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It has been stated in these writings that the second Remnant is a Mary, an Elijah, that prepares the way for Yahshua.  This is true.  It was thought at the time of that writing that nine years of gestation from 1994 when the Spirit came upon this man, would mean the birth of Yahshua in 2003.  Everything of course pointed to this incredibly outstanding year.  It was also noted that six years after 1994, or at Passover, 2000, John leapt in the womb and the Remnant Bride first began.  However, what this man failed to recognize was the remarkable testimony that if in Passover, 2000, there was this outstanding leap of the Bride work, then it was not Yahshua who would be born, but John!  The fact that “John” leapt in the womb at six years, was evidence that he, John, would be born in 2003, not Yahshua.  Thus we find that Passover, 2003, marked the birth of the John, or the Elijah work, when the Bride came together for the first time under the covering of holding all things in common.

When this man realized that he had missed seeing this important distinction, I had a strong desire that someone would come and grill me on what we were considering at this time and ask the hard questions.  I told this to Kyle and Peter, but who could have the true insight into these matters to even be able to do this?  Then on June 21 (this was the week of the tenth anniversary that the Spirit had come upon me), that person showed up and began asking those very hard questions, questions like – If we entered into the Millennial reign at Tabernacles, 2003, then how was it that neither the sons of Israel were able to do so, nor the church per the stoning of Stephen?  Another hard question was – When the sons of Israel crossed into the land west of the Jordan at Passover, they were circumcised; so what circumcision has taken place? 

These two questions, as well as others, were indeed very difficult, and the one asking them knew exactly where to press for answers.  Who was the one who came and provided the grilling that was so much needed?  He was the only one who had enough insight to even ask these things; He was the Holy Spirit.  He asked the hard questions that caused me to turn to Peter and Kyle again and sound them to them.  He asked the hard questions that caused us to be honest with all the matters at hand and to dig deep in the well in order to find some answers.  Let us take this first question and address it.

The question was – If we entered into the Millennial reign at Tabernacles, 2003, then how was it that neither the sons of Israel were able to do so at that time, nor the church per the stoning of Stephen?  Based on the 1,974 years and six months testimony, Tabernacles, 2003, was the end of the church period as we have known it since John’s ministry began.  Let us look at Tabernacles with what we now know about the church and the promised land being the two-part temple, and gain some important insight.

When the sons of Israel came up to the wilderness of Paran a year and one-half after leaving Egypt, they did so at Tabernacles (read Passover, page 3).  Paran is located south of the promised land that is west of the Jordan.  Referring back to the map regarding the twelve tribes, they would have been southwest of the Salt Sea, an area actually not shown on this map, but this gives you an important perspective.


Since the promised land is a picture of the temple of Yahweh – the holy of holies Remnant east of the Jordan, and the holy place of Christianity west of the Jordan – it is dramatically significant that there is the testimony that the sons of Israel were not able to enter into the holy place west of the Jordan at Tabernacles.  Let us ask a very important question.  What would have happened to the church if there was not a Remnant?  The Remnant is the anchor of hope that enters within the veil (Hebrews 6:17-20), it becomes the vital covering of the body (which we will see more clearly here), and if Yahweh had made a church without the initiating and fulfilling works of the Remnant Bride, then it would have been a complete and total failure.  Thus we see precisely this testimony in the sons of Israel’s failed Tabernacles attempt to enter the land west of the Jordan without first establishing the Remnant work east of the Jordan.

With the continuing grilling of the Holy Spirit, another fallacy that was lingering in my mind was the idea that Christianity has been occupying the holy place.  The fact is, they have never occupied that place for the entire 2,000 years of the church.  While the land west of the Jordan is the holy place that indeed belongs to them, they have NEVER occupied it.  But instead, for forty Jubilees the church has been wandering in the wilderness.  This is the message of Hebrews 9:8 regarding the way into the holy of holies not being revealed while the holy place is still standing, and Leviticus 16:17 requiring that when the priest enters into the holy of holies, no one can be in the holy place, and is equally the testimony that we just considered regarding the failed attempt to enter the holy place land west of the Jordan before first establishing the holy of holies inheritance east of the Jordan. 

