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A Common Man With an Uncommon Understanding

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After receiving his degree from a Texas University, spending six-and-a-half years behind a desk, and undergoing a year of humbling, Gary Naler spent the next thirteen years helping the poor and needy in Dallas, Texas. A portion of Gary’s mission included hosting a weekday radio broadcast called “The Corners of Your Field” that addressed those needs.

After building a home for homeless and/or abused women and children, in June, 1994, he experienced a divine sovereign event that totally redirected his life. Gary wrote: “Much of the things I know today are the product of that incredible experience. I said at the time that an earthquake was taking place in my life, and in a matter of days much of what I had believed was turned upside-down, and some turned right-side-up. It was not an experience with any man, but a sovereign experience with Yahweh God” (The Curse of 1920, page 260).

This life-changing event completely redirected Gary’s life, and as a result his years since have been spent earnestly devoted to understanding and presenting vital truths and issues set forth here at “The Remnant Bride” web site.

Gary has also published three highly compelling and insightful books: The Curse of 1920, and its companion, Coverings; as well as the allegory, Purity and the Golden Ball. Each of these books is available at our RTC Quest web site.

That which is stated in the Introduction of The Curse of 1920 is true of all of Gary’s writings, as we read:

First and foremost, there are two things you can expect regarding this book:

  1. This writer seeks to look at things from the big picture, and
  2. To understand this book, you have to think governmentally.

Gary, of necessity, sees things from the big picture. And of equal necessity, everything he presents is from the standpoint of government. He relates: “Everything Yahweh God does is by His government and His laws. If not, He would be lawless. There is therefore only one way you can understand Him and His works, and that is governmentally. Likewise, there is only one way that Satan can be defeated, and that too is governmentally, legally. We must understand and uphold government if we are to gain victory in this critical time!”

For more information regarding how Yahweh has led and dealt with Gary, read this letter written in 2001. Gary is available for speaking engagements.

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