is therein to give birth to her young, whereby she will be saved:  But women will be saved through the bearing of children, if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-control” (1 Timothy 2:15).


So, what might we find between the feet/legs of the females within this hugely matriarchal testimony of the spotted hyena?  Brace yourself.  You are getting ready to hear one of the strangest things you have ever heard in your life, and undoubtedly something you have never even heard of or considered before.  Clearly, God the Creator is telling us something here—something we need to give wise heed to today.


It is one thing for a female to be larger, as we see in the black widow spider and the phalarope and the spotted hyena.  This is the case in some other animals as well.  And, it is even yet another thing for the female to be more dominant than the male.  To an even lessor extent this is seen in nature, the spotted hyena taking this to an even higher (or a totally lower) level.  But what you are getting ready to hear about the female spotted hyena makes her and her witness stand out from anything else in nature.  In this one thing, she is sui generis, or the only one of her kind.  What is this uniqueness?  She actually has a rod between her feet/legs!


If this is not already enough, even more graphically, the female spotted hyena has not only a rod, but the appearance of a scrotum as well.  No longer does she have an external vagina at her posterior extremity, but a rod in the same position as that of the male, along with the rightly placed pseudoscrotum (false scrotum).  In fact, the appearance of the two sexes are so alike in every way, that visually observing them they cannot be differentially sexed.  The genitalia are so identical, that until recently spotted hyenas were believed to be hermaphroditic.  In the accompanying photos of a cub and adults, one would think these are males.  But they are not.  They are all females!  And as you will see, they very much like to flaunt what they have!



The female has what is called a peniform clitoris, or pseudopenis.  The clitoris actually develops into a penile structure in every regard.  Urination, copulation, and yes, even birth, all take place through the peniform clitoris.  More on the latter in a minute.  Like the male, the peniform clitoris even erects externally, as seen in this photo of a three-month-old female.  Again, they are very enamored with what they have.



Dissected female reproductive tract

During fetal development, the labia fold over and fill with fat and connective tissue to form the pseudoscrotum, which again has every appearance of being a male.  The peniform clitoris equally has a glans as a head, just like a male, though slightly different in shape.  Therefore, Yahweh God uniquely designed the female spotted hyena so that in every regard—in body size, in dominance, and even as far as in exact genital appearance—she has taken the place of the male.  In EVERY way, even in a most dramatic and unbelievable fashion that is solitarily unique, He evidences the female taking the rod!


We have thus far seen in the spotted hyena what Yahweh attests as one outcome of the female bearing the rod.  It is the most extreme, violent, and aggressive matriarchal order in all of nature!  But, He was not finished with His more complete demonstration of this Eveonian sin evidenced in this hyena.  We have seen the matriarchal caste system where every female has another female she can rule over, with exception to those at the bottom of the caste.  But even they, as well as all the females, and even the juveniles, amply rule over any and all of the males.  But this conflict for dominance is not isolated here alone.  It inherently begins not just the day, but the very minute they are born!  Let us now look at the cubs, the fruit of her masculinized womb.


In all of creation, there is little evidence of what is called, siblicide.  This is when siblings kill each other.  It occurs among some birds, particularly when there is competition for limited food.  The older and stronger will kill the weaker.  And among the mammals, siblicide does not even exist, . . . except in one animal.  And you guessed it.  Here again, the spotted hyena, in its robust testimony of aberrant feminism whereby the woman bears the rod, is unique as the only mammal—again, the sui generis—where siblicide takes place. 


Furthermore, the reason behind this violent behavior is at the very heart of feminism:  the cursed combative attitude of establishing dominance!  Women say they want equality with men.  That is not true.  At the heart of feminism is the desire to rule over the man, the very thing Yahweh God so dramatically evidences in the matriarchal caste system of the female spotted hyenas.  Let us elaborate.  When Eve was tempted by the serpent to be like God, there is more here than just equality.  In practice, it means that the created now does whatever they want to do without the limitations of the Creator.  The bottom line of this is that the created now forms the Creator into whatever image they want Him to be, thereby in effect ruling over Him.  It is the reverse of being created in God’s image—now creating God into our image, what WE want to do and what WE want Him to be.  Thereby, we in fact seek to tell God what to do.