Thus we see that what Yahweh provides in testimony in Hebrews 9:8 and Leviticus 16:17, and what He provides in testimony regarding not allowing the holy place west of the Jordan to be occupied before entering the holy of holies place east of the Jordan, as well as the outcome of being sent into the wilderness for forty years, we know it to be a fact that the church has never occupied the holy place but has wandered in the wilderness for forty Jubilees.  Only now has the holy place been opened to the church, and will begin to be established in the Millennial reign Shelah period.  Obviously, this distinction is very important to realize. 

Christianity in fact had to go into the wilderness period for two governmental reasons.  First, because the holy of holies work of the Remnant was not finished, and thus the holy place work could not be occupied when that work was being entered into by the second Remnant.  Therefore, Stephen was stoned at Tabernacles and the church was sent into the forty Jubilee wilderness.  Again, there could be no one in the holy place when the second Remnant entered the holy of holies, so the church was not allowed to enter into its holy place at Tabernacles.

The second reason is equally important.  We have already noted that Yahweh has established the holy of holies work, as well as made provision for the holy place work.  But there was a third part to the temple as well, and that was the outer court.  While the church will occupy these two parts of the house per se, in Revelation 11:2 we read that the outer court belongs to the nations.  This is precisely what the wilderness represents – being sent out into the nations, leaving the holy place and going out into the outer court, and living among the nations, in the wilderness.  Thus the entire temple was walked out by the sons of Israel – the holy of holies east of the Jordan, the holy place west of the Jordan, and the outer court in the wilderness.  The outer court is thus the church period wherein “Jerusalem” becomes “Jebus,” the former name of Jerusalem, and means “trodden down or trodden under foot.”  The church becomes “Jebus,” being trodden under foot by the nations, even as revealed in Revelation 11:2 where the outer court is “tread under foot.”  But while Christianity’s wilderness journeys have meant a long period of depravity and blindness and being trodden under foot, these wilderness journeys do have a very important place in intercession.

It is true that in order to be able to deliver someone or a people, intercession first requires that one identify with them.  Christianity’s period in the wilderness of the outer court among the nations is just such a vital intercession/identification.  By sowing the church into the nations, Yahweh accomplishes the work of interceding for and, in time, saving the nations, providing for the establishment of the outer court in Yahweh’s heavenly kingdom upon this earth. 

Thus we see that by sending the church into the wilderness for forty Jubilees, Yahweh accomplished two things – He fulfilled the requirement that the holy place be vacated when the high priest enters into the holy of holies, and He secured a vital intercession for the nations of the earth and the establishment of the outer court.  Even as it is written in Proverbs 24:27, so Yahweh sent the church into the field, into the wilderness, to accomplish its work there, before actually building His house.

Prepare your work outside,

And make it ready for yourself in the field;

Afterwards, then build your house.

Having completed the forty Jubilee wilderness work, the work in the field, Yahweh is now building His house.  As has been noted, He has already established His holy of holies east of the Jordan (though in seed form only) with the establishment of the Remnant Bride; let us now see what He is doing and how He will accomplish establishing the holy place west of the Jordan as well.  Here we will answer the question as to when the church actually crossed into the holy place, the Shelah period of the Millennial reign.

The reason I had wanted someone to grill me on these vital issues, was specifically related to this matter of timing.  Yahweh uses timing in a most unusual way, altering and overlapping it in order to accomplish His works, to fulfill His laws, to fulfill prophecy, and to effect His grace.  With this awareness, this man could not assume what Yahweh might be doing, and had to have the Holy Spirit both asking the hard questions, as well as leading us to the truth, and He did!

