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The Trinity of the Godhead is the Father, whom we call Yahweh; the Son, whom we call Yahshua; and the Holy Spirit.  The Son is the manifestation of the Father to mankind.  (Thus we find that many other trinities exist in God’s creation.)





Yahshua is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life without sin, and gave His life up for the sins of all mankind.



As that sacrifice for the sins of all mankind, He will draw all men to Himself, and in time restore all mankind.


      Seedtime and Harvest

      Resurrection and Judgment

      The Waltz of Life



Through the vow of the Nazirite and His death, Yahshua restored the Garden, providing the kingdom of heaven to man.  He died, was in the grave for three days and three nights, resurrected back into His earthly body, was carried up into heaven, and after eight days returned in His heavenly-born body and gave the restored kingdom to man.


      The Nazirite Vow

      Resurrection and Judgment



Hell is not a literal place of eternal or even temporary punishment, but is experienced while on this earth in our earthly body.  One thus does not die and then go to heaven or hell, but upon death men sleep (their spirit returning to God) until their resurrection back into that earthly body, just as Yahshua evidenced.



      Resurrection and Judgment



The church is a two-part work:  the Body of Christ and the Bride, the Adam and the Eve that comes out of the Adam.  The design and order of the church is in fact a covenant like unto Genesis 15 that God makes with man, whereby the masculine Body of Christ passes between the split Bride—or first Remnant, Christianity, and finally second Remnant.


      Thinking Governmentally, Part 2 (video)

      The 3,000-Year Period of the Church

      “The Church—The Priesthood of Judah”

      The Tale of Two Pillars



The ultimate purpose of God regarding man is for all men to follow in the way prepared by Yahshua and, each in their own order, be carried up into heaven by the angels while in an earthly body and there be born from above into an immortal, incorruptible body.


      Resurrection and Judgment



This catching up will be by two resurrections and three separate ascensions, the latter being:  first the Bride, which is the holy of holies; then later the Body, which is the holy place; and finally the nations, which are the court.  These three will fulfill the restoration of all mankind.


      Resurrection and Judgment



The abomination of desolation and great tribulation have been taking place in the kingdom of heaven for 2,000 years, initiated when the apostles stood in the place of the Holy One and cast lots for a replacement for Judas.  (Christianity’s end-time wrath and antichrist teachings are all error.)


      The Great Tribulation



The church for 2,000 years has been entirely leavened and corrupted, and is regarded by God as being worthless.


      “Leavened and corrupted”

o   “Passover and Pentecost”



o   “Hidden in the Cleft”

o   Thinking Governmentally, Part 1



When Yahshua left and returned to heaven, the covering He afforded the church was thereupon removed and was replaced by the substitutionary covering, Satan, who as the god and ruler of this world has been the surrogate head of the church.  But, his headship and covering is only temporary and will be restored to Immanuel.


      The Messenger



The church was supposed to receive a ministry period of 3,000 years, and thereupon rest on its sabbath on the eighth day (its “Sunday”).  But, because of its corruption and failure, those days have to be cut short to 2,000 years and Immanuel return and perform on the seventh day what they would otherwise wholly fail to perform.  It is by the Elijah and through the elect those days are cut short.


      The 3,000-Year Church Period

      “The Fulfilling Bride”



On this seventh day, Immanuel must labor on the sabbath and will set up His kingdom, as He rules and reigns over this earth with His Bride, those who are the first to enter into their born-from-above bodies.


      “The Patterns”

      “Creation’s Jubilee Week”



After the Millennial Reign, and Satan having been released for a short time, the second resurrection will take place and all of the dead from Adam to that time will come out of the graves and the great white throne judgment will begin.  The lake of fire that follows is for purification, and will begin the process of purifying men so that they might learn righteousness, preparing them for their own catching up into heaven.


      Resurrection and Judgment



Thirteen thousand year timeline of these events:




Click here for a complete description of these events.


The promised Elijah is a man chosen by God for the purpose of preparing the way for the coming of Immanuel.  In this role, he purifies the Bride so as to make her ready for her marriage to Immanuel.  His office is that of the twelfth apostle that was vacated by Judas and has been occupied by Satan since his death.  That office is then passed to the latter-day fulfilling Elijah.


      When Elijah Comes

      The Messenger



The former twelve apostles chosen by Yahshua (along with the latter day Elijah) are twelve of the twenty-four elders who sit around the throne of Immanuel.  Twelve latter-day apostles will complete the twenty-four.


      The Twenty-four Elders  (A comprehensive study compiled from other writings here.)



The responsibility and right to teach and govern lies with the man alone, and the woman is to be the helper.


      Let the Woman Keep Silent

      Male and Female: The Pattern of God and His Creation

      The Curse On the Woman



The feasts and ceremonial laws of the Old Testament are a shadow of the spiritual and do not fulfill that which man needs.  Though being touch points for the benefit of intercession, they are not obligated and in fact can become distractions if not seen for what they are.



Marriage is a covenant consummated by intimacy, and cannot be annulled except by infidelity.  Intimacy outside of marriage is sin.


      Divorce and Remarriage

      Marriage, Music, and the Curse of 1920



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