Feminists do the same thing.  Their true goal is to rule over the man.  If the male disagrees, they want their will, and they will do whatever they have to in order to make the male conform to their will.  By giving women the right to vote, women have feminized government, law, society, and the church.  They are creating them in their image.  Thus, as one result, today we have a nanny state that is about to go bankrupt.  Another direct result is that we are now killing 3,000 babies every day because women wanted the right to do so.  If women had never received the right to vote, men would have NEVER given them the right to kill their children.  This murderous slaughter is a direct outcome of feminism.  And, it is this spirit of killing our children that we see in the spotted hyena.


Spotted hyenas generally give birth to a set of twins, and sometime triplets.  But since the female has only two teats, the least dominant will die from starvation or siblicide.  When a baby hyena is born at the mouth of the den, it already has its eyes open, and its front canine and incisor teeth are out and ready for use—and use them they do!  Inherently, immediately they seek to establish clear and unquestioned dominance over their sibling(s), to the point in which they are often killed.  They have even been known to attack a sibling before it emerges from the amniotic sack, and the conflict continues in the days and weeks that follow.


Cub's head crushed most likely by sibling


Furthermore, mothers do not even intervene in these fatal contests for dominance.  Because of this violent practice, baby hyenas are often identified as the Cain and Abels of the mammals.  Also, it is reported that, here again, it is often the female that prevails in the battle.  The resulting death rate from this siblicide is reported to be anywhere from nine to twenty-five percent.  However, one researcher observed that at a few weeks of age, “more than forty percent of the litters comprised lone cubs.”  This practice is documented in the opening portion of the video, “Survival Guide,” as well as in the following segment of “Eternal Enemies.” 



Let us now look at yet another matter that is a direct consequence of the spotted hyena bearing the rod, once again attesting to feminism.  When Adam and Eve sinned, they were both cursed by Yahweh God.  The curse on the woman was two-part:  “[1] I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth, in pain you will bring forth children; and [2] your desire will be for [the place of] your husband, and he will rule over you” (Genesis 3:16).  We have dramatically seen the second part of this curse testified in the female spotted hyena with her matriarchy; but here, let us see how she equally dramatically attests to its first part as well.


Throughout creation, female animals generally exhibit no signs of pain when giving birth.  When I see the birth of offspring on a farm, in domestic animals, or out in nature, I am often reminded of the curse on the woman.  Creation tells us that the woman’s birth of a child did not have to be with so much pain.  Throughout creation, animals giving birth to offspring FAR larger than a child have no problem passing through the birth opening.  They birth them with relative ease and no evidence of pain.  In fact, God designed the kiwi bird to readily lay a large oval egg that can weigh up to one quarter of the weight of the female.  That would be equivalent to a one hundred and fifty pound woman giving birth to a thirty-eight pound baby!


So, obviously the woman could have painless childbirth if Yahweh so designed it.  But instead, He designed the woman to have pain because of her sin of seeking to be like Him, to stand in His place, which is at the heart of her wanting to be like and stand in the place of the man.  And here again with the spotted hyena, Yahweh has prophesied of this rebellion as the sui generis in all of creation when the female has now literally taken the rod.  In fact, University of California, Berkeley, scientists astutely noted, “that the humans and spotted hyena share a surprising similarity:  Females of both species often have difficulty giving birth because the newborns are unusually large and the birth passage is unusually small.”  So, what is it like for the spotted hyena at the time of birth?


One avid researcher of spotted hyenas related the answer to this as being the same as if a male gave birth to a baby!  Ladies, you think it is bad having a child now.  I know this is no consolation, but what would it be like if you too had the rod?  This is exactly what the female spotted hyena faces when giving birth through the peniform clitoris.  Another researcher who has avidly studied spotted hyenas in the wild stated, “It's the only time I've ever heard hyenas cry out in pain.”  Another report called it, “a nightmare!”  One can only imagine!  Let us see some of the limiting factors of this most unusual birth.



First, the vaginal opening is now at the tip of the peniform clitoris, or pseudopenis.  This opening at the glans, or head, is just like that of the male—slit-like and equal in size.  Second, the girth and length (about seven inches) of the pseudopenis is essentially the same as that of a male.  And third, the umbilical cord is only five to seven inches long, while the birth canal to the end of this peniform clitoris is almost two feet!  Thus, there is not even enough umbilical cord to get the cub out!