The outstanding question was – Did we cross the Jordan into the Millennial reign Shelah holy place in Passover, 2003, when it was promised, or in Passover, 2004, which was the ninth year fulfillment?  (Read The Hope of the Remnant in 2004.)  There was no way for this man to noodle this to the right conclusion, because it could go either way.  In fact, I finally concluded that it was 2003 because that was the all important year for this to happen, and it was the year we held all things in common; but I was wrong.

In Passover, 2004, Yahweh used a movie, “Whale Rider,” to begin opening our eyes to all of the marvelous truths which have been revealed since that time.  He used something foolish so as to confound the wise.  This is His way, and once again He used something foolish to provide this very important understanding regarding this very important date.

On June 25, I took a break from writing and took my sister to the dentist.  On July 4, 1975, she had been in a car accident that killed the two who were in the car with her, and left her in a coma for two months.  She was never supposed to have come out of that coma; and if she did, they said she would be a vegetable.  There was far too much brain damage.  Yahweh performed a miracle, and she now lives completely on her own but cannot drive.

I took this writing with me and was proofreading it.  When I came to a stopping place, I put it down and just sat there for a moment.  Parallel parked, there was a car directly in front of me, and suddenly my eyes fell on the license plate.  The number was – “616 - FWB”!  Immediately I thought – What is the chance of that plate being the number of the mark of the beast?  So I asked Yahweh – Are you trying to tell me something?

As I sat there and pondered this, my eyes next fell on more information; the tags on the upper left and right corners showed an expiration date of “SEP, 2004.”  Now He really had my attention.  September, 2004, would be Tabernacles, 2004.  So here we had the 616 mark of the beast and Tabernacles, 2004!  When I pondered the “FWB,” I immediately considered that “FW” was an abbreviation for “forward.”  If you are thinking this is all foolish, I told you already it is; but if you want the wisdom that shames the wise, you accept the foolish that Yahweh uses.

I soon began to realize that the Holy Spirit was once again challenging me in my thinking.  I had concluded that 2003 was the important beginning of the Shelah period, but according to what I was receiving here in this most unusual way, 2004 was that year.

Later that evening I talked to Peter and Brendan, and I realized that the dates on the tags meant that the 616 tag expired in September, 2004, even as the church would expire on that date, given a one year delay from 2003.  And this was precisely the testimony we were shown anyway per the nine trips up Sinai – the eighth was the promise, but it had to die and not be fulfilled until the ninth.  Of course this was the Elijah fulfillment that was separate from the Moses experience.  And, this is of even greater significance now that we see so very clearly that Moses, or the Moses work, cannot enter into the holy land west of the Jordan.  Thus it is most fitting that we would not enter in on that eight-part Moses cycle either, but die instead, and then enter in on the separate ninth-part Elijah fulfillment – the ninth year, or 2004.

And as addressed in other writings here, we should also note that the number nine is the number of completion, the number of human gestation, and the number of the period in which Christianity will finally enter into their own immortal bodies and the two-part holy of holies and holy place temple will be complete – 9,000 years from Adam.  Therefore, it is quite fitting that the Bride equally entered into the Millennium with authority in the ninth year and not the eighth.

Thus, taking all things into consideration, including this most unusual testimony from the Holy Spirit, we now see that the Remnant Bride entered into the Shelah Millennial period at Passover, 2004, where the Bride must gain the victory and the holy place body of Christ established in its rightful place.  Therefore, the Millennial reign began at Passover, 2004.

This is a most wonderful thing to understand, and is clearly evidenced in a number of ways.  When mentioning this experience regarding the car tag to Kyle, he pointed out that the “FWB” evidently meant “forward beast,” since the 616 is the mark of the beast and that time had been forwarded so as to do away with the 616 beast.  The purpose of the second Remnant is clearly to complete that which the first Remnant began when bruising Satan’s head, and what Christianity has completely failed to accomplish – to utterly put an end to him.  As this is being written, it will be MOST interesting to see what Tabernacles, 2004, holds, either at the specific time, or simply afterwards.  Whatever it brings, if anything at all, we now know that it means the final end of the church as we have known it for 2,000 years.  Yahweh in His mercy has thus given the church a ten year delay from 1993, and even another one year delay in addition.  As it is written – “Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” (Romans 2:4)  Yahweh has delayed His wrath and is having mercy, having cut the church’s days short, and will accomplish that which is most needed for the church and for all mankind.

