Prologue:  Man is compelled by his very nature to seek to bring order out of chaos and establish value.  Why do we play card games, but to establish order out of chaos and establish value.  Why do we plow and plant the land, mow our lawns, trim our hedges, wash our cars, clean our houses, and make our beds?  It is to bring order and value out of chaos.  Why does man establish government and clubs and civic groups?  To bring order and value out of chaos.  That is all this man is doing in this writing, except by looking at the seeming chaos of “nature,” which is an expression of Yahweh and His ways.  People always try to make sense of calamity, and all this man is compelled to do is to see Yahweh’s governmental testimonies in the seeming chaos of these storms.  Everything is governed; even hurricanes exist by virtue of natural laws, and there is a message and order even in these destructive storms.  Once again, Yahweh is speaking to us from a whirlwind (Job 38:1).

On October 16, 2003, I sent out an e-mail fully anticipating that the Red Sox would defeat the New York Yankees and go on to win the World Series.  As a testimony that the Curse of 1920 would be reversed, we fully anticipated that the Curse of the Bambino that came upon the Red Sox in 1920 would be reversed.  However with tremendous pain, that did not happen!  But what did happen was that the Red Sox came back the very next year and won the World Series against the Yankees in the most miraculous upset in baseball history!

And while 2004 was a year in which Yahweh brought forth this vivid testimony of reversing the Curse of 1920, it was also the year that He gave testimony that He would show mercy regarding that curse.  In the writing, The Wind and the Sea Obey Him, Hurricane Ivan (meaning, John) touched the rod (Florida), and at the eleventh hour turned away from New Orleans and struck Mobile, Alabama.  The terrible storm that everyone feared would submerge New Orleans did not happen in 2004; but like the Red Sox win, as we all now know, it too came the next year, 2005, and equally effected what it looked like would take place the year prior.

Of course what makes all this exceptionally noteworthy and relevant is not only the pattern that what looked like would occur in one year was delayed to the next, but that both of these testimonies related specifically to the exceptionally impacting Curse of 1920!

We have already noted that the Red Sox Curse of the Bambino was specifically related to 1920, and in Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996 and The Garden of God – Today we see that America came under the Curse of 1920 in part via Jazz music that began in New Orleans.  As Ivan approached New Orleans, knowing that that hurricane was a prophetic testimony of the second Remnant, I began to take hope that the message and intercession of that storm would be that Yahweh would strike at the root of this Curse, which must take place, and thus strike New Orleans.  But that testimony did not happen at that time.  Instead, Ivan, in the eleventh hour, changed course, skirted east of New Orleans, and wholly spared Sin City.  It thus fully appeared that Yahweh would have mercy on those who are afflicted by the curse, while Jeanne gave testimony of striking at the very depth of that root – Haiti – where New Orleans had its origins in voodoo.  But in an extraordinary event which we have now all witnessed, even as He delayed the reverse of the curse on the Red Sox until the next year, so He delayed the judgment on New Orleans until the next year as well.  So what is He saying in these? 

In both cases, the testimony relative to the Curse of 1920 was fulfilled one year later – the Red Sox win and the attesting judgment on New Orleans.  That which was to be, appeared as though it would happen, but failed; and after a year’s delay, did indeed happen, the former bringing our attention to the latter fulfillment.  The year preceding the fulfillment was like a foreshadowing wave that came, but broke up before it reached shore, bringing attention to that which was to come.  And in the case of New Orleans, it was in fact a literal wave, or waves.  Driven by Katrina’s 140 mile an hour winds, storm waves exceeded all previous records!

We will consider two more testimonies concerning this one year delay, which is indeed the purpose of this section; but before we do, we need to digress at some length on some matters.

People do not realize how significant the Curse of 1920 is.  It is like poison that is being put into the water supply, and instead of stopping the source of the poison, everyone futilely tries to treat the consequences of its death process.  It is the same as Moses or David calling for a physician to treat the dying, instead of seeking Yahweh for the source or cause of the plague or drought.  Rampant divorce, immorality, immodesty, the destruction of the family, confusion of the sexes, rebellion, the wholly destructive Women’s Rights Movement, destructive music, the unconscionable murder of our innocent children through abortion, and unchecked homosexuality are all symptoms of the Curse of 1920.  But instead of seeking to stop this curse, which up to now has not even been recognized (the only hope for its reversal), man has simply sought to deal with, to live in the shadow of, its ill consequences.  As pointed out in the writings on the Curse of 1920, the only way to stop its destructive impact is to strike at its root, and that is what was foreshadowed in Hurricane Katrina, as well as in Hurricane Jeanne.  (And we should add here, for it is equally relevant, that this is true per the curse that is on Christianity as well.  People do not see that a curse has been on the church per Satan as the twelfth apostle, and have equally done nothing about it.)