It is quite evident that when Yahweh designed the spotted hyena to testify to what it is like for the woman to take the place of the man, to take the rod, He did not hold back for the sake of the spotted hyena!  Evolutionists would have expected that natural selection would have corrected these obvious problems.  And most notably, of the four species of hyenas, the other three have normal female genitals.  Yahweh chose the spotted one to prophesy.  Furthermore, as an appropriate and obviously revealing contrast to the woman bearing the rod, the striped hyena is monogamous, with the male helping the female to establish a den, raise the young, and even feed her when the cubs are born.  The brown hyenas are like the wolves, with the alpha male and the alpha female forming a mating pair.  And, the aardwolf is also monogamous, and the young live with them until they are mature.  Without question, God has uniquely chosen and designed the spotted hyena to testify to man the sin of the woman taking the rod.  Again, go to the spotted hyena, O feminists.  Observe her ways and be wise.


So, what is the solution for the female spotted hyena when giving birth?  How does she overcome these seemingly impossible constraints?  And what is the outcome and effect for the cubs?  The answers are not pleasant, nor the outcomes without high costs! 


First, when the animal is in captivity with veterinary care, this process of the first-time birth can take as long as forty-eight hours.  Many females in the wild die at three or four years of age, the time when females first give birth.  Given the circumstances, this is not surprising at all.  And when considering what takes place, it is undoubtedly the most dramatic and painful first-birth process for any creature on the earth!


And when you would think it could not get any worse, making this birth process even more difficult, among all carnivores, the spotted hyena cub is the largest young relative to their mother’s weight, weighing around two pounds.  When this large cub begins making its descent, the peniform clitoris must begin stretching, and of necessity begins ripping, soon taking on the appearance of a water balloon!  The pain begins!


At this point, the umbilical cord has extended beyond its maximum length and the cub still has further to go.  But, with this first birth, the way is slow and difficult!  For this reason, the vast majority of the firstborn cubs die from asphyxiation.  Up to seventy-five percent of them die from this initiating birth through a rod.  Yahweh knows a man cannot give birth through the rod, so His solution was to graciously put him to sleep, open his side, take out a rib, and form an “offspring.”  But when the female (figuratively, and here literally) wants to bring forth fruit by possessing the rod, we graphically see the painful and deadly outcome of this curse!  The price of the female bearing the rod is here being paid!


With the cub now more than likely dead, and the female in immense pain beyond what one could even imagine, the back side of the pseudopenis continues to rip and tear.  As the cub finally begins to emerge, it then tears and lacerates the glans opening, resulting in a large bleeding wound.  It is most certainly not surprising that the hyena cries out in pain during any of this.  And equally not surprising, ten to twenty percent of the females do not survive this trauma.  And for those that do, the rips and wounds can take weeks to heal, leaving a long patch of bright-pink scar tissue down the back of the pseudopenis.  Seemingly, the only consolation after this initiation as the lone female in creation that bears the rod, is that with the costly birth of the first cub, the second, and all subsequent births, are more easily accommodated.


By Yahweh God’s design, the female spotted hyena testifies to the disaster of Eveonian feminism—the curse on the woman to take the place of the man with its painful, costly, and even deadly results!  The murderous deaths of over fifty million babies in America alone since 1973, are a direct outcome of the heinous, yes even hyenous, results of feminism!  It is a profound shame that the death rate of children in America by abortion approaches twenty-five percent of pregnancies!  When will mankind wake up to the ills of its hyenous, phalaroped, black-widow-spider ways and repent?  The spotted hyenas are also called the laughing hyenas.   In fact, of the four species of Hyaenids, once again, they are the ones that laugh.   With these wholly destructive results of feminism, who should be laughing with them today, . . . even continuing in their ways?


This now brings us to our closing observation and testimony concerning one of the most unusual actions of the female spotted hyena, this matriarch queen of Africa.  To demonstrate, celebrate, and confirm their sui generis as all creation’s sole female who bears the rod, as if it were a sorority greeting they have a secret handshake of sorts—affirming their union and, of course, their status within the sisters of this sorority.  As seen in this photo, as well as in this brief video, the females greet each other by standing parallel to one another in opposite directions, lifting their inside back legs, and then . . . sniffing and licking each other’s pseudomasculine genitals.  Of course they now expose and show them off by erecting the pseudopenis for this MOST unique sorority greeting. 