We have already noted that the promise to enter into the Millennial reign was to have been fulfilled in 2003, but was delayed until the next year in 2004.  Actually, this is identical to what happened ten years earlier.  We see that the 120 Jubilees ended in 1993, and the flood should have come.  But the floods and the glory that came that year were the Great Flood of 1993 (where 50 people died, the number of Pentecost), and before that the record snow of the Superstorm of 1993.  Instead of an outpouring of the Spirit in 1993, it was delayed until 1994 when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon this man and began revealing the marvelous truths that you are reading today.  Therefore, we see that what happened in 1993 and 1994 was repeated – that which was supposed to have happened in 2003, was equally delayed until 2004.  In each case, that which was to come in the year of promise, was delayed one year.  Thus, what He did in ’93 and ’94, He did in ’03 and ’04.  And it is also worth noting that by having both of these delays, the ten year addition actually remains ten years in each case – the 1993 to 2003 promises that were delayed, and the 1994 to 2004 fulfillments, were both separated by ten years.  Let us now examine more closely why 2003 had to be a “failure.”  To explain this, again we will use a most unusual and foolish way that Yahweh used in order to speak to this man.

Yahweh often speaks to this man through a card game called Free Cell.  I cannot go into all the ways He has consistently done so, but I will share one with you that directly relates to this death and delay spoken of here. 

Before Kyle painfully broke away from me following Passover, 2002, (A Lesson From Intercession, page 10) he drove a cab that was “red eight.”  In fact, I came to even know him by that identity.  Following his separation from me, repeatedly I found myself needing a red eight in this card game in order to make needed progress, and it was never available.  It happened so often that I came to realize the obvious message that “red eight,” Kyle, was not available to me.  Then, at the beginning of 2004, when this change was about to take place in the kingdom of God, the red eight strangely started becoming available when I needed it; and it made me wonder if Kyle was coming back.  Sure enough, one week before Passover, Kyle came over and has been a critical part of this work and my life ever since. 

Two days before I began writing what I am sharing with you right now, I was playing Free Cell, and when I laid out the cards, I had three sevens in a row.  Three sevens, or 777, is the mark of the beast; and though I can win this game about nine out of ten times, all three times I have had 777, I have lost.  This now was the fourth time for me to have 777, and I thought surely I would not lose this time. 

The game was going very well, and it looked like I would finally win one with the mark of the beast 777 on it; but suddenly, it locked up and I could not play.  I lost again for the fourth time with the mark of the beast on the game.  But what made this most revealing and instructional was that the reason I lost, was because I could not get to the red eights that were stacked on top of each other towards the top of a row.  If I could have gotten to just one red eight, I would have won.  (As this was being written, once again I had a 777, and for the fifth time, to my amazement, I lost!  And, it was for the same reason – I could not get to the red eight!)

This was so significant that I actually left the cards out so that I would call Kyle the next day and tell him about it.  But the next morning when I saw those cards, it dawned on me that there was something else going on here that was far more than just a testimony regarding Kyle; there was something that was of a higher testimony; and when I realized this, I was shown what it was. 

In A Lesson From Intercession, page 8, we saw that the Rebekah work that had to be effected in this man that would give him the much needed victory, was the work of death to self and paying the price for others.  This is precisely that to which the “red eight” speaks; it is taking on the Rebekah identification where one proclaims with her – “your curse be on me.”

Red speaks of death; but not a death that has no end, but death that has a promise.  It is the scarlet thread that was tied around Zerah’s hand; but that hand then went into the womb again – death – and his brother, the breach, was born.  Then afterwards Zerah was born with the scarlet thread.  Thus the scarlet thread was a death for him and a delay that led later to life and birthright.