Let us now see and consider things that the casual, distracted, and uninformed observer will never see.  Why?  Because they lack essential understanding; and without understanding, true knowledge is impossible (Proverbs 14:6).  They do not even have eyes to see because they are in hades (to “not see”); they are blind and live in the darkness.  But it is in fact the “treasures of darkness” that Yahweh has given His Bride (Isaiah 45:3), and here are His treasures regarding Hurricane Katrina, the Curse of 1920, and the curse that has been on the church.

When Hurricane Ivan skirted New Orleans in 2004, sparing them of disaster, I concluded that Yahweh was having mercy, and obviously He did.  But when this threat was repeated the very next year, and even fulfilled, it was apparent He was saying something else, once again speaking from the whirlwind.  This would especially be true when He spoke so very clearly and dramatically the year prior through Florida’s five whirlwinds.  So what is the difference regarding Ivan and Katrina, and what is He saying?  Let him who has eyes to see and ears to hear understand.

In the writing, The Wind and the Sea Obey Him, we see two testimonies regarding the second Remnant – Ivan and Jeanne.  We will briefly review these five storms. 

Tropical Storm Bonnie revealed the first Remnant, while the next two hurricanes revealed breach Christianity – Charley and Frances.  Then the final two storms were our subject Jeanne and Ivan.  Very importantly, the only two storms to take the rod, to cross over Florida, were breach Christianity Charley and Frances.  Ivan and Jeanne, very significantly, did not take the rod, even though the forecasters were predicting that Ivan would hit the Keys and Jeanne would directly cross Florida.  Remember, it is Christianity that has the rod, and the Remnant are specifically told not to take the rod (The Sandals and the Staff).  Thus, each of these testimonies regarding the rod/Florida clearly followed the pattern of the church.

So per this all-important matter of the rod, what did we see testified regarding Katrina?  On Thursday, August 25, at 7:00 pm, Katrina made landfall on the southern part of the rod/Florida and crossed it!  Therefore, like Charley and Frances, Katrina took the rod!

What made this even more significant and telling, was on that same day I received a call from my oldest daughter, Christi, and she and Katheryn, my third daughter, wanted to take me up on an offer to take any of my family out to dinner just before I left town the following Monday in my move to Salem, Missouri.  Just as Katrina began to take the rod at 7:00 pm in Florida, on that same day equally at 7:00 pm in Washington state I met with my two daughters, and equally my Katheryn took the rod, the leadership of this family.

Katheryn’s nickname that I gave to her was Katter, or Katterina, which is essentially the same as Katrina.  I took them out to eat on the Puget Sound.  In fact, we were literally eating over the water, as the restaurant was built on a pier.  Our conversation eventually got around to our family situation.  This was the first time Katterina and I had talked about the matter of the separation of our family over two years prior, and she was resolute to justify their actions and reject my headship in this family, the very problem per the Curse of 1920 – the woman taking the rod.  Katterina chose to follow her own will.  It was in fact she who had urged my wife to leave me, and at that dinner validated their decision to reject me. 

What was supposed to have been a nice dinner with them before I left for Salem, turned out to be a difficult parting.  When I drove away I wondered if there was something I could have done that would have made the visit better; but the reality was that that dinner was an accurate representation of my family’s situation, and it was actually a most fitting parting – my family and I are divided, and they reject my role as the head of this family.  Thus, at the precise time that Katrina was taking the rod in Florida, my Katterina was taking the rod at the very opposite end of this nation in Washington state.  Remarkably, this was in fact the first and only time for me to sit down with Katheryn and discuss these things, and it happened to be at the very hour that Katrina was taking the rod in Florida!

