The Remnant Bride Online Bible Study with Gary Naler


Audio Messages

Welcome once again!

We know that the information you are about to embark into will be entirely new to you, so we have produced these brief introductory audio messages for your benefit. They in no wise replace the writings, but are here to help you understand better these amazing truths that Yahweh is opening our eyes to see. After listening, we invite you to take a serious look at the writings. Feel free to duplicate and share these messages with others.

We're grateful for this time to be together.

(It is highly recommended that these messages be listened to in the order of their listing.)

# 1. THE TWO-PART KINGDOM - When Yahweh said in the Garden of Eden that it was not good for the man to be alone, this was a paramount message regarding the masculine body of Christ: it is not good for the body of Christ to be alone, and needs a creation "corresponding to" it. This original statement and Garden of God setting brings great insight into Yahweh's plan for the kingdom of God, the body of Christ, and the much needed Bride. This message is a great way to learn a little about Gary Naler and to be introduced to the teachings here.

#2. THE TWO REMNANT - The Bible is filled with evidences that Yahshua's bride is formed by the two outpourings of Yahweh's Spirit – the former rain and the latter rain. And each of these testimonies provide ever-revealing truths regarding the qualities, characteristics, and identities of these two works. This message provides an excellent description of the two-part Remnant Bride.

#3. THE FIRE OF CHRISTIANITY - There are numerous evidences that identify Christianity with fire. Why? Answering this question provides a great deal towards understanding what Christianity is and how it fits into Yahweh's overall plan for His kingdom. In this message Gary considers Yahweh's duration for the church, including examining Zechariah 13 where He said that He would cause two parts of His sheep to die, and take the third part through the fire. With 2,000 years of Christianity completed wherein Christians have all died, we see the fulfillment of this prophecy; raising the question as to the significance of why specifically 2,000 swine likewise went to their own deaths upon Satan's entrance into them.

#4. CHRISTIANITY IN THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK - Both Moses and Jeremiah received important instruction from Yahweh concerning hiding someone or something "in the cleft of the rock." Gary examines in a most revealing way what this means for Christianity via its unique place in the church. Also, he takes a sober look at the comparison of Christianity with Mystery Babylon, yet finds in this comparison a great point of hope for Christians. Furthermore, even as Yahweh took a bride out of Adam, so we read the same call to the Bride that is in Mystery Babylon – "Come out of her, My people!"

#5. THE ELIJAH/THE BRIDE - What do Elijah and Yahshua's bride have in common? The answer to this question is most revealing and encouraging. While Christians anticipate wrath at Yahshua's return, the Old Testament closes in the book of Malachi with this statement – the days of Yahshua's return will be "great and terrible" unless He sends Elijah! It is most important that we today know who Elijah is and what is his ministry and his purpose. In this message, you will discover both of these.

#6. WHAT NOW? - With Yahshua's return anticipated by so many, one should ask the sincere question as to what must precede His return. This is of course the Elijah work that must prepare His way. But equally, there must be a latter rain, the former having already taken place beginning on the day of Pentecost. Both Elijah, as well as the latter rain, are evidenced by the eastern gate in Ezekiel's temple vision where the Prince enters and from which water from the temple flows. Great insight concerning the second Remnant and what must take place today can be gained by listening to this most important closing message.