Without belaboring this point, this is the death we had to experience in 2003 – Yahweh’s curse had to fall on us.  We had to become an intercessor for the body of Christ and suffer the pains of their failure.  And the only way we could receive resurrection power, was to identify with Christianity in their death.  Therefore, all that we had hoped for and expected to take place, had to die.  The eighth year of the Bride, when we were expecting to experience our fulfillment, had to become our “red eight”!  And even as that card game so clearly attested, without that “red eight” Rebekah death, we could not receive victory and success over the mark of the beast.

We noted at the opening of this section that in 2000, John leapt in the womb, thus evidencing that he would be born in Passover, 2003.  What is a John?  It is a work that prepares the way for the promised One for whom one longingly awaits.  Such was our “red eight” experience in 2003.  It too prepared the way for the long awaited fulfillment that would follow in 2004. 

With the Remnant Bride entering into the holy place on Passover, 2004, where does this now leave Christianity?  Based on what we have seen, Tabernacles, 2003, should have been the end of the church period; however, with the work that Yahweh is affording through the Remnant Bride, this was extended to 2004.  Could Christianity enter into the holy of holies even by Tabernacles, 2004?  Clearly the answer is – no.

It is evident that even as the sons of Israel failed to enter into the holy place at Tabernacles, and in fulfillment of that picture, the church, at the stoning of Stephen, equally failed to enter into the promised holy place, causing them to spend forty Jubilees in the outer court wilderness, so now Christianity would once again fail.  This is the testimony of a Tabernacles entrance when attempted by flesh man.  The only way to enter into the promised land is through the holy of holies Remnant work.  In this regard, quite significantly and revealingly, when Hagar and Ishmael were cast out of Abraham’s house, they went into the wilderness of Paran and dwelled there (Genesis 21:21).  Thus, this very place where the sons of Israel attempted to enter into the promised land at Tabernacles and failed, was identified with the uncircumcised mixed flesh and Spirit Ishmael effort inherent with kingdom man.  What are the chances of entering the promised land under that testimony?  None!  And in like regard, what were/are the chances of Ishmael Christianity entering into the promised land apart from the holy of holies second Remnant?  Equally none!

Therefore, Yahweh has had to effect a work, though so very very weak as it has been in so many respects, that has entered into that land in order to preserve the church.  Yahweh has reckoned our feeble yet obedient works as faith and allowed us to enter into the holy place promised land.  We have been the little mustard seed faith that has moved the mountain of transfiguration 1,000 years forward so that we can experience now that which would have been a total failure and impossibility for the church 1,000 years from now.  We have been the little mustard seed faith that has cast the mulberry tree into the sea.  (Read The Love of Money, page 9.)

In previous writings we have noted the necessity and the plan of Yahweh that the Bride become the covering for the body.  Let us see more specifically how that covering is, even now, very importantly already being effected. 

The truths that you are reading here, and that are being attested to by Yahweh’s signs, are only being revealed to/by the Bride.  Christianity is completely and totally blind to what is taking place.  Just as Abraham was asleep when Yahweh came and made a covenant with him (Genesis 15:12-17), and as Adam was put to sleep when Eve was taken out, and even as the three slept when Yahshua stood on the mount of transfiguration with the two-part Remnant testimonies, so Christianity is sleeping while the Bride is being formed and this critical entrance into the holy place is taking place. 

And equally revealing, as pointed out earlier, the David body of Christ cannot build the house of Yahweh, but instead it will be built by one “who will come forth from you” – the Solomon Bride.  Christianity cannot build the house of Yahweh, but it will be built by the Remnant Bride.

At Passover, 2004, the church and the world entered into the Shelah Millennial reign.  Will Christianity be able to secure the holy place?  The answer to this at this time is categorically – No!  They are asleep and do not even know there is a land to take.  They are the David who are forbidden to build the house of Yahweh.  Who knows what is taking place spiritually in the kingdom of God?  The Remnant.  We have already experienced the waters of Siloam and our eyes have been opened.  Therefore, what Christianity is TOTALLY unable to either see or effect at this time, the Remnant Bride must begin to effect for them, thus becoming even now that vital covering for their own nakedness.