The forecasters were predicting that Katrina would hit the Florida panhandle next, but it surprised everyone and stayed south until it took a direct bead on New Orleans.  With the unusually warm waters of the Gulf serving as jet fuel for the hurricane, Katrina escalated to an alarming category five storm; and with the delays over the Gulf was scheduled for landfall on Monday morning, August 29.  The last time Mississippi or Louisiana had experienced landfall from a storm near this magnitude was in 1969 with Hurricane Camille.  The year, 1969, is the mirror image of ’96, the year Yahweh had mercy and made cursed time into blessed time, and the year I married my bride.

Because of the concurrent visit I had with Katterina when Katrina took the rod of Florida, I was already very sensitive to what this hurricane might represent and speak.  Then, when it was going to make landfall at the very time that I would be pulling out of Washington for my move to Salem, my wonder was heightened all the more.  Furthermore, on August 30, 1994, we left our home in Texas to begin our life in Washington state.  Eleven years later, almost to the day, I was leaving Washington to move to Salem.  Echoing this significance, Katrina was in fact the eleventh hurricane of the year?

The news came that a low pressure system was going to steer Katrina slightly east of New Orleans, and it looked like, once again, Yahweh would testify to His mercy.  But there was one critical difference this time – Katrina took the rod!  While it was initially being reported that New Orleans had “dodged the bullet,” and indeed the worst of the strong winds were east of the city; even so, because of a record storm surge with water levels higher than a two-story building and storm waves cresting more than 50 feet above sea level, as well as the vast size of Katrina, and the backspin of the storm that generated waves from Lake Pontchartrain, highway 10 was knocked out, the levees protecting the city were breached, and 80% of New Orleans was submerged!  The disaster that New Orleans had always feared, came upon it! 

Yahweh struck at the root of the Curse of 1920 – New Orleans – where Jazz music began, the very fulfillment of a curse that goes all the way back to when the father of faith, Abraham, married a cursed Canaanite who gave birth to their first son, Zimran, whose name means “music.”  And as we note in Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996, the meanings of the names of the sons that followed told the rest of the foreboding story – “adversary,” followed by “contention” and “contention” or double contention, and concluded by “forsaking” and finally “sinking down into the mud.”  Thus, in 2004 Jeanne struck at the deepest part of the root of the Curse of 1920 – Haiti – while in 2005 Katrina struck at the root as well – New Orleans!

New Orleans is not called Sin City for no reason, and when the authorities were either overwhelmed or disheartened or gave into the mayhem themselves, the worst in that city came out that had been there all along.  Thugs took over the city with armed control and looting, even making it impossible for others to help the stranded and perishing.  More on this in page 3.

What did in type take place in New Orleans?  They experienced a rushing mighty wind and flood waters.  Does this not specifically describe an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, only per a natural testimony?  And what was the result of the former outpouring of the Holy Spirit?  Did it not likewise bring out the very worst in the religious community?  Equally, what took place in New Orleans, what took place in Judaism at the beginning of the church, will undoubtedly take place in Christianity – the latter rain will bring out the worst, that has been there all along.  Remember that Louisiana is the only state in the Union that has parishes instead of counties.

This man already knows the ill consequences of the Spirit being poured out.  Because of the Holy Spirit coming on me and revealing things that no man has ever seen before, the worst in Christianity came out.  Previously I truly had the perfect family.  My wife was the best wife a man could have.  She honored me in every way, trusting me as I sought to walk in Yahweh’s ways and to do His will.  As spoken of in 1 Peter 3:6, she was like a Sarah, who called her husband lord.  Likewise, my children honored me in every way, being quick to obey and each of us seeking to be set apart from this world.  But the floodwaters of the Spirit brought out things much to the contrary, things that had to have been there as well, insomuch that we are each brought forth in iniquity and conceived in sin (Psalm 51:5).  Per their relationship with me, my family has moved 180 degrees away from the way they used to be.  And not only do they violate the heritage wherein they were raised, they violate the Scriptures as well. 

So, I can personally relate that the outpouring of the Spirit will indeed bring out the worst in Christianity.  It happened in the Reformation, and it will undoubtedly happen in the true Reformation today.  In fact, not only do I see it happening in my home, but I see it happening in other similar situations as well – some leading to conflict, and some, unfortunately, leading to capitulation and compromise.  My wife’s pastor told me that he agreed with me “in principle” regarding the divine order of the family; but since he disagreed with me per other matters of the Scriptures (i.e., the Remnant Bride), he would not hold to those instructions per my family.  Thus he and others like him approved, supported, and facilitated the destruction of family government in my home, and even had my wife to take me to court, which the Scriptures equally forbid.

