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The Hope Of Five and Two

 October 30th 2020 - From my perspective, I see two MAJOR outcomes that are highly determining for America, and even the world. The one that is most eminent is the outcome of the upcoming US election. Therein lies the contest that has existed since the Garden of Eden, and that is between masculine and feminine—today the masculine Republicans versus the feminine Democrats. And it is amazing and even fearful that the Democrats with their irresponsible extremes are even in play at this time. If they win, you can say goodbye to America and society as we have known it from our foundation!

It is truly amazing that this nation has come to this perilous point, and as a seventy-two year old man, I don’t want to be around for that future. And if we do not receive the latter rain, it is even more fearful, even if Trump wins! Feminism will ultimately win, Satan will win, and that ever-pressing verse will find fulfillment: “If those days are not cut short, no flesh will be saved!” I do not trust politics. I do not trust man. There is in fact only One I trust, and that is Yahweh: that He will have mercy on us, cut the days of man short from three thousand years to two thousand years, and “through the elect” birth the Son of God back to this earth, bind Satan, and rule over failed mankind. Outside of this, I’m glad I am seventy-two and will not be around to see the future.

I know that what I see, what I hold to, and what I pursue is different from what everybody else in the world believes, including Christians. But it is the ONLY solid truth-filled option there is. And I take hope in this: that "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are, so that no man may boast before God” (1 Corinthians 1:27-29). The church has failed, mankind has failed, and I don’t want to be around for a future where the world is absent of Immanuel and His Bride. And the only way His return can happen is for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit to be poured out, a Rachel bride be brought forth, and she birth the Son of God back to this earth. Masculine Christianity cannot do this! The only option for any male work is that they must be put to sleep, take out a rib, form that female Mary/Rachel work, and it alone birth the Son of God back to this earth! It’s that simple.

And for me, after twenty-six years of pursuing this Bride work, and all of the incredible success that has taken place in Africa for the last five years, I pray that the water of the Bride will now break, and following the long breach of Perez Christianity the Son of God will now crown, and the Zerah Light will finally, finally come forth! May “Gihon” finally be fulfilled and light and truth “burst forth”! Father, have mercy and help us in our weakness. Have mercy!

And having noted this dire fate, and much more, is there a way of escape? Indeed so, and hopefully this way is becoming clearer and clearer for the Bride. First and foremost, let us begin with acknowledging a clear and most important way of Yahweh, and that is that He foreshadows that which will be: “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). And, likewise we read: “That which is has been already and that which will be has already been, for God seeks what has passed by” (Ecclesiastes 3:15). Putting this in another way, Yahweh always prophesies what He is going to do. A clear example of this was the first coming of Yahshua. And only after He died and resurrected was it even recognized in the Scriptures. And knowing this, we are here going to examine recent events surrounding the Bride that give us cause to anticipate what He may well be doing and even planning for the days before us. Let us now examine these.

In the last Report, we examined the great significance of the five and two, attested first by the very significant five-and-two testimony when in 2010 I was in England, and in a night vision I clearly saw that the two goes to the five. And, this was the testimony when, most recently, we were back in Africa and taught five times in Nairobi, followed by two times while based in Kisumu. And most significantly was and is the five-and-two pattern of the covenant with the many, whereupon Yahshua’s ministry was for three and a half years, immediately followed by the one and a half years of the first Remnant, totaling five years. But today, after the breach of Christianity, there remains the concluding two years of the second Remnant. Again, a five and two. And most amazingly was and is the testimony of the five fish I caught upon fishing on the other side of the pond where Yahweh told me to fish. And we also noted that I have fished on the other side of the “pond” of the Atlantic Ocean now four times, and need to return for the fulfilling fifth time—which we will now do.

And furthermore, you will recall that I fulfilled contact with only four of the five in England that I knew were supposed to be contacted. It fell short by one, even as right now I am one trip short of fulfilling five trips to Africa. So we ask, what happened in fulfilling the critical fifth that was lacking in England? Now in hindsight, we see that God fulfilled it. Almost one year ago, a man in Manchester, England, by the name of James contacted me, and almost immediately I went there to meet him. Upon being with him I knew he was one of the latter twelve apostles, and I advised him of this. So Yahweh added the important fifth from England. And now we are returning to Africa to fulfill the equally significant fifth trip to that highly critical place, and we hope this fifth apostle will be with us. What then can we expect or even hope for? After the cloud-the-size-of-a-man’s-hand work in our fourth trip to Kenya, the catching of the “fourth fish,” we need the Gihon “bursting forth” portion of the latter rain, hopefully afforded with this next trip!

And if this is not already enough sovereign testimony of the five and two, let me add yet another that is without question by the voice and work of Yahweh God. Somewhere around 1990 I was sitting at my desk at the wooden pallet business that was a part of Sonshine House Ministries, and Yahweh clearly spoke to me: “You owe Me a tithe.” I tithed on that business just as I would any other income-producing business. God’s tithe principle is His way. I answered Him: “Yes, I owe You $5,000. And if You give it to me I will pay it.” Amazingly, immediately afterwards we received a gift of $6,000. That was the only occasion that we ever received a gift of that large an amount. And it was good that He gave me $6,000, for if it had been for $5,000, I would have still owed another $500 in tithe.

And then, within a short time afterwards, again while sitting at my desk, Yahweh clearly spoke to me: “You owe Me a tithe.” Again I answered: “I know, I owe You $2,000. And if You give it to me I will pay my tithe.” And here again, immediately afterwards we received a gift for $2,000 and I paid our tithe.

That was a very unique occasion, and has never been repeated. And today I cannot help but see the uniqueness and similarity as to where we are with this matter of the five and the two, clearly evidenced in the $5,000 and $2,000. And I do believe that just as the Father had to give me what I owed in order to pay what was His, so today He has to give to us the fulfillments of this five and two that He requires. Yahweh gives this to us for His glory and purpose, and I trust that is the latter rain, which we desperately need today! There can be no mistake that what He did so many years ago when we had the pallet business, He had in mind where we are at this very time of adding the fifth. And it is in fact clear experiences like this that give me hope for today.

May He fulfill His word and His work, completing what He began two thousand years ago. May He now add His essential fifth! And I confess here, I do not even know what all that even means. But the Father knows, and as in all of these matters at hand, I trust He will perform it. May He be glorified forevermore! Amen!