Do you see this?  This is a MOST important point to realize.  Right now we are already seeing the fulfillment of the Bride being that vital covering over the body.  As the fulfillment of Abraham, as the sun is setting on the church, the body is equally in “a deep sleep,” and “a terror of great darkness” has overcome it (Genesis 15:12).  And it is Yahweh’s intercessoral work of the Bride that is being and will be used to deliver them during this period in which they are to finally take the place that is reserved for them as the holy place.

This is why it is so critically important for the Bride to enter the Shelah period.  If we did not, Christianity would completely fail.  It is Yahweh’s work in and through the Bride that secures for Christianity that which for 2,000 years they have failed to effect.  As indicated in “Seedtime and harvest, …”, page 3, the Bride becomes the savior of the body.

Very briefly, let us mention one testimony regarding this intercession, as well as an evidence that the Bride does indeed have a legal right and responsibility for the church in the third part period.  First, we clearly find in Zechariah 4 that the two-part Remnant is identified with the olive tree, while Christianity is identified with the lampstand.  But in Revelation 11:4, the two witnesses, or the two Remnant, are identified as “the two olive trees and the two lampstands.”  So what gave the two-part Remnant the right to take on both of these identities?  The answer is precisely what we are considering here – the Remnant must become the covering for the body, to identify with the body, and carry out for the body that which thy cannot accomplish in their own helpless sleep state.

This authority is likewise seen in the riddle regarding the number of baths there were in Solomon’s sea.  Of course 1 Kings 7:26 tells us that there were 2,000 baths, while in contrast 2 Chronicles 4:5 tells us that there were 3,000!  So why the differences?  As addressed in The Key To Their Understanding, page 5, Kings reveals or speaks to the body of Christ, or Christianity, while Chronicles reveals or speaks to the Remnant.  Therefore, while Christianity is the two-loaf, 2,000 swine, 2,000 year, 2,000 bath period of the kingdom, it is the Remnant who receive the legal right to the third part of the kingdom, therefore they are identified with possessing that third part and thus the full measure of the kingdom, or 3,000 baths.  Thus we see two important and revealing testimonies regarding the third part Millennial period into which we have entered.

So what is it that secures for the Remnant this right to and the power for victory in this third-part work?  There are many answers to this question, and at this point in this writing we will address one that is most important.

As the Holy Spirit led this man into these grueling questions and examinations, one of them was that if the Bride entered into the holy place, then where was the testimony of circumcision?  In Joshua 5:2-5 we read:

At that time Yahweh said to Joshua, “Make for yourself flint knives and circumcise again the sons of Israel the second time.”  So Joshua made himself flint knives and circumcised the sons of Israel at Gibeath-haaraloth (or, “the hill of the foreskins).  And this is the reason why Joshua circumcised them:  all the people who came out of Egypt who were males, all the men of war, died in the wilderness along the way, after they came out of Egypt.  For all the people who came out were circumcised, but all the people who were born in the wilderness along the way as the came out of Egypt had not been circumcised.”

So, how was it that the Bride was circumcised in 2004? 

Up to now this man’s focus has been on the ultimate fulfillment of this sign of the covenant, and that is putting off this flesh and putting on immortality.  Obviously we did not put off our earthly bodies at that time; so what circumcision could have taken place?  Then I saw the answer, and it was and is most encouraging, assuring, and important.

Before we answer this though, let us note that this circumcision is a delayed circumcision as well.  We have seen that 2003 was the eighth day since 1996 when Yahweh had mercy.  According to Yahweh’s law, one would suspect that this would have been the year that circumcision would have taken place, for the law requires that circumcision be on the eighth day (Leviticus 12:3, Luke 1:59).  But as we have seen already, we find once again that there had to be a delay, even a promise or requirement that had to be fulfilled in the ninth year instead.  And this is what took place at Passover, 2004, once again attesting that we have entered into the Millennial Shelah period west of the Jordan where the Bride, having identified with the body of Christ, and now as the covering for the sleeping body, labors to effect the establishment of the body into its place as the holy place.