But why shouldn’t this happen, for this is the conflict that has gone on since the garden – weak easily deceived misplaced feminine mercy is in conflict with masculine law.  (Read The Conflict.)  On the personal level, it is the feminine soul in conflict with the masculine spirit. In the family, it is the wife (or children) in conflict with the husband.  On the nations level, it is the feminine Democrat party in conflict with the masculine Republican party.  If you follow US politics, this is one of the most revealing conflicts in many ways per this matter of the female in conflict with the male.  Again, it is the Curse of 1920!

This conflict is evidenced in the very first command to man and woman when they fell, having been led by the woman to do so.  To the woman Yahweh declared – “your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Genesis 3:16).  This is the weak easily deceived feminine soul that usurps that ordained authority and rules in Christianity and in the Democrats and in individuals and today in the home.  It is being easily deceived soul-oriented, following the mind, will, and emotions.

If you will watch the video on The Remnant Bride web site titled The Twenty-four Elders, or read Shelah and Clay of Spittle, page 3, you will see that the Millennial reign, in type, is when the sons of Israel crossed over into the promised land west of the Jordan.  This is where we are today – receiving that which was promised and begun 2,000 years ago.  In the video we note three things that differentiate the Millennial period from Christianity: 

(1)  The period of the rod ceases,

(2)  The sandals that did not wear out in the wilderness were taken off, and

(3)  Ruben, Gad, and half of Manasseh lead the way instead of Judah.

Regarding this third highly significant point, there is something else about this new leadership that is very relevant.  In Numbers 32:26 we see that Reuben, Gad, and half Manasseh, the new leaders of the sons of Israel who took the place of Judah, left their wives and little children behind, leading the way as men only.  This is most striking when we consider this matter of being easily deceived and following the feminine soul.  As the Remnant Bride enter into the Millennial reign, we cannot give ourselves over to weak feminine misplaced mercy (The Conflict), but must truly leave it behind.  We must instead give ourselves to masculine law and do that which we know is governmentally correct.

This matter of turning away from femininity is equally attested in Exodus 19:15 where we read Moses’ command regarding “the third day” (i.e., the Millennial reign) when Yahweh would come “down on Mount Sinai in the sight of all the people” (i.e., the return of Yahshua) – “Be ready for the third day; do not go near a woman.”  And furthermore, we read in Revelation 14:4 regarding the prophetic second Remnant 144,000 who indeed lead the way into the Millennial reign – “These are the ones who have not been defiled with women.”  Thus we see three clear testimonies that the Remnant Bride (and remember, which is also the Elijah) must not follow feminine ways.

Does this mean that women have no part whatsoever in the Bride?  No.  But it does mean that neither man nor woman, either in themselves or in another, can follow the weaker soul and not the governmentally superior spirit.  In order to lead the way into the Millennial reign, the feminine and little child in us must be left behind, we must not go near a woman, and we must not be defiled with weak feminine mercy.  Masculine law and truth must lead the way, and we do that which is governmentally right.

Having noted these matters, let us now add a third, and then a fourth, testimony to this issue of the one year delay.  This next example is very important. 

In the writing, 2003 Year-end Report, which was posted on December 6, 2003, the following was noted:

Also, we know that Abraham was born in 1948 from Adam, or 1,948 years from Adam, and that he entered into the promised land for the first time in 2003, or 2,003 years from Adam.  This is what we need – to enter into the promised land.  Also, 1,974 years and six months from Abraham’s birth, takes one to when John the Baptist began his ministry.  Then, 1,974 years and six months afterwards, brings one to Tabernacles, 2003.  Naturally, visually, it is obvious that nothing took place at that time, but it is nonetheless significant.

In July, 2004, the incredible writing, Shelah and Clay of Spittle, came out and we noted further on page 2 of that writing this matter regarding Tabernacles, 2003:

Once again, that which we were looking to take place in 2003 when we held all things in common, did not take place.  However, in page 4 we made the following conclusion:

Thus, taking all things into consideration, … we now see that the Remnant Bride entered into the Shelah Millennial period at Passover, 2004, where the Bride must gain the victory and the holy place body of Christ established in its rightful place.  Therefore, the Millennial reign began at Passover, 2004.