However, this obviously goes beyond the testimony of a sorority, to clear lesbianism.  And as we see so prevalent today, this is precisely the outcome when feminism insists that there be the equality of the sexes—erasing the line of distinction between men and women.  With this acceptance, it is inherently natural then that men can be with men, and women can be with women.  This is indeed testified by the spotted hyena, and finds its fulfillment in lesbians and homosexuals.


Once again, throughout all creation this type of greeting is entirely unique to the female spotted hyenas.  It is a sorority-only lesbian greeting, as the female will not lick the genitals of a male (except possibly at mating).  Here as well, the females regard the males as inferior, and they instead delight in the rod that they themselves sport. 


The following National Geographic video is the most graphic and complete video available regarding the mega-matriarchy and this most unusual greeting of the female spotted hyenas.  However, it is also crude in its descriptions.  But frankly, from our perspective, it is crude behavior anyway, eliciting this unfortunately relevant commentary.  The spotted hyenas do not have a distinctively negative reputation for no reason.  But keep in mind, if you are offended, you will now understand Yahweh’s offense when He sees the woman taking the rod, taking the place of the man—feminism.  In fact, the video even opens with the most noteworthy and relevant statement:  “Some females . . . want more than equal rights.  They want to beat males at their own game, and they take them on, every inch of the way.”  This you will see vividly evidenced here.



What we see in the spotted hyena is Yahweh’s clear and unique testimony of the outcome of the woman taking the place of the man, taking the rod.  And most certainly, there are women today who in like regard take great delight in usurping the man and taking the rod, just as they did in the years leading up to 1920 when women demanded and received the rights to vote, as well as in the feminist 60s and 70s.


In learning about this animal’s testimony, you might think it extreme and that it does not accurately represent the place women have taken today.  But very importantly, you fail to see this from Yahweh’s perspective.  In Isaiah 28:7-8 we read of His assessment of Ephraim:  “And these also reel with wine and stagger from strong drink:  the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are confused by wine, they stagger from strong drink; they reel while having visions, they totter when rendering judgment.  For all the tables are full of filthy vomit, without a single clean place.”


Do you think their behavior was literally this extreme?  Do you think that filthy vomit was actually on all the priestly tables so that they were without a single clean spot?  No, not literally.  But, Yahweh was presenting to them how HE saw their aberrant actions.


In like manner, to Judah and Jerusalem He described them as “a harlot with many lovers,” having “polluted the land with [their] harlotry and with [their] wickedness.”  He continues, “And you, O desolate one, what will you do?  Although you dress in scarlet, although you decorate yourself with ornaments of gold, although you enlarge your eyes with paint, in vain you make yourself beautiful.  Your lovers despise you; they seek your life”  (Jeremiah 3:1-2; 4:30).  Do you think that they were literally causing the women to be harlots to other people?  Again, of course not.  But, Yahweh once again provides graphic and seemingly extreme testimony as to how He sees their unfaithfulness to Him.  He is a righteous God, and sees things quite differently than do we.  We become comfortable with sin.  We call good evil, and evil good.  We follow after the lusts of the flesh and those things that, from the Garden, are a delight to the eyes and to the flesh.  But, He views these things from heaven, seeing them much differently.  Yahshua drew this clear contrast when He declared, “You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men, but God knows your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God” (Luke 16:15).


In like manner, we find in the spotted hyena how Yahweh sees what feminism truly is.  Just as Ephraim was judged as a staggering drunk and vomit covered their priestly tables, or as Judah was a harlot, polluting the land with wickedness, so in the spotted hyena we see how Yahweh judges feminism today.  It is oppressive matriarchy wherein women violently rule, causing the destruction of the family and resulting in the cruel murder of millions of our children.  It is the celebration whereby women go about licking their acquired rods, flaunting that which is a sui generis freak in His order where the man alone has the right to rule, the right to bear the rod.  Again, that which man sees as acceptable, God sees as abominable sin, the rejection of His ways, His order, and His holiness.  Once again man proves he is the weaker vessel, is easily deceived, and apart from Him does not have the right to rule.  All of this the spotted hyena tells us IF we have eyes to see.  Yahweh is a holy and righteous God, and He shows us what feminism is in His eyes.  It is the actions and practices graphically evidenced in the spotted hyena!