In The Rod, page 5, we examine the significance of circumcision.  We noted that while Abraham was uncircumcised he brought forth Ishmael through Hagar, then he was circumcised, and afterwards he brought forth the promised miracle son, Isaac, through Sarah.  It is noted that this act of circumcision was Yahweh saying – Abraham, you have tried in the strength of your own flesh and have but brought forth an Ishmael mix; now I am going to accomplish this by My own strength; and to attest to this, you are to remove the flesh covering from your rod that is your authority to bring forth offspring, and I will be the covering/guarantee for this work.  This is precisely the circumcision that took place at Passover, 2004 – the Remnant Bride work was circumcised of our flesh efforts, and Yahweh took full responsibility for the promised results!  He became our covering per this issue of offspring and our success, even our victory.

When Kyle returned to me just one week before Passover, equally attesting with his return that we were entering into the Shelah Millennial reign insomuch that he had gone through his own personal wilderness for two parts or two years, he brought with him a movie called “Whale Rider.”  This is the movie Yahweh used to open our eyes to all of these truths that pertain to the rod, the very member in which the sign of the covenant of the flesh takes place.  It cannot but be noticed that during the time of the Remnant’s circumcision, Yahweh began teaching us these incredible truths about the rod!  One week later, Peter and Brendan arrived for Passover and the four of us shared a Passover meal together with lamb that someone had given to me.  We all watched “Whale Rider” together once again; and from that Passover on, the waters of the Pool of Shelah that open blinded eyes, have flowed abundantly.  This in itself is a significant testimony that an effectual change took place at that specific time.

In this Passover meal, Yahweh provided a testimony that He was indeed taking responsibility for this work, for the lamb that we ate had been given to me.  I neither purchased it nor planned it; it was Yahweh’s provision.  Yahweh provided the Lamb!  As a former professional chef, Kyle prepared the lamb, and each of us, even the chef, marveled that it was the best lamb we had ever eaten, reminiscent of the water that Yahshua turned into wine at the wedding of Cana, and it was said that the best had been saved for the last.  This is indeed our hope for the days that are before us.  Let us now continue.

We noted in Joshua 5:5 the following – “For all the people who came out were circumcised, but all the people who were born in the wilderness along the way as they came out of Egypt had not been circumcised.”  Thus we see testified here that the first Remnant work was indeed a circumcised work; they did not do their own will and Yahweh took full responsibility for accomplishing their vital work.  This is the full responsibility that we see attested to in Daniel 9, passages that Satan has entirely corrupted for Christianity’s false teachings regarding the abomination of desolation.  We will quote here verse 27 of that chapter as it more correctly reads; and remember, the “he” spoken of here is not a beast antichrist that Christians make him to be.  Verse 25 tells us plainly who “he” is and it is Messiah the Prince, Yahshua.  Therefore the “he” is truly “He.”  Let us now read this and gain more accurate and revealing truth.

“And He (Yahshua) will prevail in the covenant with the great for a period of seven, and in the middle of the period of seven, He will cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease; and for the overspreading of abominations, He will make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that which is determined will be poured out upon the desolate.”

There are three main points we will note here.  First, the abominations that make desolate have been occurring for 2,000 years.  This is the period of the church that is Christianity.  This unmistakable truth is covered in A Lesson From Intercession, page 2, which examines verse 26 here in Daniel 9, and reveals the same truth that the desolation of the church comes because of its abominations.  And when did these abominations that desolate come?  They came in the middle of the covenant with the “great” ones.  Once again, this is the middle lampstand breach period of Christianity that separates the two-part Remnant work (Zechariah 4).  And how are the two Remnant then evidenced here?  Just as we noted per the circumcision at the beginning of the wilderness period and at the end, Yahweh has made a “covenant” with them, He has taken responsibility for these works and in them “He will prevail.”  These are the two-part Remnant, the “great” ones who are separated by the breach of Christianity.