To understand why this conclusion was evident, one should read pages 2-4 of that writing.  But the point here is that we see a MOST interesting testimony once again of Yahweh delaying by one year His fulfillment – our entrance into the Shelah Millennial reign!

Yahweh has brought into our lives each of these specific testimonies affording one year delays, essentially placing them into our lap, in order to note something obviously very important and significant.  Who would have known that our proclaimed anticipation in 2003 for the Red Sox win would be fulfilled the next year?  And who could have possibly known that our anticipation regarding Ivan per New Orleans in 2004 would equally be delayed to the following year?  And why was it that what we publicly anticipated in 2003 per the testimony of Abraham entering into the promised land equally in 2003, would likewise be delayed one year to 2004?  Once again, Yahweh was clearly doing a work here, one that we could not really see until He had passed by and we saw His back.

But this is not all, for there is yet a fourth testimony per this one year delay.  On page 4 of The Wind and the Sea Obey Him, we read of another revealing and confirming like testimony:

We have already noted that the promise to enter into the Millennial reign was to have been fulfilled in 2003, but was delayed until the next year in 2004.  Actually, this is identical to what happened ten years earlier.  We see that the 120 Jubilees ended in 1993, and the flood should have come.  But the floods and the glory that came that year were the Great Flood of 1993 (where 50 people died, the number of Pentecost), and before that the record snow of the Superstorm of 1993.  Instead of an outpouring of the Spirit in 1993, it was delayed until 1994 when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon this man and began revealing the marvelous truths that you are reading today.  Therefore, we see that what happened in 1993 and 1994 was repeated – that which was supposed to have happened in 2003, was equally delayed until 2004.  In each case, that which was to come in the year of promise, was delayed one year.  Thus, what He did in ’93 and ’94, He did in ’03 and ’04. 

And from this we concluded:

Red speaks of death; but not a death that has no end, but death that has a promise.  It is the scarlet thread that was tied around Zerah’s hand; but that hand then went into the womb again – death – and his brother, the breach, was born.  Then afterwards Zerah was born with the scarlet thread.  Thus the scarlet thread was a death for him and a delay that led later to life and birthright.

Without belaboring this point, this is the death we had to experience in 2003 – Yahweh’s curse had to fall on us.  We had to become an intercessor for the body of Christ and suffer the pains of their failure.  And the only way we could receive resurrection power, was to identify with Christianity in their death.  Therefore, all that we had hoped for and expected to take place, had to die.  The eighth year of the Bride, when we were expecting to experience our fulfillment, had to become our “red eight”!  And even as that card game so clearly attested, without that “red eight” Rebekah death, we could not receive victory and success over the mark of the beast.

This now brings us to addressing the question as to why all of these one year delays that seem so prevalent in such significant and highly relevant and even determining matters repeatedly took place.  Already we see here one very significant reason – the death principle.  This is likewise seen in the two birds of Leviticus 14:1-9 where the first bird is slain and the second is thereby released alive.  Yahweh repeatedly works this principle in our lives.  Paul described this same principle in this way – “That which you sow does not come to life unless it dies” (1 Corinthians 15:36), and, “So death works in us, but life in you” (2 Corinthians 4:12). 

When we are aware of this death and can dramatically feel the loss, and even when we are not aware of the loss, Yahweh repeatedly works the principle of death in our lives.  He uses this governmentally in many ways and for many purposes.  For Yahweh, this governmentally sets up the same thing that He did with Abraham.  He could not give Abraham the son of promise until he suffered his own sign of death – the circumcision of his flesh.  Therefore, one reason Yahweh effected these one year delays is that the former anticipated fulfillment had to die first, and resurrect the next year.

Another reason for this death at the appointed time and the fulfillment coming the next year (or whenever it might come), is undoubtedly the principle of the divine overlap.  In previous writings we have seen the application of this principle, including in Ascending Alive, page 10.  By extending the fulfillment into the next period of time, Yahweh creates a divine overlap that seamlessly unites the former with the latter, ensuring salvation for all.

A third reason why Yahweh performs these delays is to test us with endurance and cause us to trust in Him and not in ourselves.  On this one important point we will digress at some length, beginning with a very revealing testimony that Yahweh only recently brought to our attention. 

