On October 16-17, 2005, the Remnant Bride held for the first time ever a feast in the third-part Millennial period on the new Millennial calendar (Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920, page 4), the Feast of Trumpets.  This was remarkably significant, as you will now see! 


Only days before the gathering, Mr. Carroll Sanders asked me what we could expect to take place.  I had no idea, nor did we have a specific agenda.  All we knew to do at that time was to gather, acknowledging that Yahweh was clearly doing something, evidenced by the incredible things that had taken place and been revealed in the days leading up to this as presented in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920. 


But I did tell Carroll what I hoped would take place, something that I saw as being critical before the Tabernacles Pentecost test of Carmel on December 25-26.  In order for Yahweh to pour out the water of His Spirit, even as the water was poured out on the altar set up by Elijah, I saw the necessity that the twelve apostles must first be established; and this is precisely what Yahweh did at this Trumpets gathering!  Even as Elijah laid twelve stones to build the altar of Yahweh (1 Kings 18:31), so He Himself, through a man, established the twelve latter rain apostles that complete the twenty-four elders who sit around the throne, and He did so with the most incredible intercessoral testimony, as you will see!  Let us consider all that took place during this pivotal feast, including some extremely important intercessions.


It is noted in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920 that men do not recognize the tremendous relevance and significance of the Curse of 1920.  In the writing, He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, page 3, we read the following vital truth:


Christians are essentially content and cannot stop the murder of millions of babies each year because of a problem that they themselves began and even unknowingly promote.  They know nothing about the Curse of 1920, and are complacently unwilling to do that which is required to stop it.  Only a Phinehas can stop it.  The curse that is on the church is for a different reason.  As was the problem in the days of Phinehas, it is the worship of Baal of Peor, the broad way.  Only recently has Yahweh shown the Bride the Curse of 1920, and it is evident that this is the Midianite woman that needs to be destroyed in order to stop the larger curse.  Though the cause of the curse here in Numbers 25 was created by the daughters of Moab, it was ended by slaying a daughter of Midian.  Equally, though the cause of the curse on the church may be the broad way of Baal of Peor, it is evidenced here that the Bride’s zeal per the curse of the Midian, the Curse of 1920, can stop the larger and seeming unrelated curse at large.  This is evidently why Yahweh showed the Bride this truth regarding the Curse of 1920.  Of all the things that are taking place around us at this time, it is this curse that is having the greatest devastation and destruction of all.  It is this curse that this Phinehas wants most to see dealt a death blow.  It appears that if we can stop this curse, we can stop the death that has been caused by the church’s continual propensity to go the broad way, the way of Baal of Peor (emphasis added).


Yahweh has opened the eyes of the Bride to many wonderful and vital truths, and the Curse of 1920 and its reversal is exceptionally important, as you will now further see.


When people began to contact me and make plans and commitments to come for Trumpets, something began developing that was unmistakable.  Two black men were coming, as well as two women.  Two is the number of witness, and it was evident that Yahweh was setting forth a testimony, a witness, relative to the Curse of 1920.  As presented in The Garden of God – Today, two major elements of that curse were the black man and the woman.  Read The Garden of God – Today to understand this.  What Yahweh might do per this, I did not know; but it was obvious something was developing.


Then on October 11, only four days before Trumpets, Yahweh opened my eyes to see the most incredible and exciting truths!  Carroll had called me that morning with some information I had asked him to look into.  What he found was that it was in fact the black man who was also responsible for baptizing the first Remnant into death.  In Acts 6:9f we read that some from the Synagogue of the Freedmen secretly induced men to bring false testimony against Stephen, and incited the people, the elders, and the scribes against him and have him drug before the Council, whereby he was stoned.  Who were the Synagogue of the Freedmen?  They were former slaves from Africa (Cyrenians and Alexandrians) and some from Cilicia (where Paul was from) and Asians, who had obtained their freedom.


You will recall that, very significantly, it was Simon of Cyrene, a black man from Africa, whom the Romans “laid hold of,” and he was “pressed into service to bear” Yahshua’s cross (Matthew 27:32, Mark 15:21, Luke 23:26).  Why did this happen?  Because of prophecy, because the black man is cursed, and as such is a prophetic type of Christianity, which is equally cursed.  Simon of Cyrene was “laid hold of” and “pressed into service to bear” Yahshua’s cross, because cursed Christianity would be “laid hold of” and “pressed into service to bear” Yahshua’s cross.