In this examination, it is also noteworthy that the word “hyena” comes from the Greek word, hyaina.  This word is derived from hys, meaning hog or pig, and aina, making the word feminine.  Thus, hyaina, with its aina, would be analogous to león, or lion, and leaina, with the aina making it lioness.  Therefore, the hyena’s name literally means a hogess, a female hog.  (Ref., Hyaena: On the naming and location of an enigmatic animal, by Holger Funk, pages 21 and 51.)  So once again we see feminism identified in the spotted hyena, in so much that its very name actually speaks of a female pig, a hogess.  And, this name as a hog is the one animal most clearly defined as being unclean.  Feminism is indeed an unclean work, a hogess!


Concerning the lion, in the opening of this report we noted that the spotted hyenas have one main foe, and that is the lion.  Again, lions actually hunt down and kill hyenas.  We also noted that though hyenas will eat lions, lions will not eat hyenas.  And, there are other distinctions between these two that are well worth noting at this point. 



First, while the spotted hyenas are violent matriarchy on steroids and the males are smaller in size and reduced to the lowest rank possible, lions are communal and the males, with their glorious manes and super-supreme size and strength, are kings and chief protectors of the prides.  Interestingly though, if a male takes over a kill, he will let the cubs come and eat with him.  Also, when a female spotted hyena is killed, if she has cubs they will die as well.  Another female spotted hyena will not allow a cub that is not her own to nurse.  On the other hand, if a female lion is killed, any remaining cubs will live because other mothers will care for them and allow them to nurse.  Furthermore, lions quickly kill their prey by strangulation, and then eat them.  But hyenas take their prey down and literally eat them alive, disemboweling them.  What a great and noteworthy distinction these two animals are in so many ways.


Also most noteworthy between these two are the implications from the genders of their names.  We have already noted that lions are called by the male’s name (león), and the female is identified as a lioness (leaina).  In contrast, matriarchal hyenas are called by the female’s name, the sowess (hyaina).  We see this errant hyenic nomenclature in couples today.  In the beginning the woman came out of the man, and she was called wo-man, or out of man (Genesis 2:23).  The two become one flesh under the headship of the man.  Thus, when a man takes a wife, she is absorbed into his identity and thereupon takes his name.  Again, the lioness bears the name of the male lion.  But today we see women following in the ways of the spotted hyena, and the names they take on evidence this.  The male hyena actually takes on the name of the female (hyaina), and today this is evidenced when a woman keeps her maiden name with her husband’s name.  Again, it is feminized hyenaism—not being absorbed into the male.  And, masculine government and society have done the same—taking on a feminine identity and appearance, with certain destructive consequences!


Because of the nature and actions of the hyena, since at least the 1670s it has been used to describe the cruel, the treacherous, and the greedy.  Adjectival forms of hyena have arisen, including hyenaish, hyenaesque, hyenic, hyenine, and yes hyenaism.  And today we clearly see that this is the very animal Yahweh designed to testify concerning the destructive ills of feminism—when the woman takes the rod!


Furthermore, in Matthew 13:31-32, Yahshua gave yet another picture in nature as a parable of the corruption of the kingdom.  He related:


“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field; and this is smaller than all other seeds, but when it is full grown, it is larger than the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.”


In like manner, in the spotted hyena we have seen the Creator’s clear and graphic parable of what feminism is—when the woman takes the rod!  And from Yahshua’s parable of the corruption of the kingdom of heaven, we see the same fulfillment in the corruption of America, and even the nations of the world.  “America” actually means “kingdom of heaven.”  Amel” is Old Gothic for “heaven.”  Ric” means “kingdom,” as in Germany’s Third Reich.  These are evidenced in the German word, Himmelreich, which equally means “kingdom of heaven.”  The “a” makes it feminine.  Thus by its very name, America is the “heavenly kingdom,” or the kingdom of heaven.


Therefore, like unto Yahshua’s parable, feminism is the mustard seed that began as a seemingly small and innocent seed, but has become larger than the garden plants and the birds nest in it.  When we examine the Greek in this passage, we find that “garden plants” actually speaks of “herbs,” or “vegetables.”  In other words, the mustard seed became something it was never intended to be—a tree!  In every way, the same is true with feminism today. 


