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If you are not familiar with what is taught in the writings on this site, you will be at a great loss as to what is being presented in these special reports. It is suggested that you read these reports only after reading some of the other writings. There is a lot on this site to help you understand.

Gary Naler

SADDAM HUSSEIN, BILLY GRAHAM, AWAKENINGS, SENATOR LOTT, NORTH KOREA, ROE VS. WADE - These These are only some of the subjects covered in current event reports sent out recently. How do recent events involving George Bush and Saddam Hussein fit into what Yahweh is doing today? Does the possible retirement of Billy Graham have any bearing on the state of the church today? Have you seen the movie Awakenings, or read the book? You will be surprised what message Yahweh has for us in those inspiring and revealing historic events. Is there a correlation for today between Senator Lott and Lot in the Bible, and what message does it hold for us? And what might Yahweh be telling us concerning the North Korea conflict or even the 30th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade? You will find the answer to these questions and more in these revealing reports.

9-11 TERRORIST ATTACKS AND FLIGHT 587! - When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center fell in one hour, the obvious question arose as to how this might relate to the fall of Mystery Babylon. But the answer to this question is not what most people think, and is in part graphically evidenced by the location of these former towers on Church Street! Sixty-two days after 9-11, New York received a second blow when Flight 587 fell into the Queens. This material examines the meaning of both of these dramatic events.

ELECTION 2000 INFORMATION - The Bush/Gore battle over who would have the rights to the leadership of America, provided clear and exceptionally revealing testimony to the battle that is taking place in the kingdom of heaven right now. Ten separate e-mails were sent out during the tumultuous 2000 elections in America, as we prepared to enter into the new millennium. After reading these e-mails, you will NEVER AGAIN look at these elections in the way you have looked at them up to now.

2004 FLORIDA HURRICANES - A tropical storm and four hurricanes hit Florida early in the 2004 hurricane season causing people to ask why.  This report provides clear, consistent, and highly revealing testimony as to what Yahweh was saying from these hurricanes.  Yahweh once spoke from a whirlwind to Job, and He is speaking from these hurricanes as well.

2004 WORLD SERIES AND PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - As highly revealing, prophetic, and significant as the year 2000 was, 2004 was all the more.  The Red Sox won the World Series for the first time since the curse of the Bambino in 1920.  And quite striking, George W. Bush defeated John Kerry who was equally tied to 1920 in another event that is also tied to baseball.

HURRICANE KATRINA AND THE CURSE OF 1920 - Including HURRICANE OPHELIA – THE HELPER and HURRICANE RITA – THE PEARL.  Yahweh continued to speak from a whirlwind, even as He did in 2004.  What did He say?  If you read here, you will know.  He is going to judge Christianity; but He will have mercy on a Remnant.  He will establish His Bride on the earth, and will do an entirely new thing, including fulfilling a feast that no man has ever seen or celebrated before.  He is even changing times (Daniel 2:21).  And most promising, He is converging prophetic testimonies and fulfillments, as you will witness here.

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