But the curse per the black man goes back even further than the testimony here of the curse that was effected when the Synagogue of the Freedmen brought the death of the first Remnant.  That curse goes all the way back to when Ham exposed the nakedness of Noah, whereby a curse was placed upon Canaan, and really upon all black men.  As noted in The Garden of God – Today, clearly the descendants of Ham settled Africa, a cursed continent.  Furthermore, we once again saw the evidence of this curse and the black man’s representation of Christianity in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans (read Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920).


That curse per the black man and the Canaanite is highly relevant to the Curse of 1920 as well.  As we have seen, not only was he a part of women’s rebellion and brought forth cursed jazz music, but the origin of the curse goes back to when the father of faith, Abraham, married a cursed Canaanite, Keturah.  Nine periods of cursed time later (or 9 x 414 years), the Curse of 1920 began. 


After talking to Carroll, I began to see how the black man had been used so extensively as a curse – the initiating act of Ham, the Canaanites, the enslavement of the sons of Israel, the death of the first Remnant, and the Curse of 1920 – and began to consider that when these two black men came, we should have a time when they as representatives would ask forgiveness for their actions on behalf of all black men, going all the way back to Ham, with the hope of reversing the curse that has been on them.


As that consideration came into my thoughts, it had not even fully unfolded when suddenly I began to sense the depth and vastness of this!  I had touched something that was incredibly significant!  It was so overwhelming that I began to gasp for air and pace about, literally overwhelmed at its awesomeness!  Continuing to pace about, I went to the couch to kneel down in an effort to find relief, but there was none.  Rising quickly, I continued to pace about, gasping deeply in proportion to the incredible vastness of that which I had just touched, until finally it subsided.  Most certainly, there was something of unfathomable significance that would take place if we did this.


I called Kyle Nixon to tell him what I had experienced, and knew that with the two black men and the two women who were coming, we were in a legal position to reverse the Curse of 1920!  There would need to be a time when the two black men and the two women would confess on behalf of all blacks and all women their part in the Curse of 1920, even going all the way back to Ham and the garden of Eden, and ask for forgiveness.


As Kyle and I talked, he pointed out that per the seven men who were set apart by the apostles to wait tables (which they themselves should have done), the last man listed was a proselyte from Antioch whose name was Nicholas (Acts 6:5).  Kyle’s last name is Nixon, which is actually “Nich son,” or “son of Nicholas.”  Nicholas means “people of victory.”  When he told me this, the windows of heaven opened once again and I further saw precisely what had to take place at Trumpets and why, this time regarding the church. 


Yahweh is government, He is law, He is legal, and if we are to reverse the curse that has been on the church, it is very significant to note that there is both a legal origin of that curse, and thereby a specific legal way in which it can be reversed.  This is precisely what Yahshua knew and accomplished.  He knew that in order to reverse the curse that had occurred in the original garden, He had to intercessorally return to that garden and fix the problem there.  Thus, He took the vow of the Nazirite that legally placed Him in the garden, then went to a garden to pray, and after asking three times that the cup would pass from Him and three times denying it, drank from the cup and thereby took upon Himself all the sins of man from the garden onward.  Therefore, when He rose from the grave and ascended to the tent of meeting, by passing through eight days of purification, Yahshua cleansed the garden of God and afforded the restored kingdom to man.  And He accomplished all of this legally and intercessorally!  And this was exactly what had to happen per the Curse of 1920 and the curse on the church.


So, very importantly - When and from what legal event did the curse come upon the church?  There are numerous testimonies to this curse, but one clear testimony is when the apostles established the seven men in their place to do what they should have done (Acts 6:1-6).  Again, seven is the mark of the beast, and with that action they legally corrupted the church, bringing a curse upon it.  Evidencing this, immediately afterwards we see the Synagogue of the Freedmen turning Stephen over to the Council to be stoned and the disbursement of the first Remnant out of Jerusalem.  Even as the sons of Israel were taken by force from Jerusalem to Babylon, so by this act of setting up the mark-of-the-beast seven, the church was taken by force from Jerusalem to mystery Babylon, Christianity.


So, now knowing the cause of this curse, and that Yahweh also affords legal solutions to a curse, how could we then intercessorally go back and fix this?  Simple!  What did Yahweh teach us in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920?  In order to reverse the curse of the seven, all you have to do is add the eighth!  Explaining this to Kyle, I then asked him – Will you be the eighth man to be added to the original seven?  “If you ask me,” was his reply.  So, I asked him, and he accepted.  Thus, all we legally had to do to reverse the curse on the church that was caused by establishing the seven, was to add the critical eighth!  And that we would indeed do!