Looking back in history, one can see the mustard seed of feminism in the letters of Abigail Adams.  In fact, feminists themselves aptly refer to her as a forerunner of the women’s rights movement.  As you can see from this article on women’s history, a statement that is repeated across the internet, it is noted that “Abigail Adams helped plant the seeds that would start women and men thinking about women's rights.”  If fact, she was a clear testimony of the corrupting seed of hyenic feminism.  (To learn more about Abigail’s corrupting seed testimony, read this excerpt from Chapter 3 of The Curse of 1920.)


After the seed was planted,  feminism became what appeared as a small herb in the 1800s when women seemingly innocently wanted the rights to a higher education.  As addressed in Arresting Our Fate Under Feminism, for over two hundred years—throughout the latter 1600s, 1700s, and into the 1800s—our nation’s colleges were exclusively for men.  It was not until 1850, when the feminist movement began to be more prominently evidenced, that colleges began experimenting with coeducation, placing young men and women in the same educational facilities.  But inherent with the rebellious, hyenic nature of feminism, they had the taste of blood and were not content to stop there.  As addressed in Chapter 2 of The Curse of 1920, through women’s active involvement in the abolition of slavery and in temperance, their taste for leadership and political involvement gave them an appetite for equality with men and the right to vote.  The rest is all history. 


Today, as with Yahshua’s parable of the corruption of the kingdom of heaven, we now see how the little seed that was supposed to remain as an herb with the rest of the garden plants, unnaturally grew into an overshadowing tree where the birds have nested.  Like an unhealthy cell, feminism has metastasized into a deadly cancerous growth that is TOTALLY unnatural, taking over the body to the extent that it leads to death, even the literal death of fifty million babies in America alone—the nations-level kingdom of heaven.  America and all the world are wholly corrupted with this destroying Eveonian, hyenic sin of feminism!


Earlier we saw the image of what feminists call “Rosie the Riveter,” which transforms into what should be their attesting sorority mascot, the spotted hyena.  And, as is true with all of feminism since the American seed, Abigail Adams, leave it to the feminists to once again get it wrong, now with Rosie. 


This iconic poster that the feminists adopted in the early 1980s was not of Rosie, and she was not a riveter; but instead, it was a Westinghouse poster displayed for two weeks in February, 1943, for some of their factory workers.  The original poster was targeted at women who were actually making helmet liners for the soldiers. 


But the reality is that feminists have been wrong since this nation began, following after other nations like France, where feminism sprang forth, followed by England.  And despite all their false plans and hopes and dreams, rooted all the way back to Eve in the Garden of Eden, feminism, like this poster, has NOT turned out rosy!  Instead, what we have gotten is the curse, the thorns from the original fall in the Garden that come with the failing bloom:  destructive debt, 3,000 babies killed every day, the home and family being destroyed, weakness to our society and government, homosexuality, immodesty, vanity, confusion of the sexes, and the loss of the blessings of God!  Go to the black widow spider, . . . go to the phalarope, . . . and go to the spotted hyena, O feminized nation, and observe their ways and be wise.


Think about this, even this one item alone:  because women received the right to vote, fifty million babies have been killed in America!  Like the hyena we looked at earlier and see below, in truth feminism, with all of its qualities evidenced by God in the spotted hyena, holds in its jaws fifty million dead babies!  But it is even far worse than this spotted hyena, because women have in fact killed their own babies.  Throughout history, abortion has been banned.  But with the rise in feminism and “reproductive rights” and under the devious guise of family planning, more and more abortion made its way into societies.  In America in 1971, two feminists, Lorraine Rothman and Carol Downer, invented a cheap and “safe” suction device to perform early abortions.  And two feminists, Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, brought Roe v. Wade with the belief that women could not get equity in employment until “they had control over their fertility”—i.e., killing the baby within them!  Thereby, in 1973 abortion was made legal by the Supreme Court.