Thus, if the breach period separates the two Remnant, then the second point is – What is meant by the “period of seven” that is split in the middle?  Before we answer this, the term “a period of seven” is an accurate rendering, for this Hebrew word actually allows for the period of time to be marked in any increment – seven days, weeks,  years, or whatever.  So let us ask the question – How many years of ministry did the first golden rod, Yahshua, have on this earth?  The answer – three and one-half years.  Is that not a most interesting number?  It is precisely one half of a “period of seven.”  Therefore, if Yahshua ministered for half of the “period of seven” and then a breach occurred, causing these abominations that desolate, it only goes to reason that there is yet another three and one-half year period that remains in which He will once again “prevail in the covenant.”  What could this be?  Based on what we have learned in A Lesson From Intercession, it seems obvious that this will be a three and one-half year ministry period effected by the second golden rod that stands in the place of Yahshua.  (More on this in the next section.)

That which we are seeing and saying here is certainly confirmed in the third point we want to note here from this verse, and that is that these desolations will be completed or come to an end when “that which is determined shall be poured out upon the desolate.”  What is being spoken of here when it says – “that which is determined”?  Of course the answer is best gained by once again looking at the account itself.  And frankly, the answer is quite clear, for in verse 26 we read – “and the end (of this desolation) will come with a flood.”  Clearly, “that which is determined” is the flood of the latter rain that is “poured out upon the desolate”! 

But the main reason we address this, once again, is to point out that this “prevailing in the covenant” is a testimony of the work that Yahweh takes full responsibility to perform, which is evidenced here by the circumcision (“the sign of the covenant”) of the people before the wilderness period and at the end of the wilderness period.  This latter circumcision is that which occurred in the second Remnant at Passover, 2004.

In contrast, Joshua 5:5 tells us that “all the people who were born in the wilderness along the way as they came out of Egypt had not been circumcised.”  What does this tell us?  It tells us that the breach wilderness period of Christianity is a period in which men strive in the kingdom of God according to their own flesh.  Yahweh has given Mark Christianity the rod and the sandals, and they have had to strive to bring forth the required offspring, and have failed to do so.  As uncircumcised wilderness wanderers, all they have thus been able to bring forth are unacceptable Ishmael works.

Since Passover, 2004, Yahweh has truly opened up for us the windows of heaven and caused His second Remnant to receive truth that can hardly be contained.  These are the windows of heaven that we are looking through and are being shown these marvelous truths.  This water of truth is the water that prepares us to be born from above.  From the natural testimony, we know that we are created in water, in the womb, and Yahweh is giving us the water of His Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the Pool of Shelah, so that we can be born from above.  We must enter into the waters of Jerusalem above in order to be born from above, and these are the waters we are entering into at this time.

There are actually two testimonies at birth – the water and nakedness.  We already see what the waters are that we must have, that we must enter into; so what must we do in order to become naked?  The answer is very simple.

In Job 1:21 we read – “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there.”  How can a man return to his mother’s womb?  This is almost as difficult a question as Nicodemus responded with when he asked – “How can a man be born when he is old?  He cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born, can he?” (John 3:4).  As we read from Job, obviously he can.  But remember, that which is impossible in the natural, indeed becomes possible, and is even essential, when elevated to the higher dimension of the spiritual. 

Spiritually, in what physical position were the first Remnant when they were born into the kingdom?  They were birthed in water and they were naked – they held all things in common and they did not regard that what they had was their own.  They voluntarily placed themselves in the very state about which Job was prophesying.  Therefore, with the water of the former rain, and the nakedness of holding all things in common, they were born into the kingdom of God, and wait there for the second Remnant.  So what is it that we must now have?  Just as Job prophesied – “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there.”  The second Remnant must experience the same nakedness and the same water in order to be born from above.  We must return to our mother’s womb!

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