But it is vital to note here that not just anybody could place a man in that position.  The original eleven performed that initial act, and the only one who could legally add an eighth would have to be one from their number!  Thus we see once again why Yahweh had to preserve the office of the twelfth apostle for today.  He first gave that office to a man, Judas; but as clearly stated by Yahshua (John 6:70), that office went to Satan, who, very importantly, kept it viable to this day, whereupon it has now been given back to a man (The Twenty-four Elders).  Thus, that man has all the authority of the original eleven, and can rightfully add the critical eighth, and thereby reverse the curse! 


Later, David Shepherd added even greater relevance to this by pointing out that this act was the fulfillment of “the key of David” spoken of in Revelation 3:7 and Isaiah 22:22.  In 1 Chronicles 2:15 we read that David was the seventh son of Jesse; but when Samuel went to anoint a new king in place of Saul, 1 Samuel 16:10 tells us that seven sons of Jesse were brought before Samuel, and David was the critical and removed eighth!  Once again we find a very important and highly revealing Bible contradiction riddle.


Were the mark-of-the-beast seven sons acceptable to Yahweh?  No more than mark-of-the-beast Christianity has been acceptable to Yahweh, and no more than the seven chosen by the original eleven were acceptable.  As Yahweh spoke to Samuel, so it is true with the mark-of-the-beast seven work:


“Do not look at his (Christianity’s)  appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but Yahweh looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).


Yahweh rejected the seven, even as He rejected Saul, and even as He has rejected Christianity.  But what then was the vital key here in this obvious riddle concerning David?  The critical necessity of adding the eighth!  Jesse had seven sons, but when it came time to reverse the curse of Saul, Yahweh of necessity added David, the eighth, and anointed him with the oil that was placed in Samuel’s “horn” (1 Samuel 16:1), even the horn of Trumpets that we were about to celebrate.


In Isaiah 22:15-23 (as addressed in The Soul, page 4), we see that the twelfth apostle who replaces Satan is given the promise by Yahweh:


“I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder;

When he opens no one will shut,

When he shuts no one will open.”


Of necessity, this is the authority this man has been given as the twelfth apostle.  The key of David has been placed on my shoulder.  In other words, via the office in which I stand, the governmental rights and authority have been given to me to both see the need for and perform the act of adding the critical eighth in order to reverse the curse on the church.  This is this key that opens a door that no one will shut, and shuts a door that no one will open. 


I have been given the key of David, and this is why Yahweh showed this man this critical governmental act whereby the curse can be reversed by adding Kyle “son of Nicholas” as the eighth!  Again, Kyle’s last name clearly attests to his place as the eighth – “son of Nicholas,” Nicholas being the seventh, a proselyte of Antioch where Christianity began.  (Is it any wonder that at Yahweh’s test of Carmel on December 25 there will be two Nicholas being presented?  Christianity will offer its Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, and the Bride will present forth its “son of Nicholas,” Kyle Nixon, the eighth.  Which one will be accepted by Yahweh?)


Thus our Trumpets work was being set before us.  We would reverse the Curse of 1920 by the two black men and the two women confessing their parts in that curse and asking forgiveness, and we would reverse the curse on the church by adding the critical eighth to the seven originally set forth by the first apostles.  But there was still more to learn before that pivotal day.


The day before others were to arrive, or October 14, Brendan, Cary, his daughter, Kim, Carroll, and Russ had come early and we went for a walk around a local lake.  I would need to talk to each individual involved in this intercession; and not really knowing some of them, I did not know what their responses would be.  If any one of them rejected taking part in this, it would terminate the entire intercession. 


I asked permission to talk with Kim, and as we walked around the lake, Kim and I lingered behind the other men.  As we went along, I explained the intercession that was unfolding and asked her if she would be willing to represent all women and to repent on their behalf.  Kim agreed, and even sensed beforehand that something like this was unfolding.  Just before the trip she had actually been rereading The Garden of God – Today.  So, Kim’s agreement made half of one part in this intercession possible.


At a resting place, Kim and Cary returned back to the car while Brendan, Russ, Carroll, and I continued our walk around the lake.  As we entered the final course, Brendan spoke up that there was a third part to this curse.  When he said this, my mind began searching for that third part, three certainly being a complete number.  He began telling me of what he was seeing, but I could not hear him.  Instead my mind was awhirl with what I was considering.  I asked him to repeat what he said, but still I only heard sounds.  Having to interrupt him a second time, I began to explain the critical third part of this Curse and how it too had to be reversed.