Warning:  what you are getting ready to see is quite dramatic.  And, when fifty million babies have been killed directly because of feminism, how can it NOT be dramatic?  The photo of the spotted hyena with the dead cub in her jaws is an accurate representation of deadly feminism.  This is the shocking reality of its dire costs!  And with the dramatic things we have seen evidenced by Yahweh about this animal, it is an aborted baby that is in the jaws of hyenous feminism.  Feminists are responsible for the deaths of fifty million babies in America alone, and we see this graphically attested here. Once again, click on the image to initiate the transition.  Click again on it to repeat it.

Read above text first


Go to the spotted hyena, O America.  Observe her ways and be wise.  Our ways today ARE NOT God’s ways, and we profusely and shamefully evidence this in so many aspects of this nation!  Most assuredly, this is never more true than when in Eveonian fashion we allow women to stand in the place of the man and to hyenously take the rod—in the home, in society, in law and governance, and in the church.  It is time for America and the world to wake up to their egregious sins and truly and fully repent!


Come quickly, Immanuel!




After posting this writing, a man (supposedly) emailed me—subject: “You misogynistic pig”—and told me to take it down.  Well, in every garden there is an Adam who will listen to the voice of the woman, and once again there will be his own added curse (Genesis 3:17).  And this brings us to a most interesting and even confirming testimony.


Upon receiving that email, I sent it to a couple of brothers to read.  And, it happened to coincide with a most affirming testimony one of them had just seen—that the spotted hyena is indeed God’s testimony of feminism.  Following are two videos.  The first incorporates an opening segment of a theatrical performance by a group in Belgium, Ontroerend Goed.  The artistic director, a male, equally listened to the voice of feminism and a show was birthed espousing its “virtues.”  It is called “Sirens.”  Here is their own description:


We are the weaker sex.

We’re goddesses, muses, amazons, and warrior queens.

We can’t control our feelings and we bleed once a month,

because we deserve it.

We cry, scream, sulk, and suffer inexplicable mood swings. 

We’re little princesses who love to dress up and curtsy.

We need a man to tell us how to get organized.

We all have oversensitive antennae and they hurt.

We are either whores, saints, or moms.

We read signs in everything.

We like to provoke but we don’t fully understand the impact.

We’re good liars, use our bodies to get on in life,

argue that it’s impossible to understand if you’re not a woman.

We’re sirens.  And the stage is ours.


And THEY want equality with men?  The Scriptures specifically and repeatedly warn that the woman is indeed the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7), that she is easily deceived (1 Timothy 2:14), that she is to obey her husband in everything (Ephesians 5:24), that her husband is thus her head (Ephesians 5:23 and 1 Corinthians 11:3), that the foolish woman tears down her home with her own hands (Proverbs 14:1), that it is a curse on man when a woman rules (Isaiah 3:12), that she is not to teach or exercise the authority of/over a man (1 Timothy 2:11-12), that man was cursed for listening to the voice of the woman (Genesis 3:17f), that the woman was created for the man (1 Corinthians 11:9), and that with reason, in the New Testament, there is twice the instruction to women as there is to men.  And these women, and masses more, want and demand equality with the man?  God forbid!  This is nothing less than the spirit of Jezebel (Revelation 2:20-23).  It is nothing less than the spirit of the spotted hyena!


So, why do these feminists call the production Sirens?  Sirens were dangerous yet beautiful women in Greek mythology who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck and perish on the rocky coast of their island.  This is indeed a most fitting name for attractive yet deceptive and destructive and even deadly feminism.


As you will see in the first video, these women are in fact spotted hyenas; and you will be surprised and amazed, and possibly even stunned, or maybe even humored, at their “performance.”  Get ready for an experience like you have never had before (and even never want to repeat).  Yes, it will be distinctly irritating, but hold in there and you will see the direct relationship spoken of in this writing regarding the spotted hyena and feminism.  You will even see a graphic comparison of the two.  But again, hold in there.  It may seem like an eternity, but watch and listen to the end.





In the following trailer/teaser for Sirens, they prove the point established above.  Here they dress as men, taking the place of the man, as they so desire, and you will see what they do to a little doll.  I assume that what they want to portray is that this is what men do to women.  But the reality is just the opposite.  This is what women precisely do—those who, like the rebellious angles, abandon their place (Jude 1:6), and seek to be like the man.  These women destroy true femininity.  As they judge, they are in fact judged.  Watch and see what feminism does to not only women, but to the family, and so much more!


Trailer/Teaser For Sirens



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