“Unless Yahweh builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”



House before remodeling




House after remodeling




History of the home





On January 31, 2014, I closed on a home I never thought I would ever have—either in its beauty, or owning a home period.  It has been thirty-five years since I have owned a home, Yahweh clearly telling me to rent and not to buy.  For all this time I have been a Rechabite, moving about in a “tent.”  But as you will see, this home He has now given to me is far more than just a home.



Original home layout




About the home


This house was actually built like the kingdom of heaven—in a two-thirds/one-third pattern.  Of course this is the pattern of the church.  So, what could this house tell us, and what could it foretell regarding the outcome for the church?  And, what is intercession, and how might it be effected with this home?  These matters will be examined, but first let us note some interesting things about the home.


In 1926, J. B. Pewitt purchased from J. T. Shepard the original two hundred acres of this property and a log cabin (located down the hill) for $2,500.  In 1939 or ’40, the Pewitts first built the two-thirds portion (or four rooms) of this present home.  It was actually for his parents.  Then in 1946 or ’47, the latter one-third portion was built, adding a new kitchen and a third bedroom.  I purchased the home and eight acres on January 31, 2014, and that very day began the remodeling.


One of the sons of the Pewitt family (Wayne, who is now eighty-seven [2014]), came several times while I was remodeling.  He was so impressed and moved by the preservation of the home and how the work was coming, that he asked if he could give me the old telephone and red pitcher pump seen in the “after” video, and that they would have their place in the home. 


Wayne originally bought these items because, first, in that very location where you see it now, was a phone that looked very much like that one.  It was a party line for about eighteen local homes, and they strung all the wire as well.  And second, mounted on the kitchen cabinet was a red pitcher pump, exactly like the one you see in the video.  In fact, the old cistern well that provided their water is still under that location, and the pipe is there also.  I extended a twenty-four foot tape measure down into that hand-dug cistern well and never hit bottom! 


Also, the various items in the unit hanging on the green wall, to the right of the wood stove, were from the old home (other than the lamp), some things we found in the attic.  This has all been a most interesting experience.  And, the trim I installed was essentially the same dimensions and style as the original.  But I did put a more elaborate header over the doors and windows.  The other items, such as the trunk, were purchased and added to complement a time gone by.  The beautiful quilt on the bed was hand made by the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The two hand-stitched framed wall hangings were made for the home by my daughter, Christi—who came for two-and-a-half months to help me move in, get settled, finish projects, and decorate (which I could not have done without her).


You will notice in the video as well the wood accent walls in each room—light green in the living room, brown in the master bedroom, and gray in the guest bedroom.  These were left to show the unique three-and-a-quarter inch tongue and groove pine boards that were on all the floors, ceilings, and walls of this two-thirds portion.  You will also notice the brick chimney focused on in each of the rooms, which in the original construction allowed for a stove in any of the four locations.



What might Yahweh be doing?


In 1981, I was given the book, Reese Howells Intercessor.  It dramatically influenced my life, revealing what true intercession is.  Shortly thereafter, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to ask for an example in the flesh.  I did so, and thought it would be a previous pastor whom I highly regarded at that time.  But no, Yahweh spoke to me and told me that Reese Howells was that example.  He taught me what true intercession is, which is not just prayer, but identification.  For example, Yahshua could have prayed for us for eternity.  But, it was His willingness to come to this earth as a man, taking on our image, walking in our steps, that gave Him the authority to bring salvation to man.  Intercession is identification.  We walk out something before we gain the results.  And identification affords both understanding and authority.


Since then, I have lived a life of intercession, experiencing many identifications—some of them being very costly, and very painful.  And from what I can understand, I have just completed yet another intercession—at times quite difficult, but also one most fulfilling and rewarding.  This home.


From January 31 to September 15, 2014, I labored from eight to fifteen hours a day on remodeling this home and upgrading the grounds.  In that period, there was only one day that I took off—and the daily labor and tasks were quite challenging, and sometimes overwhelming!  Other than the plumbing and electrical, and help with some initial demolition, hanging and taping sheetrock, and outdoor work, the only way to get the work done was for me to do it.  But, the outcome has been worth it all!  Yet still after moving in on September 16, Christi and I continued to daily work on the home. 


Another thing very noteworthy was that in all my labors and plans, Yahweh repeatedly gave me the desires of my heart (which you can see in the “after” video).  The unique wood floors, the wonderful trim and cabinets, the tile painting on the front of the island, the ledgestone on the backsplash and island, all the lighting, the carpet, appliances, the wood-burning stove, all the furniture and beautiful décor and prints, and more, He provided them all!  And, there are eight beautiful acres in the country with beautiful majestic trees, two small ponds, and a large old barn.  There was nothing Yahweh held back from me, in every regard exceeding my expectations.


So we ask, what is it that Yahweh might be doing here?  What could this all mean?  First, we have to go back to before I got the home.  The fact was, I was the second offer on the home.  The first offer was by someone I had already met, and knew.  It was by a Mennonite man.  But I did not know then he was the one with the first contract.  And, all of this process was greatly complicated because the owner had stopped making payments on the home long before then, and the matter was in the hands of the lawyers—his and Chase Bank’s.  Eventually, because the first offer was less than mine, the bank passed over him and began working with my offer.  Following a lengthy and arduous three and a half months, I finally got the legal rights to the property.