When the controversy regarding Terri Schiavo and her murderous death was taking place, I began a writing titled Terri Schiavo and the Curse of 1920 – Where modern-day euthanasia came from, and where it is taking us!  I never completed that writing, waiting instead for Yahweh to provide more truth and relevance pertaining to it.  What we find is that euthanasia as we know it today, and to a great extent abortion as well, began in 1920 with the publication of a book by two German doctors – Dr. Karl Binding, a lawyer, who was a Professor of Law and Doctor of Philosophy, and Dr. Alfred Hoche, who was a Doctor of Medicine and Psychiatrist.  The book had the ominous title – The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life.


This philosophy of death controversially made its way into the medical community in Germany, and when Hitler came to power in 1933, the foundation had already been laid among doctors and nurses that, as proponents of this 1920 curse, afforded the murder of 6 million Jews and 12 million other “undesirables.”  Today, nearly 50 million children are murdered each year by the medical community that is continuing to operate under the Curse of 1920 that Hitler perfected, and euthanasia is ever increasing, evidenced by what happened to Terri Schiavo.  To demonstrate just one small faction of the cruelty of this curse, a picture is worth a thousand words.





Already we had the testimony of the reverse of the Curse of 1920 per Yahweh providing two black men and two women.  But what about this third part that clearly was a substantial part of the Curse – the grievous guilt of the medical community.  Who could legally stand in the place with these other four to confess the sins of doctors as well and ask Yahweh to reverse the Curse of 1920?  They had to be a doctor.  The answer was in the man who noted there had to be a third part – Dr. Brendan McElroy!  Brendan is a medical doctor in an emergency room on Long Island.  Thus, Yahweh had wondrously provided intercessors for all three parts of the guilt of the Curse of 1920 – the black man, the woman, and the doctor! 


But there was another pair of men gathering here for Trumpets that would, of necessity, play a part in this repentance as well – two pastors.  In Jeremiah 23:1-4, 25:34-36, and Ezekiel 34:1-10 we read of Yahweh’s great indignation against pastors/shepherds.  For 2,000 years pastors have fleeced the sheep and fed them dung, the word of God processed by the flesh.  They have been Judas Iscariots, or Judas “men of hire.”  Intentionally or unintentionally they have destroyed and scattered the sheep and driven them away from truth and have not healed them.  These two pastors whom Yahweh sent here for this time of repentance would equally confess all the sins of pastors and ask for forgiveness.


Thus the scene was set for the Trumpets repentance – two black men, two women, two pastors, and a doctor, for a total of seven!  Herein Yahweh once again attested to the curse that has been on man, the mark of the beast, the illegal shortfall number seven that demands an eighth.  (And actually, the reality of this was not even recognized until the Trumpets intercession was over.)


The morning of Trumpets, October 16, I went on a walk with the other woman, Linda, and her brother, Eric, who had invited Linda to come, the man whom Yahweh is using to reveal His Millennial calendar.  I did not know Linda at all, and was anxious when I told her about the Curse of 1920 that began when women obtained the right to vote.  Eric had explained some of this to her, and I was quite relieved when she told me that she had actually never voted in her life, nor registered to vote.  It was something she did not believe in.  In this regard, she was actually a political virgin, even as Brendan had never participated in any abortions.  They were both spotless lambs in these regards.  Linda gratefully accepted the opportunity to stand in the place of all women as well and ask forgiveness for the sins of women abandoning their place. 


This made possible the testimony for women, as well as the two pastors, who both readily agreed the day before as we began to see what Yahweh was doing.  Of course Dr. McElroy readily agreed.  All that remained were the two black brothers, Stanley and Tommy.  My walk with them was next.


We took a long walk, for there was much to discuss regarding this.  Tommy had told me before that no one knew better the curse that was on the black man than the black man himself, and both of these brothers were very willing to stand in the place of all black men from Ham to today and ask forgiveness, and to ask that Yahweh would reverse the curse on the black man.  Thus, the complete intercessoral testimony was established!


It is important we add something here that is very likely a fulfillment of Scriptures at one level.  On the morning of the 14th, Carroll pointed out a truth that was to be an integral legal part of our confession and intercession.  The book of John speaks to the kingdom of heaven in the Millennial reign, and we find unique to it the account when Yahshua breathed on the disciples after He rose from the dead.  This is the very thing we had hoped for, as expressed in an e-mail sent out just prior to this gathering  – that Yahshua would breathe on us.  And He did!  But what was most striking, especially per what we were about to do, was what He said next.  In John 20:23 we read Yahshua’s unique subsequent statement:


“If you remit the sins of any, their sins have been remitted them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.”