An Elijah in my life, Kyle Nixon, told me that he had read Isaiah 44 and saw not only a type of the Remnant, but also a testimony of his own relationship with me.  Isaiah 44 begins – “But now listen, O Jacob My servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen.”  If one did not know better, it appears that Yahweh is speaking to two separate people – first Jacob, as well as Israel.  But we know in reality that both names are given to one man.  So what is being said here?

Kyle realized that he was a Jacob in relation to me, and I was an Israel.  Many times it is because of our own personal identity with the Scriptures, as Kyle experienced here, that we are able to understand them.  This is in fact the fruit of intercession/identification.  Thereby Kyle also saw that Jacob was in type the first Remnant, and Israel the second Remnant.  Yes, Jacob and Israel are one, though seemingly addressed here as two; and this is the same with the two Remnant.  While the first and second Remnant are indeed two works existing at two different times, in Yahweh’s view they are one work, separated by the breach of Christianity.  For our benefit, let us briefly consider a sampling of what Yahweh reveals here regarding these two-yet-one Remnant, as well as Christianity.  It is suggested however that you read all of Isaiah 44 for yourself.

Even as the two Remnant are clearly identified as the “two sons of fresh oil” in Zechariah 4, or the two works formed by the former and the latter rains of the Holy Spirit, so in verse 3 we read concerning these two works:

“For I will pour out water on the thirsty land

And streams on the dry ground;

I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring,

And My blessings on your descendants.”

And in verse 8 we read the very assuring promise:

“Do not tremble and do not be afraid;

Have I not long since announced it to you and declared it?

And you are My witnesses.”

Then the inevitable breach occurs.  From verses 9 through 20 we read about the breach of Christianity.  For example, verse 18 states concerning this work that is hidden in the breach with His hand over them so they cannot see:

They do not know, nor do they understand, for He has smeared over their eyes so that they cannot see and their hearts so that they cannot comprehend.

But then verses 21 through 28 appropriately pick up once again regarding the Remnant.  As an example of this, in verse 26 we read:

“Confirming the word of His servant,

And performing the purpose of His messengers.

It is I who says of Jerusalem, ‘She shall be inhabited!’

And of the cities of Judah, ‘They shall be built.’

And I will raise up her ruins.”

And for your information, Isaiah 44:28 and chapter 45 address the twelfth apostle who stands in the office of Yahshua.  Regarding him we read in verse 11:

“Thus says Yahweh, the holy One of Israel, and his Maker:

‘Ask me about the things to come concerning My sons,

And you shall appoint, command, or commission Me the work of My hands.’”

Yahweh is indeed giving this man the ability to see the things He is doing, to see His back, and it is most encouraging that He will give him authority as well, for it is much needed.  I would also suggest you read all of Isaiah 45.  Verse 13 also says:

“He will build My city, and will let My exiles go free (from mystery Babylon).”

But actually the reason this is pointed out here is per this third point regarding endurance, and therein we will now consider the meaning of the name “Israel,” the name identified with the second Remnant.  And very importantly, when was Jacob’s name changed to Israel?  What one event caused the change to the second Remnant identity?

While “Jacob” means “heel grabber or supplanter,” “Israel” means “God persists, perseveres.”  But there is more here than just God persevering, for that name was given to Jacob when he wrestled with “a man” all night and prevailed.  Thus he said to Jacob – “Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed” (Genesis 32:28).  Therefore, when Jacob strove with God and man for the blessing, he became second Remnant Israel.

This is certainly the case with the second Remnant thus far.  Since 1994 it has clearly been a case of striving with God and man for the essential blessing.  Thus, when the Red Sox lost in 2003, we were still there in 2004 to behold the salvation of Yahweh.  And when Ivan did not strike New Orleans as a testimony of dealing with the root of the Curse of 1920 in 2004, we were still there in 2005 to see Him accomplish that testimony.  And when we did not enter into the Shelah land of promise west of the Jordan in 2003, praise be to Yahweh we were still there in 2004 to receive His marvelous blessings of truth, to welcome Kyle Nixon’s return, and to enter that land. 

Thus the third reason for these delays is to prove the perseverance and endurance of the Israel second Remnant.  Even as it is written regarding the church at Philadelphia, the prophetic second Remnant, so it has been true per this Bride work – we have had to keep the word of His perseverance!  But herein also lies our hope and our promise – “Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell upon the earth” (Revelation 3:10).

