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Following are a few questions we get from time to time that you may be wondering about as well. If you don't see the question here that puzzles you, then e-mail us.

What is this Remnant? What is the body of Christ? What is the kingdom of God? What is the Elijah work?

The answers to these questions can best be gained by going to our audio section where you will find six twenty minute audios that address these questions and more - click here.

Who is Gary Naler?

When someone wrote Gary asking this question, he responded in an e-mail which you can read by clicking here.

Can't this Remnant that comes out from the body of Christ include some of those who are now sleeping?

This has been a common thought for those who have recognized that a bride must come out of the body; but Yahweh's fourth dimension of time prevents this, establishing a clear distinction between the body and the bride - click here.

The church was supposed to receive 3,000 years of time for its ministry. Where do we find this, and how will that time actually be administered?

This is a topic that often comes up in these writings, but is never so clearly presented as we find here. This is a most important matter in understanding where we are in Yahweh's time scheduled. The answer to this can be read by clicking here.

What can you tell me about this matter of hell not being an eternal place of punishment?

Gary does not write on this subject, but this is a clear and important truth. To help address this matter, we are providing some writings from J. Preston Eby’s The Savior of the World series- click here.

What must I do to be a part of the Remnant Bride?

The answer to this very important question is addressed here in a shortened form, as well as in more complete writings. Click here and you can read the shortened answer; but after reading this, it is highly suggested that you read the much more comprehensive writings that follow.

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