Very importantly per this Trumpets intercession, we therefore knew that when we gathered to pray and ask for forgiveness, we would remit the sins of each one of these groups, and they would be remitted.


After lunch, we gathered to reverse the curses, not only the Curse of 1920, but the curse from the beginning of the church when the apostles established the seven.  And it was with great hope that we noted that one year prior equally on Trumpets per the Millennial calendar, the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in the most miraculous World Series win in baseball history, setting a World Series record of eight straight wins in one playoff year and reversing the curse they too had been under since 1920 when they sold Babe Ruth.  Now, exactly one year later, we were getting ready to accomplish intercessions that would reverse the Curse of 1920 and the curse on the church.


We began with what turned out to be a time of weeping and contrite humbling for the grievous sorrows that have been placed on man by these curses.  This was followed by Stanley and Tommy kneeling in the center of the room facing each other like unto the two covering cherubim on the mercy seat (though they did not know the reason for this at the time) and praying, asking for Yahweh’s forgiveness for the black man and confessing their sins and asking Him to reverse the curse that has been on them from Ham.  And thereupon we remitted those sins and they embraced.


Next Kim and Linda knelt in the middle of the room, likewise facing each other as two covering cherubim.  They too confessed the sins of all women for their part in the Curse of 1920 and asked forgiveness for all women in their shortfalls and sins as women, going all the way back to Eve.  And thereupon we remitted those sins and they too embraced.


Next the two pastors knelt in the middle of the room, likewise facing each other as two covering cherubim and they immediately embraced and humbly confessed and repented of all the sins of pastors.  And thereupon we remitted those sins, asking Yahweh to forgive them for they knew not what they were doing.


Then Dr. McElroy knelt in the center of the room.  I had decided beforehand that he would kneel alone, since there were none intercessorally qualified to legally represent that guilt, but by unction and unplanned I asked Kyle to kneel with him.  Only days before, Kyle had told me that he was responsible for the abortion of three children that he had conceived, for which he had grievously repented.  Thus we had the doctor, who represented those who perform the abortions and euthanasia, and one who had presented himself to them and requested their ill actions, and they too faced each other as two covering cherubim and humbly embraced in prayer.  These two men likewise asked for forgiveness, including prayers by Kyle for those who have performed acts of homosexuality and other like sins, as well as the part of rock and roll in the curse, as he was once involved in punk rock.  And thereupon we remitted those sins.


What was most striking about this, as we realized later, was that by asking Kyle to kneel with Brendan, who was the seventh, we actually added the all-important eighth, thereby reversing the curse, effecting that much needed legal testimony!


When these two men finished praying, I asked Kyle to remain there.  In 2000 Kyle had asked per an intercession for my daughter, Rebekah, (A Lesson From Intercession, page 8, last half) that I anoint him with oil.  I denied him this at that time, but knew it was now time to fulfill that request.  Based on the authority given to me as the twelfth apostle, as well as the right to use the key of David who was the eighth and was anointed with oil from the horn of Samuel, with tears I generously anointed Kyle with olive oil as the eighth man who was established to serve tables, legally reversing the curse on the church, and laid my hands upon him, offering Him to Yahweh.  The curse that was caused when the eleven established the seven, was reversed when the twelfth established the eighth.


And very significantly, Kyle was an apostle, something that was lacking with the first seven.  What the apostles should have carried out but did not, I installed an apostle to serve in that function.  And what this did as well was to afford two men the legal place with the first Remnant – myself as the twelfth apostle, and Kyle as the eighth man to serve tables.  Thus we now have a legal two-part link to the first Remnant.


What have we provided for the first Remnant?  As it is written in highly Remnant Hebrews, 11:40 – “because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they should not be made perfect.”  The first Remnant entirely needed the second Remnant to make perfect that which they began, for without us they are incomplete.  This is the fulfilling work Yahweh has performed following the 2,000 year breach in time that has been occupied by Satan-dominated Christianity.  Yahweh has done all of this by His hand, fulfilling His word, and completing His promise by adding the critical second part.  Praise be the name of Yahweh!


Thus we see as foreshadowed in John 20:22 and Acts 10:44-45, Yahshua breathed on us, reversing the curse, calling clean that which has been unclean, and as we will now see, establishing the latter rain twelve apostles.  He breathed on us, and these wondrous things were done!


Let us now consider what He performed in beginning the restoration of all things, effecting the Elijah work, doing once again that which He did in the beginning of the church, establishing the latter twelve apostles.  And, we will see the amazing and wonderful legal testimony He has effected in performing this vital work.



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