And that which makes this perseverance even more difficult, is that we have done so as a smooth work – without the glory.  If there were signs and miracles following, it would make our walk easier.  But frankly, signs and wonders and miracles alone are not the evidence of truth.  In Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22 we are warned – “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect,” in other words, even the Remnant.  Yahshua further said that there would be those who prophesy in His name, and in His name cast out demons, and in His name perform many miracles, but to them He will declare – “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness” (Matthew 7:22-23).  The signs and wonders and miracles performed in Christianity do not prove that they have truth.

The signs and wonders and miracles the Bride can point to right now, are the affirming testimonies such as we see and address here, or when the Pool of Siloam was discovered at the identical time that Yahweh revealed to us that we had entered into the Siloam/Shelah Millennial period of the church, or the affirming testimony of Mount St Helens, or the highly prophetic Presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 when we accurately stated beforehand what the results had to be, or the equally forestated Iraq War wherein second Remnant Bush completed the work that first Remnant Bush began.  These and many other like testimonies are the things whereby we are strengthened and encouraged and therein take hope. 

But frankly, that wherein we take even greater hope is the soundness of this seamless garment of truth regarding the kingdom of God and the wonder of such marvelous truths as the two-part Remnant, the corruption of the kingdom by Christianity, the all-important Nazirite vow, the origin of the office of Elijah in the twelfth apostle, and the necessity of restoring the government that Yahshua set up when He came to this earth.  We are also encouraged that we see the truths set forth in modern-day parables, in movies such as Unbreakable or The Matrix or Pirates of the Caribbean and many others.  We are encouraged that Yahweh has given us understanding to know the meaning of His contradiction riddles.  And very importantly, we are encouraged that the fountain of revelation that began in 1994 has not ceased, but has been a well of living water that will not run dry.  And we are indeed encouraged that Yahweh has upheld us by His strength and according to His will, preserving some alive by miraculously delivering them from death.

And the latter gives us great gratitude and hope pertaining to the Proclamations of the Remnant of April 26, 1996, and certainly the Legal Transfer of the Office of the Twelfth Apostle of September 25, 2004, when we saw Yahweh set forth the string of events and promise from July 4 to July 25 to the Day of Atonement, September 25, when the Legal Transfer was signed.

These are just some of the reasons we endure, including the fact that Christianity has failed for 2,000 years, and we cannot trust in it.  The only hope for man today is for Yahweh to raise up the Elijah and restore all things, cutting Christianity’s days short to two and calling out His Remnant.  Christianity cannot reverse the Curse of 1920.  They are in fact a part of it, beginning it and perpetuating it in their churches.  They can neither tell the answers to the riddles that Yahweh has propounded, nor do they even know there are riddles.  Christianity is hidden in the cleft of the rock and is worthless (Jeremiah 13:1-7 and 1 Samuel 25:17, 25) and fruitless (Matthew 21:19), so how can we trust in it?

I for one, and I am not alone, would rather look to Yahweh to perform a new work, to do a new thing, to make a new wineskin, even if I am to fail in seeking that work.  Christianity has failed, Satan is its head, so there must be something to replace it; and the ONLY hope I see is a Remnant Bride.  In this work will I take confidence today, no matter how small or weak we are, and will persevere as Yahweh affords us His enduring strength!  Remember, it only takes “faith as a mustard seed” to move the mount of transfiguration, and the way that leads to life is narrow and few are those who find it, and only Zoar, meaning “little,” was delivered when fire fell on Sodom and consumed it (the third part of the church).  Why then should we trust in the giant Goliath that is certain to fall?  I instead seek to be a part of the critical and effectual mustard seed. 

Thus we complete our consideration of this important quality of endurance; and to summarize this matter of the one year delay, we note:

But having said all of this, there yet remains a great puzzle in this matter of these repeated one year delays.  The question still arises – If all of these are fulfilled one year later, is Yahweh modifying time by one year?  The answer to this question we did not know at the time this section and much of this writing was written.  All we knew was that we saw a consistent change in time by one year.  Then even as this writer openly admitted to not knowing the answer to this question and resolving that we would just have to wait, the answer came!  The best is yet before you!

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