Most interestingly, the man who did not get the home was a Mennonite.  Why so interesting?  Of all the denominations and groups in Christianity, my greatest respect and regard is for the Mennonites.  They are exemplary in character and love and family and modesty, and seek to not be of this world.  They love the Scriptures and have true faith in God.  And also, interestingly, the man who owned the home at that time was a mortician—his sole job was to prepare bodies for the grave.  So, why these unique details, and what could they mean?


What has to happen now regarding the church?  For two thousand years Christianity has failed to bring forth the fruits of the kingdom.  For two thousand years Christians have all gone to the grave.  Even though I have the greatest regard for the Mennonites, even they, and all of Christianity, are a sad and destructive failure.  Will they get the kingdom of heaven for the next thousand years?  No more than the cream of Christianity got this home.  And the one who has owned this period of the church and ruled over kingdom man, is the one who has the power of death—the one who has taken the two thousand swine to death (Mark 5:13), these two thousand years.  Satan!  Thus, in like regard, the home was owned by the mortician. 


So, what if the Mennonite man had gotten the home from the mortician?  What would have been the outcome of the home?  He planned to bulldoze it—tear it down!  Such would be the fate of the church if Christianity was to receive the third part.  It would be destroyed!  Christianity would be three thousand years in the grave, three “hours” of darkness, and the cry, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken us?”  It would be three times in the darkness wherein, as attested by Peter, they would deny Him.  It would be three measures of meal that are ALL leavened!


Recently, I actually attended the local Mennonite church service, and something happened that was most telling.  The man who had the first offer on the home was sitting to the left of me, on the pew directly in front of me.  During their singing of hymns, the songs are not preplanned.  But rather, any Mennonite man can choose a specific song to sing, and he calls out the page number.  The man I speak of called out the hymn, “In the Rifted Rock I Am Resting.”  It is about being hidden in the cleft of the rock:  There no foes nor storms molest me, while within the cleft I hide.”  If you read here, you will see that this is the cleft of the rock of Christianity, the breach, where Yahweh puts His hand over them so they cannot see.  So, it is MOST relevant and confirming that the Mennonite Christian—whom I actually admire and appreciate, the cream of the crop (in my estimation)—did not get the house.  Otherwise, this beautiful house would have been torn down.


When I say “beautiful,” it was beautiful to me because I saw what it could be—with a LOT of work!  Like the house that gets leprosy in Leviticus 14:33-53, I had to gut it inside first (watch the third video), start over, and give it a completely new interior.  But what did the Mennonite man have to offer?  To what did he attest?  In Leviticus 14, if after being cleansed the leprosy breaks out again, the house is to be totally torn down!  In the Reformation (Re-formation), the leprosy was removed from the house and the church was remodeled.  But, soon the same corruption was evidenced in Protestantism.  And as testified by the Mennonite man’s plans, the house would now be torn down.  But Yahweh had mercy and gave the house to a Remnant Bride man, who by the grace and love of God transformed it into everything my heart desired!


So, what is Yahweh doing here?  To what is He attesting?  From what I can see, this entire process and labor is an intercession, even a testimony of what is about to begin.  Christianity has to lose the rights to the kingdom, and those rights be given to the Bride.  Likewise, Satan has to give up the kingdom.  Do we find Satan’s testimony in this house in its corrupted state?  Very likely we do.  When you watch the video of the house before I owned and remodeled it, stop it at 3:15.  What you will see is this:



By virtue of Satan having the rights to the world and all that is in it, we know that he is the head of Christianity.  And in The Signs That Cause Belief, pages 4 and 5, we see that this headship is evidenced and attested to in the continent of Africa.  So, what is the image on the wall in the master bedroom?  It is nothing less than the image of Africa.  And what does Genesis 3:15, the precise location in this video, speak to?  The very thing that happens to Satan, and is addressed in the above writing. 


“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.”


So, as attested by the image of Satan at 3:15, this has been the state of the church for two thousand years.  It is a corrupted house, whose head has been Satan.  And if Christianity continues to have the rights to the house, it will be torn down.  If you want to see the sad state of the church, view the “before” video.  This is the two thousand years of Christianity.  And if you want to see the contrast of the kingdom of heaven that Yahshua will set up, watch the “after” video.  Again, herein is intercession—affording insight, and hopefully authority.


What has to happen to the church to avert and alter this ill fate?  There needs to be the latter rain, the flood of the Spirit, as attested to in Daniel 9:24-27:  “and the end (of the desolation) will come with a flood; . . . He will make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that which is determined will be poured out upon the desolate.”  Then and therein the kingdom will go to the Elijah and the Bride.  Thus, why was I able to buy the home at a price I could afford?  As mentioned in the third video, it was because of a broken pipe in the house, which flooded the house unabated for three weeks.  The flood literally provided me the home.  And, it is the flood of the Spirit, the latter rain, that can provide the kingdom to me and the Bride.


And might I add, it was not until the third part of this home was added that it had free-flowing water.  Until then, the water had to be carried in.  So it is with the church.  The latter rain that begins the Millennial Reign affords the much-needed water to the third part of the church.  And today, that water flows even more freely from the third part of this home—from a well of four hundred feet that will never run dry.


As you can see, this has every evidence of being an intercession, identification—walking out something in the natural that looks to, reveals, gives hope for, and affords the spiritual, the true fulfillment.


May Yahweh God be praised.



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